Saturday, August 7, 2010

Movie Review - The Fourth Kind

Where to start....
Fourth Kind is about a supposed true story of what this doctor and her patients experienced and recorded during their sessions. She is a psychologist and her patients come to her being unable to sleep because something has happened to them and it was the worst thing they ever experienced. They talk of an owl and when put under hypnosis they scream in pain, go crazy, and try to make the scary evil stop. Her one patient dies and the local police think the doctor is doing something to cause these events. The doctor's husband was killed in the past and she never found out who did it. One night she falls asleep talking into her tape recorder and unbeknownst to her, records herself while asleep screaming and something coming in and doing awful things to her. To find out what exactly is going on she puts herself under hypnosis to find out.
Well, this movie was boring and just seemed to really have trouble trying to connect all the 'real' video footage into a story that put it all together. The plot really limped along and I dont know if they just needed more time or a bigger budget or what. More than half the movie, nothing happens and there are so many location shots and environment shots, its like they could only come up with a story that was 20 minutes long but needed a movie length so they just shoehorned all the environment shots in.
The actors are alright, Milla Jovovich is good like always but almost seems like she knows this is gonna suck.
The 'real' footage is fine except for two that actually are creepy and scary but other than that, nothing scary really happens. There just isn't a flow here.
Two scary parts that were real creepy
Milla looks pretty
Kinda unique??
Too boring
Too many environment shots, especially an aerial view of a driving car ripped off exactly from the shining.
Made little sense
Didn't flow well
Just seemed rushed, not thought out, thrown together.

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