Saturday, October 2, 2010

Video Game Review - Alone in the Dark

Ugh, where to begin...
Alone in the Dark is about our main character Edward Carnby being caught up in the middle of what seems like the end of New York as we know it. Demons and possessions and such are around every corner. As Edward meets a few people he begins to be told that he is the light bringer and is the only one that can stop this madness. He has to find a key and open a gate or whatever, I dont know for sure cause it was a little sketchy.
This game is the fifth in the series.
The orignal Alone in the Dark was a PC game more than ten years ago. I would much rather play that one.
The story in this game sort of limped along and never really became concrete or even had me very interested. But, the ending......sweet christmas.....The worst nonexistant ending in any game ever made. He literally sees the evil and walks away saying in other words 'forget it' aaaaaaand credits.
Graphics are good but nothing to really be impressed with. They have a sort of first generation of games for this line of systems look to them.
Fire is used in this game for EVERYTHING. The fire is very well animated and responds just like real fire would. Kinda the only good thing this game has.
The music is very good and the one saving grace that kinda keeps you going sometimes. Very good top notch music for such a low notch game.
The difficulty isn't hard it's just that it is so cheap and irritating and frustrating and hair rip out rediculous. The driving sections are the worst, with cars that have butter for wheels and just argh.
Bottom line:
Just leave this game be. Go seek out the orignal and play that instead.

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