Saturday, July 10, 2010

Razor design for movie

Okay, so here is the design i made up for Razor in Maniac Mansion.
I drew what I thought best....

The NES version is the only one i've ever really played and grown up with so that sprite in the game was my best memory of her....

As you can see, she doesn't look super goth and has long nice hair....and a gigantic earing but thats besides the point.
Now, the Razor on the box for the game was a bit different and looked a bit scary....
Her hair is a big mess and looking at the PC version of the game, they kept the messy frizzed out hair....

So the big question keep in mind i haven't drawn her with a body my redesign of the hair going to be a problem or a big deal?
A quick color sample------

I dont know.
I like it, but is it too far from the game?

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