Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Arkham City news

- Arkham City is four or five times larger than Arkham Asylum.
- The game starts by being briefed by Alfred, he explains the Two-Face vs Catwoman situation and you start heading to the area the two are located.
- Batman is now much more agile, he is now able to plunge into a dive mid glide to accelerate flight.
- Two-Face has a gang roaming Arkham City, you will find them wearing face masks replicating their boss'.
- Criminals who aren't connected with any super villains roam the street.
- Story suggests that Professor Strange has been kidnapping Gotham citizens who are opposed to Arkham City.
- One and half years after the original game.
- Use new detective mode to discover a thugs super villain boss. This will be used to find The Riddlers men.
- The Riddler is in Arkham City, they hint you are almost certain to come face to face with him.
- Jack Ryder has been put into Arkham City due to him becoming to close to the truth on the city while working on an expose. Rocksteady where hesitant to reveal what Ryder had uncovered.
- Your first meeting with Two-Face is early on in the game. You are greeted with him displaying Catwoman tied up side down to a baying crowd of criminals. His two conflicting personalities being voiced out loud.
- Two-Face decides Catwoman's fate with the iconic coin toss. She gets lucky this time.
- The first confrontation with Two-Face results in Batman getting shot in the chest only for Catwoman to slip out of her chains and hit Two-Face into the acid she was about to be chucked into. A flirtatious conversation is then held between Catwoman and Batman only to be interrupted by a smiley face sniper dot rolling up Catwoman's suit. The shot is fired and misses her by a whisker.
- Your first detective mode experience is finding the bullet hole on the floor and figuring out its trajectory.
- Trajectory reveals the location of the shot. A bell tower housed by the Joker.
- Joker has a potentially fatal desease.
- Calendar Man is confirmed.
- The date and time effect your interaction with Calendar Man, set your console of PC's time a month ahead from last and you will receive a completely different conversation.
- Batman's launcher has received an upgrade, you can now stop at anytime instead of being forced to the end every time.
- You are pitted against a lot more thugs at once compared to the original game.
- Increased amount of combat animations.
- Phone booths ring only for thugs to stand by it, afraid to answer. Rumours going round suggest anyone that answers these calls end up dead.
- The mysterious caller ends up being Victor Zsasz, this starts one of many side quests in the game.
- To start the side quest you must follow a number of ringing phone boxes only to greeted with him at the final one.
- Co-Op seems to be hinted and slightly confirmed. Catwoman has very similar combat techniques to Batman when in game.
- Rocksteady suggest Crime Alley will make an appearance.
- Rocksteady insist that the only confirmed villains so far are the ones you have seen.

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