Sunday, May 30, 2010

kinda funny

Kinda funny when you sit back and wonder if anyone at all is even seeing this blog. In which case this is more of a journal/time capsule.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Here it is!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

More Murphy death

The late Brittany Murphy's husband died today. Not as sad as Brittany but still, now he can rejoin his love......

.....Cute, sexy, funny, Brittany.

Ocean Girl

I remember this show from when I was younger. It was about a family who took their two sons to live in this underwater little place and there were lots of other people there too and one day the one boy discovers this girl in the ocean who can't speak but swims amazingly.
I dont' remember any story lines really at all but i'm sure the episodes are on youtube if you want to see them.
The people talked with accents and the ocean girl didn't swim the way we did and sort of just almost wiggled through the water without moving her arms or feet.
I remember the opening title song vividly and for some reason I have always remembered this show. It will stick with me forever.

Plus at the time I had a huge crush on the Ocean Girl herself, I mean who wouldn't?

Movie Review - Planet Hulk

Another in Marvel Comics' long line of straight to DVD animated movies. This one unlike some of the past titles, doesn't disappoint too much.
The story starts on a ship being launched from Earth. The Hulk is inside and is being sort of cast away from Earth by iron man and a few others who say that he is a danger to the world and only brings destruction so the only way to do it is to send him away. Hulk freaks out and destroys the ship sending it off course to a different planet where he is captured and forced to participate in gladiator-like games. The Hulk never really plays nice or gets along or even helps out the other gladiators and has a bit of a vendetta against the King in charge of it all. The Hulk just wants to leave but after a little does start helping out the others and eventually sets them free. The King wont have this and sends out killer insects in the air to poison and kill whole cities to get them. Hulk with the help of his new friends must stop the King.
All in all it was a good movie, the first half was a little slow and one part where each gladiator explains how they got into this slavery got a little slow and annoying but was quickly remedied by a cameo by Thor and Beta Ray Bill. Bill later takes part in the games as a sort of ultimate fighter. The story and action picks up in the second half, you see the ending coming a little but it doesn't ruin it. I don't see where the story would go after this but Iam just going to take it as a one off shot story.
Good action
Good voice acting
You really cheer on the Hulk after a little and it feels good
Intense second half of story
Slow first half
Makes Iron Man look a little bad.
Hearing Hulk talk so much seemed out of place

Movie Review - Frost Nixon

This film is based on the real interviews that australian talk show host David Frost had with then president Richard Nixon. At the time Nixon had been accused of scandal at Watergate and he had denied his involvement. Due to all the uproar involved, Nixon resigned as president. David Frost took a huge chance and could not get any sponsors and lost almost everything to set up and be granted the interviews with Nixon. He finally gets it and hires some help to dig deep and come up with lots of research and facts that he can compile together into some great questions. The main quest being to get Nixon to admit he was involved in Watergate.
The film goes along at a nice pace and establishes who each character is and how hard and scary it was for Frost to be able to do the interviews. There were many rules and when the first interview takes place, Nixon uses a dodgy tactic to ensure that he sort of rambles on and uses up all the time so Frost can't get to any serious questions.
The way they go about everything, you the viewer actually become just as nervous as Frost and sort of have this feeling of vulnerability because you also don't know how the interviews are going to go.
Of course if you have seen the interviews then you know.
Ron Howard is a great director and really knows what he is doing and putting out great movie time after time.
This is definately a movie to see. I can see how it would be boring to the popcorn crowd looking for some sort of action or high drama though.
Great film and definately one to check out.
Brilliant cast
Perfect recreation and emotion
Moves at a good pace with no moments that look like they could have been cut out
Aren't more like this
Takes the impact away a little if you have seen the interviews and know the outcome

Movie Review - The Time Machine

This film is a very good and very interesting film of its time. It is about a man who is curious about time travel and builds his own time machine. His collegues don't believe him and warn him to stay away from matters out of his hands. His best friend wishes him to leave it and just destroy the machine but George, the main character, drunk on his curiosity does it anyways. First he just travels slightly ahead and notices a few changes and then gets intrigued and pushes himself years ahead. He ends up stopping a few times in the future and looks around a more modern city which gets caught in a world war and ends up being annihilated. George continues onward to see what comes of this and comes out in a new world that is heavily vegetated and its only inhabitants left are slightly child like adults.
George stays here a bit and discovers what has happened to the rest of society and falls for a beautiful woman named Weena. The time machine is taken by the other side of humanity and George ventures down to them to get it back and discovers that the humans living above ground are the slaves to the ones living underground.
The film is a very interesting look at what could be in the future and is believable, other than the time travel of course. A bit of the effects and sets show their age but as for following the book, they did a pretty good job. They didn't change too much except for something with Weena that gives the film a more uplifting ending.
A good film to check out and much much better than the remake.
Good story
Good cast
Interesting take on what the future holds
Not much for a negative except for maybe its not as action packed as some might go into it wanting to see.

Amanda's Tale Trailer update 2

Entire trailer is all animated and ready to go, just need to edit it together with music in a trailer format to release.
But due to recent luck and crap, I haven't been able to secure a movie editing software so the trailer is going to be a little late.
At least you know it is ready.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Amanda's Tale Trailer Update

The trailer for my movie should be available after the weekend hopefully.
All the scenes are drawn, scanned, and colored. Just have to animate them which shouldn't take too too long.
So, anyways, look for the trailer in the next 4-5 days.

Joker look for Arkham Asylum 2

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Now if Smallville is gonna start doin this then I may have to watch this show..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Watchin some play

Fun to watch and talk to this girl while she plays some good games.
I dont know when she broadcasts but it seems almost everyday but a different times.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Slight marvel vs capcom 3 insight

New pic that has cropped up...we see Tron Bonne in the background holding a Servbot.
Generally in Capcom vs. games, whoever is in the background isn't in the game. So Tron and Servbot can be counted out. But they are from Megaman games and if people have their own background stages in this game then we should be seeing Megaman at least and maybe if we are lucky someone else in the series like Zero, Roll, or someone new.
Nice to see Chris using his shocking weapon from RE5

Monday, May 10, 2010

Funny Joker caption

Force Unleashed 2

Can't wait to see where this one goes

Marvel vs Capcom 3 screens

Scanned in from someone from Game Informer magazine but still at least its news:

A couple more characters revealed: Dante, Captain America, Felicia, and Deadpool

Wolverine doing his MvC2 move

Chris Redfield shooting the Hulk

Ryu vs Wolverine, with top right shot of spiderman?

Morrigan vs Iron daily bugle

Ryu vs Wolverine again.
Excitement is brewing..

Movie Review - North by Northwest

This film is mostly about mistaken identity. Roger Thornhill is a successful business man who out of nowhere one day gets kidnapped and drugged at a mysterious house. They force him drunk and put him in a stolen car and he gets picked up by the police. He tries to explain this to his friends but they dont believe him so he takes matters into his own hands and tries to find the men by himself. As he looks around he finds the hotel room of the man he was mistaken for and takes a picture that was in the room, using it to identify faces from the photo. As he goes on his is set up for murder as well putting him in even more trouble. He runs following the man he is thought to be and the actual killers on trains, through cities, getting attacked by a plane in a corn field, and eventually on top of Mount Rushmore.
This is a great film and further proof that they dont make them like Alfred Hitchcock anymore. That man knew what he was doing and this was during a great period for him making hits like Psycho around the same time. The cast is very good and are believable in all of their roles.
Look for a certain very young Martin Landeau.
I was engrossed in this film all the way through, they start the story right away leaving very little time in the beginning before Roger is kidnapped.
You forget you are watching a movie after awhie and see yourself rooting for Roger and seeing if you catch anything before he does to help him out.
There are many great twists and turns throughout the whole thing and a great watch for anyone, highly recommended.

This film is so much into pop culture that it is parodied almost all the time.
The most recent from Family Guy:

Great story with no down time
Great locations
Well crafted murder mystery who done it
Risque conversations for the time
Great cast
One of the best theme songs in any movie
There are no more like this
A few backdrops are too obviously fake
Little cameo-Alfred Hichcock is the man who misses the bus and the doors close him out.

Movie Review - Star Trek

This is one of those unique movies where if you are a fan or at least are knowledgable about a few things from the television show then you will get a lot more out of it. Also, it was made so that you can enjoy it if you never saw any of the past shows. This is a very thin line to walk and with most films that do it they end up catering too much to the people who never saw the show. With that in mind, the movie succeeds on both accounts.
Star Trek is a prequel/reboot/reimagining to the tv series and movies of the past. It follows young Kirk and Spock mostly and shows how they were raised, their families, lives, and how they got into the space academy to work together. It also re-introduces familiar ship mates Ohura, McCoy, Sulu, and others. Kirk is established as the rebel who does what he wants and all that blah blah that we've seen before to drill it into the audiences head that Kirk is gonna be the crazy one and do what he wants and not obey authority.
The main story is the villain known as Nero who, and without giving away spoilers or getting into the real story story, a star went supernova and was out of control, Spock told Nero that he didn't have to evacuate his planet as he could take care of the supernova before it reached them. Well he didn't make it and Nero holds Spock responsible and chases him down. Using Red Matter, they inadvertently create a black hole that takes them into the past where Kirk's father is piloting a ship. Nero strikes and destroys Kirk and his ship and continues to chase Spock. Kirk is all grown up now and is convinced to be like his father and joins Starfleet. They go after Nero to stop him from destroying other planets.
There is tons more there but it would take a while to type it all and it would give a lot of it away.
It is a good film once it get past i'd say the halfway point. The first half with all the exposition and setting up and explaining and introducing takes too long and nothing really happens.
Once things get movie though, it doesn't let up. The second half is great.
Little thing they threw in were calling McCoy "Bones" like the TV series, Kirk making out with a green woman like on the show, McCoy saying 'damn it i'm a doctor not a (whatever is being talked about), Leonard Nemoy reprising his role as Spock, and a few other nods.
Even if you aren't a fan of the show I still suggest watching it. Give it a chance to get going and it is a great film. I would hope it gets more people to see the show or at least the orignal movies but the level of laziness in our world right now makes me think thatll never happen.
Good cast
Interesting story
Not joke heavy and retains a serious tone
Clever nods to television show
Successful reboot that sets up more to come
Slow first half
pounded into your head that Kirk is a rebel

Movie Review - Citizen Kane


This film is considered to be the best film ever made. While I acknowledge that it is a good film, it is in my opinion no means the best film ever made. It is about the life of Kane who grows up to own a newspaper company and prints whatever stories he wants with or without facts. This gets him loved and hated by people all around. At first he seems to know what he is doing and has standards and great ideas but as he gets older, he seems to grow impatient, tired, angry, and loses almost everything he had.
A lot of the camera work is very good and very creative for its time and the sets are majestic. The movie takes place in many different times but the main one is a group of people upon hearing that Kane has died and his last words were Rosebud, take it upon themselves to find out who or what Rosebud is. They question Kane's business partners, friends, and loves. As they question each one, it switches like a flashback to that time and we see it played out.
It is a very good film but again, not the best ever made. Nothing huge happens during the movie as there is mostly talking and watching Kane rise and fall from power.
I would recommend it as I enjoyed it but it is one of those movies that you may watch once and that will be that for a long time.

Great camerawork
Great acting
Interesting story

Proclaimed to be best movie ever, opinion based.
A tad slow and uneventful

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Second high budget Street Fighter fan film

WHY can't hollywood do this? Makes my head spin.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A great Street Fighter fan film

Sunday, May 2, 2010

First pic of Thor

First pic from the upcoming Thor movie.....looks very interesting I must say