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My visit to the set of Dark Knight Rises

Took a quick look downtown to see what was being filmed for dark knight, here is what i found:

Snow on the ground pretty much all over every street.

Team member with the bat-logo on his shirt:

down the street at blocked off filming:

Building was covered with netting:

The tumbler driving:

Big truck with snow on it driving:

Tumbler going down the street:

closer look at the netted off building:

At this point i was kicked out of the parking garage i was in and threatened that if they saw my camera again then i'll be kicked off the premesis.

So i left.......and found a MUCH better location....and we were allowed to take pics here too.

Tumblers parked:

Then I moved to another location because I saw the bat-wing or batplane parked and they had begun shooting a scene of it chasing the tumblers that were going after the big truck:

The camera car, big truck, tumblers, and batplane all going really fast in a chase scene with snow all around::

Gotham bagels sign:

The sign telling about the movie. They are calling it Magnus Rex to avoid too many people trying to see it??????

everyone knows what it is, kinda pointless, but all movies do it.

And this site actually has video of what happened. They are closer than I was and it gives you an exact idea of what i saw except what i saw was a lot faster.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Arkham City alternate costumes!

animated series batman!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ultimate MVC3

Coming November 15th for $40
Will include 12 new characters, 8 new stages, new modes, spectator mode, and much more.
12 New characters are the following:





and the following group--

I am very excited for Nemesis to be in. I love Resident Evil. I knew Frank West would be in and Phoenix Wright but the other choices........

ESPECIALLY Rocket Raccoon.......THE HELL???

Why no megaman or gambit or venom or cyclops???????

Anyways, here is the new select screen. Resembles a comic book.

the 2 squares at the top logos are for Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath.

Everyone has redrawn new artwork and it looks cool.

New stages havent been revealed except 2 so far. This one which is another Hand stage and in the center you will see Daredevil, in black, sitting in a chair.

The other revealed is the Tron Bonne stage but covered in snow this time around.

This game will also offer for DLC, waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more costumes than the first MVC3. The ones revealed so far include:

Also, new costumes seem to also be included in the game as well not as DLC as you can see here with a new black and white spiderman costume:

In this pic you also notice that when X factor is activated, your team goes shadow with a red outline instead of how it looked before.
You can see also that they have changed the look of the lifebars and the special bars. Not sure if i like the new lifebars but there is still so much more to be revealed so we'll see....