Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Movie Review - The Haunting in Connecticut

This film is about a family whose son has cancer and keeps needing medication and is in a lot of pain. They are trying their best and lately their son has been getting worse so to be closer to the hospital the mother decides to move them into a cheap home. The house she is told, used to be a funeral home but because she is so desperate for her son, she takes it.
Almost immediately strange appearances occur to the son and he chooses to live in the basement near this locked room that he can't open. In the middle of the night the door opens and he begins seeing visions of burned people and corpses surrounding him as well as coffins being opened and many other things. At first he plays it off as the pills he is taking as they can cause hallucinations but the family start experiencing things as well and the son and daughter find a box in the attic full of pictures of the deceased in their coffins and a smaller box full of eyelids.
The house seems to be taken over by the ghosts of those that died there and are wreaking havoc on the family because of how they were treated when they died. The son is also being visited by the helper of a man who did syonces (spell?) in the house to try to communicate with the dead.
The film has its share of jump moments but there is a bit of a creep factor that some of this is very possible to happen. In fact, it did happen, it is based on the true story of a family who moved in because of their sons sickness and experienced all sorts of ghosts and such.
The movie is an alright movie and it does a good job of making sure you aren't able to guess everything before it happens although I do get the feeling that this type of story has been done countless times before. The ending gets a bit too rediculous and there are things in it that seem thrown in just to make it clear that these people aren't having a good life or have had their best past moments either. I enjoyed watching it and there were a few parts that had me a little creeped. It is a breath of fresh air when unique movies like this are still being made, whether based on actual events or not....or fake actual events like the Fourth Kind and Blair Witch.
+Interesting story with decent characters to back it up
+Not too too predictable
+Lended some creepy moments
+A few unique things that i've never seen in a movie before
-A couple scenes that weren't necessary like a drunken father scene.
-Ending gets a bit farfetched and rediculous
-A guessable final part that has been way overdone

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