Sunday, August 1, 2010

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Rumors

This is supposedly a picture from a phone from a japanese magazine showing a Fantastic Four special. The part that talks about marvel vs capcom 3 shows those icons at the top of the playable characters. As you can see, one is Silver Surfer. They say that the Fantastic Four are a big part of the game's story and the end boss involves a bigger villain.
All around the internet, this has been said to be false and even pretty much proven false. But I actually kinda think it may turn out to be real.
That would make the end big boss...Galactus..right?
It would be tough to really see Silver Surfer as a playable character, what with his surfboard and all, but who knows....

Also, there is a accompanying rumor of She-Hulk being in the game as well. I wouldn't mind this as the game needs more female characters and those seem to be the ones I always choose to be for some reason.....
But right now, its just rumor but I dont think I would mind having these two in the game.

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