Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Draft of MVC3 box art?

This is just I think an almost finished box art for the game.
Looks good but I think they will fill in the shadows in the back and change the logo, I can't see a game like that having the name real small on the bottom like that.
Plus, no spider-man on there......

Monday, September 27, 2010

Marvel vs Capcom 3 character screens

This first pic is an early one that shows about how many characters will be in the game.

This second one is the most recent with the spots of Wesker and Spiderman filled in.
Still, counting the open squares...42 characters.
Now, will they add more squares or is 42 it?
There was also talk that they will offer downloadable content, so more characters could come in the future anyways....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Movie Review - Scott Pilgrim vs The World

This movie is the only contender to ever threaten to be my number one favorite movie of all time.
Scott Pilgrim is about a kid who is in a band called the Sex Bob-ombs. At the moment he is dating a younger girl who he is a little made fun of for and his band is trying to get shows to get signed to a label. Scott has a dream about a girl and amazingly sees her at a party and tries to get to know her. He finds out she works for Amazon delivering boxes. So he orders a random anything just so she will deliver it and when she is at the door he asks her to hang out. They get things going but in order for them to fully official become a couple and date, Scott has to defeat her 7 evil ex's.
Scott is with the audience in seeing that it is a crazy weird idea but as the days go on he encounters each one, the battles get bigger and crazier leading up to the final battle to win the girl, Ramona Flowers, and date her.
The ex's are very well done and differ in unique and sometimes funny ways.
The cast does a great job in all of their parts and it was really neat to see bigger names like Chris Evans, Brandon Routh, Thomas Jane, and Jason Schwartsman be a part of something that isn't exactly mainstream.
The movie never has a dull moment and there is always something on screen to keep your interest and the visual style of the movie is top notch. This is how movies should be done.
To fully get the most out of this movie you have to be a video gamer. This movie is BURSTING with video game references, sound effects, music, and all the sorts. The movie is set up like a video game as well, in order to win the princess you must traverse the levels and defeat the boss at the end until you encounter the final boss.
The references were just amazing. Just off the top of my head, it included references, music, sound effects and more from Final Fantasy, Mario, Guitar Hero, DDR, Zelda, No More Heroes, Darkstalkers, Time Crisis, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, DJ Hero, Tony Hawk, Donkey Kong, and goes to reference all the video game cliches and standards like boss battles, levels, VS text, 1-ups, high score and points, life and other things bars, statistics, level ups, you died game over screens, blinking near death boss graphics, boss weak points, and more.
The music in the movie was extremely enjoyable and even had a bunch of 8 bit music in there as well.
The beginning of the movie grabs you right away with an 8 bit graphic of the Universal logo along with an 8 bit rendition of the theme. Then it goes right into the Legend of Zelda theme music as it pans down to scott pilgrims home.
This movie is one not to miss, it is a fantastic film and will leave you amazed if you are a video game fan. Watch it once to really enjoy it and then watch it again to see how many video game references you can find.
+Video Game references
+Great Cast with some real funny moments
+Cleverly well done and edited with unique visuals and a style all its own
+Unique and fun story
+Enjoyable and never drags, always something happening.
-only real negative would be that the ending is super cliche to the point where i out loud said a couple of the lines before the characters said it.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 screens

game just keeps gettin cooler and coooooler

Friday, September 17, 2010

X-23 Official Pic

Still hoping for spider-man, gambit, magneto, cammy, and venom

Thursday, September 16, 2010

X-23 in action


New MVC3 Character!

A test tube sibling clone of Wolverine!
I dont know the exact entire story of her but she has been around for years now, just never really hit the mainstream.
But hey, i'm glad they are adding females to the game, not too many so far so it's a welcome.

Comic book look:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions voices

Even though I've seen Neil Patrick Harris and Christopher Daniel Barnes before, nice to fiiiiiiiiinally see who voiced spiderman in spiderman and his amazing friends, plus ultimate spiderman is not how i pictured the voice actor haha.
And if you are interested in seeing Noir Spider-Man (90s animated series spiderman) actually act, watch the brady bunch movies, he plays the eldest son.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

MVC3 new character and AMAZING trailer


If that trailer doesn't make you extremely pumped for the game!!!!
Good ol' Tron Bonne is back in the game.
Cannot wait to see who is revealed next

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ocean City Trip - Part Seven

Last few loose ends here. Just some random pics.

A little hard to see, but some of the police ride horses on the beach and boardwalk.

Some nights I would go down to the water at midnight and just sit there. THE most relaxing thing I have ever done in my life. It wasn't that dark but my camera isn't super amazing. The moon was above and reflecting off the water and all you could hear was the waves.

Ran into a horseshoe crab while walkin one night, very dark out so i almost didn't see it, kinda scary.

One of the arcades down there.

A book I came across down there......very..very...interesting.

There was a classic Hollywood store down there which I loved and at the back there was a set of theatre chairs where you could sit and watch a big HD tv playing old classic movies.
So great.
Well that was the trip in a nutshell, forgot to take pics of the room and not too many of the boardwalk and beach cause of previous years. But all in all, it was a fun time. Somewhere I would definately like to live or even visit every weekend.

Ocean City Trip - Part Six

This night we attended MEDIEVAL GOOOOOOLFFFFF!

Sister pokin her head out of a cutout thing.

Castle looks like its made out of candy. Candy castle!!

Then I got into a fight with a knight.......did not end well....


Ocean City Trip - Part Five

Day 5, couple more mid-day shots of the setting ocean skyline.
Still amazes me how the ocean line is completely straight.

People playing guitar and such for money line the boardwalk. I sat out on our balcony one night and listened to a guy play songs for hours. It was the most relaxing night i've had in a while.
Ocean waves, night sky, quiet air, and a guy down from my balcony playing beatles and other old hits.

Ocean City Trip - Part Four

Visited an ocean museum with some old artifacts and swim suits and the such. There are only a couple pics here because last year I took a TON more of everything in the museum so this year instead of duplicating, I just took some off key interesting ones.

Beautiful statue of a woman, sorry for the sideways view of the first pic.
THE scariest doll face you will ever see.
Go ahead
Stare at it

Fish......he looks bored...he was HUGE but you can't tell by the pic.

Ocean City Trip - Part Three

Another day, a bit cloudy but sunnier and no rain.
Gave me a chance to test out how well my little digital camera's zoom works.
From the balcony of our hotel alllll the way down to the waterline.