Friday, October 8, 2010

HUGE MvC3 Reveals

First up we have the official art for Spider-Man:

Next we see that they are indeed adding extra costumes that aren't just color changes!!
The following you can see Spidey donning his Symbiote Spider-Man costume!

MAGNETO is back!

Spencer from the game Bionic Commando.
I never played the orignal game on NES but there was a sequel made recently and this is his look in it. Although with extra costumes we could see his orignal duds.

Arthur from the super tough game Ghosts N Goblins.
I used to play this when I was younger and it is the hardest game ever made!
As you get hit, his armor falls off in the game so it's nice to see they kept that in for this game.

MODOK.........yes him.....why, I don't know.
I am not a fan and it is going to be interesting to see how he fights.
If this idiot makes it in then Gambit better make it in......

We shall see what else they have in store for us as the release date gets closer day by day.

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