Saturday, October 2, 2010

Video Game Review - Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

Spider-Man gets one of his best games ever!
Shattered Dimensions takes place as Mysterio is stealing a precious tablet from a museum. Spider-Man swings in to stop him and in the process accidentally breaks the tablet into 12 pieces that travel into different dimensions and times. With the aid of Madame Web, each dimension that the tablet has fallen into has its own version of Spider-Man who are contacted by Web and go off looking for the tablet pieces.
The first dimension is the classic red & blue costume Spider-Man, here called Amazing spider-man. His world is the regular world and is presented in a almost comic book style. Everything has a nice ink outline around them. This spidey is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris who voiced spider-man in the MTV computer generated spider-man cartoon a few years back. This world he must defeat Kraven the Hunter, Sandman, and Juggernaut who are all great except I am left wondering why the choice of Juggernaut over Rhino, but oh well.
The second dimension is the Noir dimension. Here it is the 1930s and this Spider-Man acts as a sort of Batman. Sneaks around in the shadows and takes out thugs without being noticed by the other thugs. The areas are all dark and black and white with some gold and yellow around for spotlights and such. It ends in a carnival with great fireworks and a very odd haunted house. Noir Spider-Man must do battle with Hammerhead, Vulture, and Goblin. The style is a lot more mature and has a Sin City quality to it. This spidey is voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes who voiced spidey on the 90s animated Spider-Man cartoon that was on Fox.
The third dimension is Spider-Man 2099. This one is obviously in the future and pushes the graphical limits of the game. There is so much detail here and the world is truly alive with cars and such everywhere. Spidey is voiced by the actor that voiced spider-man in the 80s cartoon spider-man and his amazing friends. It was truly amazing to hear him once again.
He must defeat Hobgoblin, Scorpion, and Dr. Octopus. In this dimension they are all futurized and have a different look to them, the most jarring although not if you know the comics, is doctor octopus...who is female.
The final dimension is the Ultimate Spider-Man universe who is decked out in his symbiote suit. This dimension is cel-shaded and made to look just like the comic. The spidey here is voiced by the actor who voices spidey in the recently cancelled but great Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. The villains of this world are Electro, Deadpool, and Carnage. Carnage's level being one of the best in the game as you are put in the middle of a huge battle between S.H.I.E.L.D agents and zombies haha. Deadpool is also a treat as he doesn't ever stop talking and is hilarious and says a lot of little ultimate spider-man easter eggs as well as video game cliche sayings. He even gets annoyed if you pause the game!
The game was very well done and was just what the spider-man game library needed. Sure there isn't any free roam city to explore but just play ANY of the spider-man games before this to get that. The enemies do get slightly repetitive but you really do feel like you are spider-man.
Plus as an added bonus you can unlock more spider-man costumes to play as even more spider-men like the Scarlet Spider!
A huge recommendation from me!

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