Saturday, January 14, 2012


Tonight was the night fo the annual ball to celebrate the money raised by all the higher ups around the city.
Hadn't been to anything like this since high school.
Not even sure why I was invited. My job was cushy but this was a millionaires club. Great for me, but I don't want to stick out too much.
The dress fit better than I remembered.
The lipstick and gloves provided extra sex appeal, not too much though.
That was part of the game.
Making the trip over wouldn't be a problem, just a few blocks away.
(she looks into the mirror)
To die for.
The night breeze blew around me making my body tingle. The warmth from inside would be a welcome change. A young man took my coat as I stripped it off and entered the crowded banquet room.
More than last year.
An excessive amount of food circled an ice sculpture of a pair of swans in the center of the room.
Nice, but, what ball didn't have one of those.
For a time I made my way around talking to a few interesting prospects before I settled to a corner to regroup my thoughts.
The night was looking like a bust.
Sure, they had the money, but a lady has standards.
Stripping off the gloves, I took a final trip around. Stopping to taste a few sweets along the way.
Then he noticed.
A younger man with a confident handsome face that exuded power but showed a vulnerability.
This one was new.
Gracefully, he made his way through the crowd, eyes never wavering from my spot.
Were those butterflies I felt?
He introduced himself and carried himself well through our idle chat. Co-partner of a large firm handed down by his father.
The champagne was losing its taste and I set my glass down to catch him stealing a rather obvious glance at my body.
A fly in a web.
Drops of water ran down the smooth surfaces of the ice sculpture, the room was growing warmer.
Was it the room?
Touching the sculpture gave me goosebumps as my fingers danced on its surface.
His eyes watching my innocent play, I licked the water from my fingers.
The erotic display worked like a charm for in the next moment he asked if I would like to join him upstairs.
Get away from this stuffy party.
He was new.
Our hands intertwined, he walked me up the grand staircase and down a fancy hallway lined with doors. The air was thick with arousal.
This one will be worth it.
He led me to a set of doors at the end of the hall, courteously opening them and allowing me inside.
Small lamps illuminated the homely room.
I didn't take much else in as the heat of the moment took over and I found myself in his arms. His hands were warm yet determined. The straps of my dress slid smoothly down my shoulders as it crumpled to a heap around our feet.
I sensed a moment of surprised glee when he noticed I wasn't wearing anything underneath.
Always come prepared.
We passionately made love until we both succombed to weakness.
My body quivered from the many rounds of ecstacy. He claimed I was wonderful as he passed out.
Typical man.
Didn't matter, it was time to go to work.
First things first, a shower.
The warm water felt rejuvinating as it splashed over my skin, ridding it of the residue of events prior.
I slipped back into my gown and searched his clothes.
His snores echoeing around the room.
Opening his wallet I found a small but worthwhile jackpot. Credit cards, a few blank checks, and ten grand in cash.
Must have been for the fundraiser later.
A successful night. Sex wasn't too bad either.
I left the sleeping prince and casually made my way back downstairs. Poor bastard, never even asked my name.
With the partygoers none the wiser, I snaked my way to the doors to retrieve my coat.
"Hope you enjoyed yourself ma'am"
I gave him a wink. "Many times."
Smiling, I stepped out into the night. The fearful yells of a man heard windows above.

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