Monday, May 24, 2010

Movie Review - The Time Machine

This film is a very good and very interesting film of its time. It is about a man who is curious about time travel and builds his own time machine. His collegues don't believe him and warn him to stay away from matters out of his hands. His best friend wishes him to leave it and just destroy the machine but George, the main character, drunk on his curiosity does it anyways. First he just travels slightly ahead and notices a few changes and then gets intrigued and pushes himself years ahead. He ends up stopping a few times in the future and looks around a more modern city which gets caught in a world war and ends up being annihilated. George continues onward to see what comes of this and comes out in a new world that is heavily vegetated and its only inhabitants left are slightly child like adults.
George stays here a bit and discovers what has happened to the rest of society and falls for a beautiful woman named Weena. The time machine is taken by the other side of humanity and George ventures down to them to get it back and discovers that the humans living above ground are the slaves to the ones living underground.
The film is a very interesting look at what could be in the future and is believable, other than the time travel of course. A bit of the effects and sets show their age but as for following the book, they did a pretty good job. They didn't change too much except for something with Weena that gives the film a more uplifting ending.
A good film to check out and much much better than the remake.
Good story
Good cast
Interesting take on what the future holds
Not much for a negative except for maybe its not as action packed as some might go into it wanting to see.

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