Saturday, June 26, 2010

Movie Review - The African Queen

This movie has just come out for the first time on DVD and seeing as how the only Humphrey Bogart movie i've ever seen is Casablanca, I thought I'd check out some of his other work.
The African Queen is set during a war and Humphrey is a boater who delivers mail to a village where 2 Americans are trying to teach the natives and care for them. One day the opposition invades the village, burns it down, and leaves only the one woman american. Humphrey shows up and knowing that they will be back he takes her on his boat to escape.
She is angry and explains how they are going to travel down river and attack the opposition themselves. Humphrey tries to tell her its crazy but she refuses and off they go. Small arguments and tension abound as they travel down river and eventually the woman eases up and begins having fun and they fall for each other.
It is a very good film and way better than I thought it was going to be. Humphrey Bogart is a really good actor and this is a role I definately did not see him doing but he pulls it off very well. There isn't a lot of downtime as there is always some sort of danger whether it be rapids, animals, or mother nature. When they make headway on either the trip or the relationship, something happens to knock it back a few steps almost to the start.
A very entertaining film that is a pleasure to watch from beginning to end. The DVD features picture quality that makes it look like it was filmed yesterday, very impressive.


Humphrey Bogart delivers a great performance
No story breaks or slow plot points
Amazing picture quality
An entertaining film all the way through

Music doesn't fit the picture quality and can take you out of it.
Unbelievable but still passable ending.

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