Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A side request drawing

A pic I drew for my friend Amanda.
Her as Gadget from Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers

Monday, June 28, 2010

New DC dvd movie

Coming out September 28th
This is based on the arc of comics Superman/Batman with them finding Supergirl for the first time and Darkseid turning her over to his side.
I have this graphic novel and love it and am sooooo glad they chose this story to do next.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

next film notes part 2

The Characters:

Every room in the game:

to be continued....

My next film


This post is mostly just a little note keeper for me and some information for Mike for later.
Most is from Wikipedia.

It has been twenty years, to the day, since a mysterious meteor came hurtling out of the sky and made a large crater in the front lawn of a huge Victorian-era mansion belonging to the Edison family. Dr. Fred, his wife Nurse Edna, and their son Edward "Weird Ed" Edison were reclusive people who left the house very rarely, but the meteor's arrival brought about a strange change in Dr. Fred and the family were seen even less, and even their mansion has fallen into disrepair. Lately, patients from the local hospital have begun to disappear without trace.

Now, a local teenage cheerleader, Sandy Pantz, has been kidnapped. Dave Miller, her boyfriend, saw her being carried off to the Edison's mansion and has gathered a few of his college pals on a rescue mission to invade the mansion and save Sandy.

Weird Ed
Nurse Edna
Purple & Green Tentacles

to be continued.....

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Movie Review - Avatar

This film was hyped a bit too much but even without that, it was a pretty good movie.
The movie is about a planet that the humans set up base on because it has a very valuable element on it called Unobtainium, which is a stupid name. The planet is inhabited by the Navi who are large blue creatures who are very peaceful and worship a large tree that spiritually houses their dead ancestors and also hears their prayers. The humans are trying a sort of Matrix like device that transfers you into the body of a in lab created Navi so they can be around them and learn and become friends with them. This process is taking very long and also not gaining any ground. The army that is with the humans think it is a better idea to just go in there if they dont want to move and show them who is boss and just take the land by force. Sam Worthington (who is joining in on the trend of all male actors having to sound like Christian Bale's Batman) is a handicapped ex-marine and takes over his brother's position as a Navi and enjoys the new found use of his legs and even gets accepted into the tribe rather quickly. He begins to lean more on their side and eventually falls for a woman who saves his life and teaches him the many ways of the Navi.
The army after a bit puts a time limit on the operation and finds out that Sam isn't particularly following orders and is more on the Navi side than theirs. This leads to his imprisonment and an attack on the Navi's home and preciously guarded tree.
I know that is a very brief summary and i missed a lot but i'd be here forever.
The movie is rather good even if the hype for it was through the stratosphere. The performances are very well done and the army leader is a real douchebag that you want to die in the worst possible way. You do care for the Navi and see that they aren't doing anything wrong at all except living. To see how much creativity went into the design of the environments and animals is very neat to see and an entire new language was also invented.
Having things be controlled within their ponytails is a unique idea as well and the main female Navi becomes really attractive and likeable after a little.
The movie is a bit too long but still goes by in a rather brisk pace. Because it is a cliche'd story, you do figure most of it out way before it happens and there really isn't anything suprising or new that this story gives you. Yes it was executed well but again, didn't bring anything really new to the table.

I still couldn't shake the feeling that it reminded me a lot of Final Fantasy X. There is a part of the game that has a setting just like where the Navi live and even one of the characters that joins your party looks like a version of the Navi::

But anyways, I did enjoy it and from what I hear Cameron is going to make 2 more. I dont know where the story will go but Cameron has one of the best film track records out there so I have faith that he knows what he is doing.
And has a lot of similarities to Aliens as well, another Cameron movie.
Sigourney Weaver is in it.
The planes look the same and I even think one is exactly the same or close.
Even the female pilot is exactly the same::
Good performances
Enjoyable to watch
Nice to see creativity is still out there
Slightly too long
Way over hyped
A bit too many slow motion scenes
Reminded me too much of Matrix 3, Aliens, Final Fantasy X
not commenting on the visuals because it isn't that impressive if you have seen a lot of movies. Although Final Fantasy the Spririts Within isn't regarded as a good movie, the cgi in that was pretty damn good. If you ask me, its that stupid 3D that did it. I just dont see what the big deal is. But that is for another day.

Movie Review - Moon

Somehow this movie went under the radar from most if not all people. Hell, I dont even know how I found out about it. But I strongly suggest people find and see this film.
Moon is about a man who lives on the Moon to watch over and monitor and keep check on all the excavating of a very precious element that is transfered to Earth that is a very useful energy provider and extremely helpful to Earth. The base requires someone to be there and every 3 years, that person switches. This is where we meet Sam. He is the current inhabitant and the only other contact he has is a robot named Gerty voiced by Kevin Spacey. It is coming up on the end of his 3 year run and you get to see what he's been up to. He has whittled a large town with people and cars out of wood in a scale model, excercises daily, cares to plants, and takes the ever so often drive to check the machines. He gets video messages from his wife that keep him going and he sends messages back to keep his sanity.
One day while getting coffee he sees a woman sitting at his table and burns himself, looking back, she is gone. Was there someone there or has the 3 years gotten to him?
Later he takes the vehicle out to check on one of the excavators and while driving he sees the woman and crashes into the other machine. He wakes up in the medical area of his base and is told he has slight brain damage. Things get more confusing for him as he wonders how he got back to the base and why he isn't allowed outside for the vehicle anymore. The computer has also been talking to the governing body in charge with video chats while Sam is asleep.
Tricking the computer he gets a way outside and takes another vehicle out and finds his crashed vehicle still where he crashed.
This movie is one of the most unique and amazing films i have ever seen. Even when you think you figure something out, it throws you a curveball and suprises you. This is one of those movies where you lose track of time and find yourself glued to your TV absorbed into what is going to happen.
Sam Rockwell is great in the only part really in the whole film. It is tough to carry an entire film by yourself and he really pulls it off extremely well, especially in the second half.
Kevin Spacey as GERTY speaks in a sort of HAL voice like in the movie 2001. You almost dont want to trust him.
This is also the directorial debut of David Bowie's son. I was not aware of that until recently which is also kinda neat.
Moon is an amazing movie that definately should be seen by everyone. It is enjoyable, scary, intriguing, and emotional.
Great acting on Sam Rockwell's part
Suspensful and one of the most intriguing, enjoyable movies i've seen
Run time is perfect and leaves you wanting to see more
Suprises are done very well and always keeping you wondering
We dont make enough of these kinds of movies.
Wish they could have gone on longer and shown more.

Movie Review - Never Sleep Again

Nightmare On Elm Street Films Documentary
It's a little hard to review a documentary because there really isn't a central story or message or anything that they are trying to tell. But as a documentary on the Elm Street film series, it is very good.
It starts like any and explains through new interviews with director Wes Craven and most actors and actresses from every movie, how the movies came about and what made Craven come up with the first and best movie. It delves into the backstory and how they found each actor and what was going through the heads of everyone involved. It shows how they did a lot of the classic memorable moments from each film and each director tells what he or she wanted to bring to the table and ultimately how they feel about the films now.
Nice to know that even the people involved admit that 2-the rest...aren't that great.
They even go as far as to cover Freddy vs Jason and who some of the fans wanted thrown in like Ash from Evil Dead and Pinhead from Hellraiser.
The participants look to be enjoying themselves and having good memories and that makes this a joy to watch.
Except the fact that Johnny Depp isn't anywhere in this documentary. Nightmare on Elm Street being his first movie you'd think he would appreciate his roots. But he is probably busy filming Pirates of the Caribbean 47.
If you are a fan of the series or just the first one, this is a very good and entertaining documentary that also shows the pressure and troubles that come with keeping a franchise alive and providing audiences with consistent...or not...stories.
Most all of the casts talk about their parts which is nice to hear
Covers all movies and doesn't rush any and gives equal time to all.
Provides not only the movie scenes but other movie scenes, behind the scenes, and photos
Also covers the tv series, merchandise, and more
4 hours long and doesn't feel like it
Not for people who aren't fans or interested in the films
4 hours may be too long for some
No Johnny Depp
Realize how bad some of them are....

Movie Review - The African Queen

This movie has just come out for the first time on DVD and seeing as how the only Humphrey Bogart movie i've ever seen is Casablanca, I thought I'd check out some of his other work.
The African Queen is set during a war and Humphrey is a boater who delivers mail to a village where 2 Americans are trying to teach the natives and care for them. One day the opposition invades the village, burns it down, and leaves only the one woman american. Humphrey shows up and knowing that they will be back he takes her on his boat to escape.
She is angry and explains how they are going to travel down river and attack the opposition themselves. Humphrey tries to tell her its crazy but she refuses and off they go. Small arguments and tension abound as they travel down river and eventually the woman eases up and begins having fun and they fall for each other.
It is a very good film and way better than I thought it was going to be. Humphrey Bogart is a really good actor and this is a role I definately did not see him doing but he pulls it off very well. There isn't a lot of downtime as there is always some sort of danger whether it be rapids, animals, or mother nature. When they make headway on either the trip or the relationship, something happens to knock it back a few steps almost to the start.
A very entertaining film that is a pleasure to watch from beginning to end. The DVD features picture quality that makes it look like it was filmed yesterday, very impressive.


Humphrey Bogart delivers a great performance
No story breaks or slow plot points
Amazing picture quality
An entertaining film all the way through

Music doesn't fit the picture quality and can take you out of it.
Unbelievable but still passable ending.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Marvel vs Capcom 3 in action


Monday, June 14, 2010

Goldeneye for Wii HOORAY!

E3 is beginning to deliver baby

Friday, June 11, 2010

2 MVC3 screens

Sometimes these graphics worry me

New MK screens

new spider-man shattered dimensions Trailer

This one shows 2099....
Game just keeps lookin better

More MVC3 News

How about a new trailer!!

I seriously can't wait for this game!

Right Joe!?

News is coming out too fast!

New poster for Marvel Vs Capcom 3 reveals a few more characters...
Felicia, Captain America, Deadpool, and Dante

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mortal Kombat taking this week by storm!

Okay, so the live action trailer I posted a little ago was revealed to be a preview of sorts of how this one director would make the movie in hopes that a studio will pick him up and actually let him do the whole movie.


There is another new MK game coming out and they finally released the trailer for it today....and i gotta say....
Welcome back Mortal Kombat, how I missed you so so much....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mother of God it is happening...

Spidey-Shattered Dimensions Box Art

New Mortal Kombat......

I've heard its for a new movie and i've heard its for the new game. The movie rumor seems to have more heat behind it though.....
Still, WHY does johnny cage always get the shaft. ALWAYS.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lady Gaga actually is pretty

Her real name by the way is Stefani