Saturday, June 26, 2010

Movie Review - Moon

Somehow this movie went under the radar from most if not all people. Hell, I dont even know how I found out about it. But I strongly suggest people find and see this film.
Moon is about a man who lives on the Moon to watch over and monitor and keep check on all the excavating of a very precious element that is transfered to Earth that is a very useful energy provider and extremely helpful to Earth. The base requires someone to be there and every 3 years, that person switches. This is where we meet Sam. He is the current inhabitant and the only other contact he has is a robot named Gerty voiced by Kevin Spacey. It is coming up on the end of his 3 year run and you get to see what he's been up to. He has whittled a large town with people and cars out of wood in a scale model, excercises daily, cares to plants, and takes the ever so often drive to check the machines. He gets video messages from his wife that keep him going and he sends messages back to keep his sanity.
One day while getting coffee he sees a woman sitting at his table and burns himself, looking back, she is gone. Was there someone there or has the 3 years gotten to him?
Later he takes the vehicle out to check on one of the excavators and while driving he sees the woman and crashes into the other machine. He wakes up in the medical area of his base and is told he has slight brain damage. Things get more confusing for him as he wonders how he got back to the base and why he isn't allowed outside for the vehicle anymore. The computer has also been talking to the governing body in charge with video chats while Sam is asleep.
Tricking the computer he gets a way outside and takes another vehicle out and finds his crashed vehicle still where he crashed.
This movie is one of the most unique and amazing films i have ever seen. Even when you think you figure something out, it throws you a curveball and suprises you. This is one of those movies where you lose track of time and find yourself glued to your TV absorbed into what is going to happen.
Sam Rockwell is great in the only part really in the whole film. It is tough to carry an entire film by yourself and he really pulls it off extremely well, especially in the second half.
Kevin Spacey as GERTY speaks in a sort of HAL voice like in the movie 2001. You almost dont want to trust him.
This is also the directorial debut of David Bowie's son. I was not aware of that until recently which is also kinda neat.
Moon is an amazing movie that definately should be seen by everyone. It is enjoyable, scary, intriguing, and emotional.
Great acting on Sam Rockwell's part
Suspensful and one of the most intriguing, enjoyable movies i've seen
Run time is perfect and leaves you wanting to see more
Suprises are done very well and always keeping you wondering
We dont make enough of these kinds of movies.
Wish they could have gone on longer and shown more.

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