Saturday, June 26, 2010

Movie Review - Never Sleep Again

Nightmare On Elm Street Films Documentary
It's a little hard to review a documentary because there really isn't a central story or message or anything that they are trying to tell. But as a documentary on the Elm Street film series, it is very good.
It starts like any and explains through new interviews with director Wes Craven and most actors and actresses from every movie, how the movies came about and what made Craven come up with the first and best movie. It delves into the backstory and how they found each actor and what was going through the heads of everyone involved. It shows how they did a lot of the classic memorable moments from each film and each director tells what he or she wanted to bring to the table and ultimately how they feel about the films now.
Nice to know that even the people involved admit that 2-the rest...aren't that great.
They even go as far as to cover Freddy vs Jason and who some of the fans wanted thrown in like Ash from Evil Dead and Pinhead from Hellraiser.
The participants look to be enjoying themselves and having good memories and that makes this a joy to watch.
Except the fact that Johnny Depp isn't anywhere in this documentary. Nightmare on Elm Street being his first movie you'd think he would appreciate his roots. But he is probably busy filming Pirates of the Caribbean 47.
If you are a fan of the series or just the first one, this is a very good and entertaining documentary that also shows the pressure and troubles that come with keeping a franchise alive and providing audiences with consistent...or not...stories.
Most all of the casts talk about their parts which is nice to hear
Covers all movies and doesn't rush any and gives equal time to all.
Provides not only the movie scenes but other movie scenes, behind the scenes, and photos
Also covers the tv series, merchandise, and more
4 hours long and doesn't feel like it
Not for people who aren't fans or interested in the films
4 hours may be too long for some
No Johnny Depp
Realize how bad some of them are....

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