Monday, May 10, 2010

Movie Review - Citizen Kane


This film is considered to be the best film ever made. While I acknowledge that it is a good film, it is in my opinion no means the best film ever made. It is about the life of Kane who grows up to own a newspaper company and prints whatever stories he wants with or without facts. This gets him loved and hated by people all around. At first he seems to know what he is doing and has standards and great ideas but as he gets older, he seems to grow impatient, tired, angry, and loses almost everything he had.
A lot of the camera work is very good and very creative for its time and the sets are majestic. The movie takes place in many different times but the main one is a group of people upon hearing that Kane has died and his last words were Rosebud, take it upon themselves to find out who or what Rosebud is. They question Kane's business partners, friends, and loves. As they question each one, it switches like a flashback to that time and we see it played out.
It is a very good film but again, not the best ever made. Nothing huge happens during the movie as there is mostly talking and watching Kane rise and fall from power.
I would recommend it as I enjoyed it but it is one of those movies that you may watch once and that will be that for a long time.

Great camerawork
Great acting
Interesting story

Proclaimed to be best movie ever, opinion based.
A tad slow and uneventful

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