Monday, May 10, 2010

Movie Review - North by Northwest

This film is mostly about mistaken identity. Roger Thornhill is a successful business man who out of nowhere one day gets kidnapped and drugged at a mysterious house. They force him drunk and put him in a stolen car and he gets picked up by the police. He tries to explain this to his friends but they dont believe him so he takes matters into his own hands and tries to find the men by himself. As he looks around he finds the hotel room of the man he was mistaken for and takes a picture that was in the room, using it to identify faces from the photo. As he goes on his is set up for murder as well putting him in even more trouble. He runs following the man he is thought to be and the actual killers on trains, through cities, getting attacked by a plane in a corn field, and eventually on top of Mount Rushmore.
This is a great film and further proof that they dont make them like Alfred Hitchcock anymore. That man knew what he was doing and this was during a great period for him making hits like Psycho around the same time. The cast is very good and are believable in all of their roles.
Look for a certain very young Martin Landeau.
I was engrossed in this film all the way through, they start the story right away leaving very little time in the beginning before Roger is kidnapped.
You forget you are watching a movie after awhie and see yourself rooting for Roger and seeing if you catch anything before he does to help him out.
There are many great twists and turns throughout the whole thing and a great watch for anyone, highly recommended.

This film is so much into pop culture that it is parodied almost all the time.
The most recent from Family Guy:

Great story with no down time
Great locations
Well crafted murder mystery who done it
Risque conversations for the time
Great cast
One of the best theme songs in any movie
There are no more like this
A few backdrops are too obviously fake
Little cameo-Alfred Hichcock is the man who misses the bus and the doors close him out.

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