Monday, May 24, 2010

Movie Review - Planet Hulk

Another in Marvel Comics' long line of straight to DVD animated movies. This one unlike some of the past titles, doesn't disappoint too much.
The story starts on a ship being launched from Earth. The Hulk is inside and is being sort of cast away from Earth by iron man and a few others who say that he is a danger to the world and only brings destruction so the only way to do it is to send him away. Hulk freaks out and destroys the ship sending it off course to a different planet where he is captured and forced to participate in gladiator-like games. The Hulk never really plays nice or gets along or even helps out the other gladiators and has a bit of a vendetta against the King in charge of it all. The Hulk just wants to leave but after a little does start helping out the others and eventually sets them free. The King wont have this and sends out killer insects in the air to poison and kill whole cities to get them. Hulk with the help of his new friends must stop the King.
All in all it was a good movie, the first half was a little slow and one part where each gladiator explains how they got into this slavery got a little slow and annoying but was quickly remedied by a cameo by Thor and Beta Ray Bill. Bill later takes part in the games as a sort of ultimate fighter. The story and action picks up in the second half, you see the ending coming a little but it doesn't ruin it. I don't see where the story would go after this but Iam just going to take it as a one off shot story.
Good action
Good voice acting
You really cheer on the Hulk after a little and it feels good
Intense second half of story
Slow first half
Makes Iron Man look a little bad.
Hearing Hulk talk so much seemed out of place

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