Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Movie Review - James and the Giant Peach

James and the Giant Peach
A little boy named James lost his family to a....rhino in the sky.....yep....and now lives with i think relatives who are these two evil women who barely feed him and treat him like crap and work him almost to death. Along comes a man who gives James a bag of little glow worms that whatever they touch becomes magical. On his way in the house he trips and the worms go everywhere. The two women come out and see a peach on the tree and make james go get it,the peach begins to grow and grow and the women capitalize on this and charge people to come see the peach. James goes out to clean up after the party and sees one of the glow worms and follows it inside the peach. Once inside, he is now stop motion animated along with a rag tag group of insects and bugs that are also animated. The peach breaks free and James and the bugs travel over the ocean and eventually fly by way of seagulls all the way to New York City.
The movie is one of the works of Henry Selick whose animation company has done nightmare before xmas, corpse bride, and coraline. The movie looks good animation wise but the story never really seems to pick up to an exciting or really interesting point. All the songs in the movie are very forgettable and unnecessary. You really do feel for James though and are really happy sad when he makes it to New York and is excited himself. Not too bad of a film but not one that stands tall with the rest of Mr. Selick's work.
Keep an eye out for Jack Skellington or at least a pre-famous Jack, as the skeleton pirate under the sea.
+Good animation
+Great voice work
+French spider
-Forgettable songs
-Slow beginning
-Film never really escalates

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