Monday, May 24, 2010

Movie Review - Frost Nixon

This film is based on the real interviews that australian talk show host David Frost had with then president Richard Nixon. At the time Nixon had been accused of scandal at Watergate and he had denied his involvement. Due to all the uproar involved, Nixon resigned as president. David Frost took a huge chance and could not get any sponsors and lost almost everything to set up and be granted the interviews with Nixon. He finally gets it and hires some help to dig deep and come up with lots of research and facts that he can compile together into some great questions. The main quest being to get Nixon to admit he was involved in Watergate.
The film goes along at a nice pace and establishes who each character is and how hard and scary it was for Frost to be able to do the interviews. There were many rules and when the first interview takes place, Nixon uses a dodgy tactic to ensure that he sort of rambles on and uses up all the time so Frost can't get to any serious questions.
The way they go about everything, you the viewer actually become just as nervous as Frost and sort of have this feeling of vulnerability because you also don't know how the interviews are going to go.
Of course if you have seen the interviews then you know.
Ron Howard is a great director and really knows what he is doing and putting out great movie time after time.
This is definately a movie to see. I can see how it would be boring to the popcorn crowd looking for some sort of action or high drama though.
Great film and definately one to check out.
Brilliant cast
Perfect recreation and emotion
Moves at a good pace with no moments that look like they could have been cut out
Aren't more like this
Takes the impact away a little if you have seen the interviews and know the outcome

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