Saturday, June 26, 2010

Movie Review - Avatar

This film was hyped a bit too much but even without that, it was a pretty good movie.
The movie is about a planet that the humans set up base on because it has a very valuable element on it called Unobtainium, which is a stupid name. The planet is inhabited by the Navi who are large blue creatures who are very peaceful and worship a large tree that spiritually houses their dead ancestors and also hears their prayers. The humans are trying a sort of Matrix like device that transfers you into the body of a in lab created Navi so they can be around them and learn and become friends with them. This process is taking very long and also not gaining any ground. The army that is with the humans think it is a better idea to just go in there if they dont want to move and show them who is boss and just take the land by force. Sam Worthington (who is joining in on the trend of all male actors having to sound like Christian Bale's Batman) is a handicapped ex-marine and takes over his brother's position as a Navi and enjoys the new found use of his legs and even gets accepted into the tribe rather quickly. He begins to lean more on their side and eventually falls for a woman who saves his life and teaches him the many ways of the Navi.
The army after a bit puts a time limit on the operation and finds out that Sam isn't particularly following orders and is more on the Navi side than theirs. This leads to his imprisonment and an attack on the Navi's home and preciously guarded tree.
I know that is a very brief summary and i missed a lot but i'd be here forever.
The movie is rather good even if the hype for it was through the stratosphere. The performances are very well done and the army leader is a real douchebag that you want to die in the worst possible way. You do care for the Navi and see that they aren't doing anything wrong at all except living. To see how much creativity went into the design of the environments and animals is very neat to see and an entire new language was also invented.
Having things be controlled within their ponytails is a unique idea as well and the main female Navi becomes really attractive and likeable after a little.
The movie is a bit too long but still goes by in a rather brisk pace. Because it is a cliche'd story, you do figure most of it out way before it happens and there really isn't anything suprising or new that this story gives you. Yes it was executed well but again, didn't bring anything really new to the table.

I still couldn't shake the feeling that it reminded me a lot of Final Fantasy X. There is a part of the game that has a setting just like where the Navi live and even one of the characters that joins your party looks like a version of the Navi::

But anyways, I did enjoy it and from what I hear Cameron is going to make 2 more. I dont know where the story will go but Cameron has one of the best film track records out there so I have faith that he knows what he is doing.
And has a lot of similarities to Aliens as well, another Cameron movie.
Sigourney Weaver is in it.
The planes look the same and I even think one is exactly the same or close.
Even the female pilot is exactly the same::
Good performances
Enjoyable to watch
Nice to see creativity is still out there
Slightly too long
Way over hyped
A bit too many slow motion scenes
Reminded me too much of Matrix 3, Aliens, Final Fantasy X
not commenting on the visuals because it isn't that impressive if you have seen a lot of movies. Although Final Fantasy the Spririts Within isn't regarded as a good movie, the cgi in that was pretty damn good. If you ask me, its that stupid 3D that did it. I just dont see what the big deal is. But that is for another day.

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