Sunday, October 22, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 13

The times when we shared together.  I would go through all of my movies when putting them away and tell you what each one was and introduce you to movies that you never heard of but were interesting.  The fact that you now look at special features and behind the scenes now is such a great feeling.  You would share your books and pictures and tell me a story behind every single one from your favorite book (Pride and Prejudice) all the way to your favorite film (tie between Breakfast at Tiffany's, White Christmas, and Sound of Music).  You always treated me with respect and never like a child or just to appease me.  Book suggestions continued and I read through your Misery and you took a crack at Scott Pilgrim shhhhhhhhhhhhh
You're someone who growing old with would be more than sweet, it would be fun.  The kind of old couple who still hold hands and dress up to go to movies.  I genuinely don't feel embarrassed to share things I enjoy or like because with you there is a connection of interest and it goes beyond the objects but to the person themselves.  There is a reason I still collect and buy things for us and you.  Just the interest and kindness isn't all there is, there is a feeling and a look that you give off that while difficult to put into words, I can say that it is a warm welcoming feeling that even if it is something you aren't interested in, you'll stick by it for me.  We share to include and introduce and never to show off or feel uncomfortable for said interests.  I have a Christmas morning excitement every time i see your face to share anything and everything that I procure or do until we're ghosts and even then we'll be spooking around comic cons watching new movie trailers for Star Wars in the front row because we don't need no tickets when we are ghosts.  <3 p="">

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 12

I love how you always treat me like your equal and other half.  With you, you felt like we were actually in this together as a team and there was a genuine feeling about it all.  It was my own shortcoming if there were times when maybe I felt a little less reliable and should've been there more.  You always did a lot of the heavy lifting and I still feel bad about that. But no matter where we were or what we were doing you always made me feel like I meant something important.  You have a great ability to ensure that those you are with have meaning and carry significance.  It was almost as if you had eliminated the word I and lived from that point on as We and Us.  It meant a lot to me and affected me to a level where minute things upset me.  You are a beautiful example of what it means to fall for someone and start a path with them as one, not against one another or exhibit any kind of power over the other in any way shape or form.  You make me feel like I matter and that's something I want to devote the rest of my life to making you feel too.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 11

You don't push change in a person.  Everyone has differences and little things that may not mesh perfectly but you have the kindest heart that you embrace those things and they become something unique, special, and quirky to you especially.  Clothes that may look silly or old are all kosher as long as they are comfy.  Movie and hobby interests can range from Pez dispensers to Tusk to collecting little paper towel rolls for an art project and instead of being called out as weird or stupid and being made fun of, they are turned into a charming aspect of the other person.  You are the embodiment of the phrase 'Never judge or criticize something that someone else enjoys'.  You were able to take all of those aspects of both of us and mold them into something we not only shared but we actually turned the other person on to and ended being more educated and enjoyable with them ourselves.  You are someone I cannot wait to share anything and everything with like a little kid who runs home from school wanting to tell all about what he did that day.  And the best listen.  You actually care and listen and actively participate.  That is more special and rare than you would think.  The look in your eyes and the interest in your voice is unparalleled.  Truly beautiful.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part Ten

Those little quirks and actions that you or we would do without pointing attention to it or verbally expressing how much we love it.  When we would be out on the balcony, you would bring out your blanket and put it over your feet and put your legs on to my lap.  How I would tidy up and clean up the living room and kitchen before bed and shut the blinds, fix the couch, tend to the dishes.  Your smile when I would look at you while you drove somewhere with your shades on.  Bringing out an in joke or past memory when one of us was down and stickin around one another when we took that sick time at home.  That time when you were cleansing and kept having to run to the bathroom or just needed to catch up on sleep, I would lay right under you and draw or do whatever, play a game on low volume, just so I was close to you.  Knowing I was watching you in the morning get ready for work naked and leaving messages on the fridge with the magnetic letters.  Having our little Star Wars backpack filled with our rations for a Universal trip.  Getting you the volumes of Supernatural and Vampire Diaries every Christmas.  We know each other like a pair of gloves we wear every single winter.  I still think about the little "nooo" when I see anything Sherlock Holmes related and it gives just a little bit more sunshine in my day.  :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 9

I love the set of circumstances that led to our meeting up again and again.  Understandable to meet at a workplace that was in the area for both of us and near our high school, but even then, you came into that place for just a moment and left an impact that had me wanting to see you and talk to you more than who I was even with at the time.  Then you went away and seeing your beautiful face for a quick moment in passing left another mark and wonder that planted a seed in my fertile brain that began to yearn for you without even knowing it.  To try and get an art job and just about make it and interview and ultimately not get it left me in the same position and the closing of that position to move me to customer service.  The fact that you didn't come home every single weekend and happenstanced to decide to shop that day, that hour.  Me having to work that same day, same hour and wait on you.  The events that led up to that were serendipidous in so many ways.  Seeking you out online and starting a conversation that led to me meeting someone who no matter what happened or how far away or anything humanly imaginable, I knew deep down in that planted seed that you were someone incredibly special.  I could respeak that story over and over and it would still blow my mind at how everything lined up in both of our lives to have us intertwine on that one day, one hour, one meeting.  Reliving that moment always makes me giddy and while you may not be aware, that moment kept happening to me with you.  Every time I saw you it was like the first time and I should've started wearing a parachute that's how often I fell for you.  I love that our lives are worked in such ways that divine intervention proves itself real in showing and proving that there is that one perfect special someone for everyone and I never thought when I was younger that I would ever find someone like that.  But, I was happily proven wrong on one special day, one special hour, one special meeting.
hey darlin  ;)

Monday, October 16, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 8

You know when to push me a little out of my comfort zone when we are out together or more specifically when we would go to Universal to certain rides.  You know when I should step a little outside my safe circle and when that step is too far.  You never push too much and when you know it's too far you let it be and it doesn't bother you or ruin an experience.  If it wasn't for your confident pushing, I wouldn't have ridden the Hulk coaster ever and I never would've tried my hand at an online store.  You know exactly what's needed and just how much little push is necessary to make me try things that always turn out fantastic.  I'm sure a lot of it comes from personal experience of your own and doing things on your own past adventures.  I'm always glad you made me do certain things in the end because not only does it introduce me to a new experience, you are right there next to me as my safety blanket.  I honestly can saw that I took more out of comfort zone steps at the Universal park with you than i ever did with anything.  I may have kept a little quiet about them, shhhh.
The Jurassic Park ride fall at the end scared me completely and I was always scared of roller coasters and there I was with your little prods, riding a bunch!  My love for you and your infectious safe personality helped so much when I tried out these various things and I always felt like I was going to be okay.  Plus, holding your hand during each one helped me drift off into the clouds on every ride, so that def helped too  ;)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 7

I love the way you feel in my arms.  The way your skin feels softer every time my fingers went over it.  Your hair was and always is silky and beautiful and when I run my hands through those strands it's like weaving gold.  I can never keep my hands off of you and even got you annoyed at how much I would spank you.  Your legs when locked around me make me feel like I'm a God in my own world and I've earned you in the greatest ways possible.  You hug with all of you and the pressing of our bodies is a hug of which I never felt with anyone before.  Just the touching of elbows ignited a passion in the beginning down in my basement room and giving you massages in bed was more a treat for me to feel you all over than it was for you to receive.  That's not even including the physical type of the way you feel, from the outside of your body, the feel of your curves and breasts to the taste.  All the way to the inside of you and how you move when we are together moving as one.  Your body and you as a person meld together in ways that feel pleasant, dreamy, beautiful, and pleasurable, no matter where we are or what we are doing.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 6

I love how much I would miss you during various points of any day or situation.  During work I would think about you and being back near you to feel you or just be around you.  When I didn't have work and you left for the day it would feel so empty and alone without you around like you took a part of me with you and I wasn't going to be whole again until you returned.  Once you did return I was excited for the night whether it was laying on the couch playing with your hair while watching a series or you doing your homework while I gamed away at your side.  Even when things went bad and I was on the couch for the night I could feel the missing from the other room.  There was an incredible sense of security and happiness knowing that looking over to the left or right I would see you there.  One of the reasons I would always try and visit you at work or bring you lunch, I missed you and it was a chance to see you.  I still remember certain pics you'd send me during the day, like the one after you did a workout and were sweaty and beat and I was so happy to see your face.  It brought my heart closer when i finally got to see you, feel you.  Missing you was a rare feeling of sadness and happiness combined in one little package that always felt the same every day.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 5

I love your imagination.  You are able to come up with hilarious little comebacks and memes and pictures and even little stories that you imagine.  Your reaction to my inital watching of Force Awakens has stayed with me giggling and I even remember a little story about vampires that you had come up with from a dream that you wanted me to write.  Even if you aren't the one who starts it, you are great at keeping up and shooting right back.  Your 'fear' when I would walk to your house at night telling you how I was being chased by zombies or using your imagination to help craft a little makeshift tent in your room from bedsheets.  You aren't afraid to act young and be open and create fantasies.  It's so healthy for the imagination and using it to personify and give voice to game characters and Funko pops is creative and hilarious at the same time.  Just thinking of those moments now has me smiling and recalling the greatest hits of moments in my head.
Turkey Leg!
and of course, naked man  ;)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 4

I loved how you are able to turn any situation into a good fun one just by being you. If it is a situation I don't want to be in, I can at least look at you or be near you and it's like i'm somewhere else.  From a house party or bar that I don't want to be in to a crowded place or even just a shopping trip.  We found ways to make it our own.  Also goes for places I enjoyed too, you made it that much more unique and special to us like it was just ours.  Memorizing and creating our own map for Universal, knowing our path and what to get at the supermarket, and making cleaning weekends into something I actually looked forward to.  When it's raining it's shining near you, when it's dark it's bright near you, when i'm sad i'm uplifted near you.  You have a contagious goodness about you that feels so good and I felt it the second you said hey at that Giant Eagle counter.  Perhaps even before that at a little restaurant job as well  ;)

PS, got the SNES classic  :0

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 3

I feel a connection and a bond that I've never felt with anyone else.  The biggest example I can think of was when you took your little trip down to Florida and we had the evening before you left together.  We laid in your bed while you tried to sleep and I watched Clerks.  Not wanting the night to end and hoping something would happen for you to just stay.  You drove off in the rain and there was such a connective feeling like it wasn't goodbye and a very strong bond feeling that you carried with you.  Talking and facetiming and just spending what time we did together while apart showed a lot of example of those qualities and when you came back it was like you never left at all.  There was an instant lightning in a bottle feeling that began when you stepped foot into that Giant Eagle to the Marilyn Monroe book to that crazy serendipidous feeling that it was just plain right.  I've never felt that before or since and even from the outside it could be seen.  A day at the beach with friends and we went down to the water and fooled around and laughed and you could just see it in the faces of the people on the sand that they could see two people who were crafted in the same mold together.

PS omg if Rey turns to the dark side and don't let Luke die and why is Kylo questioning things and omg starwarsicantwaititssocrazyomgleiawillprobablydieandsomanyquestionsahhhhhhh

Monday, October 9, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 2

If you were going over your parents house for the weekend you would make sure you called me before you left and we got some good chatting in because your talk time would be limited while you were there.  It was a very sweet caring gesture that I always looked forward to but also made me sad because on the one hand I got to hear your voice and brighten my day but on the other hand the weekend meant less of you and two days of waiting until it was back to the talkin time.  The sound of your voice was very soothing and cheerful in ways that no matter how bad or boring the day was, just the tone of your vocals was able to lift it.  There was a genuine sense of appreciation and excitement that it was time to talk and a moment that didn't want to be missed as it was a moment that could've been lost in the ether.  Even the calls that you were on your way home so I could start my famous chicken dinners were exciting.  The voice that just keeps on bringing the excitement.

and seriously.....seriously....this....i can't even....this is like.....the excitement.  The questions.  The the the the....

i mean.....sweet jesus

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 1

I love your past life experiences.  They always bring with them a great story and gave me the impression that you had almost a second life before we began talking.  I particularly enjoy the stories of when you worked at the home/hospital and you running down the hallway in fright and the ghosts that inhabited the place.  How you lived in Ohio when we started talking and seeing your little photo you sent of you watching television while Sammy laid on the couch.  You had real life experience and seemed to be all over and it fascinated me and made my imagination go wild.  I had to know more and every time I heard something new I left with a big smile on my face, looking up to you.

PS Star Wars Last Jedi Trailer will be out when this is read.  ;)  Love you darlin

Friday, October 6, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #1

The number one thing I love about you is that you are the most perfect example of an other half.  You compliment in the best of ways and challenge in even better ways.  A yin to the yang is not descriptive enough.  For every Star Wars reference there is an equal Supernatural reference.  For every video game played is another beaten.  You share common interests in ways that don't just compliment but they open new doors once thought all opened involving sharing, introducing, and expanding.  Lists are made to watch television shows and movies to discuss.  Games are played and watched to experience new worlds and shared experiences down race tracks, watery depths, worldy travels, and neverending skies.  When a future is discussed it isn't with fear or trepidation, it's with excitement, wonder, and an optimism shared only with that certain someone that you know in your deepest of belly that there is a fire that burns for only that experience. There is and always was something that I saw when I looking into your eyes.  It was always too difficult to put into words but with deep thought and much recollection I now know what it is.  It's right.  With any other situation or person, the thought of a future with marriage and offspring was a scary thought that I never thought was something I would even have the capacity to manage but looking into your eyes I see it working and not just working but thriving.  The future is made of bright colors and page after page of a book that in anyone's hand would be the journey of a lifetime.  The safety of knowing that the other half not only had my parachute but made sure to check the safety belt frequently to ensure that nothing would become of it's passenger.  Five minutes with you is all the reminder needed that you are a unique special once in a lifetime person.  I've made more mistakes than I care to count or remember but as I climb this path into what's right and meant to be I am opening my eyes more and more.  Typing these qualities every day cements what I had already inside me and brings out more and more to fill in every single gap.  I was a fool and made decisions that were laughably stupid.  I hurt people, esp the ones I love and while there is no way to erase those from history, I can avoid more.  As I type these, the path to what's right has been moving along.  Ashamidly not as fast as I would like but way way more solid than it has in the past.  The cliche light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible on the horizon and thoughts of a reborn Christmas season brings a smile to my face unlike anything else.  So, without numbers I will continue my musings to the one I truly love while I continue to get myself into gear and push down this path that I should've a long time ago and a lot faster than before.  There is someone out there who was born today in ye ol' 1987.  I wish you the happiest of birthdays and while I am very upset I am unable to see you on it, I am very glad that you are the light at the end of my tunnel that keeps me running in the right direction.  I love typing things I love about you daily and I hope you don't mind if I continue because I feel as if it fuels my fire to make what's meant to be.  The steps are all  there and I've begun my descent, I'm excited as ever and i hope and wish you have a very very wonderful birthday.  I love you.
Yours exclusively forever (part two)  Me.

I've had a little playlist that I have been listening to lately that I crafted that reminds me of you with each and every track.  Feel free to adopt them for yourself as a sort of coded message of love through the speakerbox.  They make me smile and knowing it made you too would make me do it even more.

<3 nbsp="" p="">

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #2

You are real.  You are a very real person with some of the best qualities and honest personalities that I have ever run into or even heard of.  You aren't greedy or full of yourself or even demanding of anything.  You know who you are and have very good smarts where it counts.  You are dependable, showing a will to be with or around and someone extremely reliable in any situation.  You care and use your heart more than anyone and those around you feel it like a gravitational happy field.  There are few truly nice, caring, honestly pure people still out there and it is not only refreshing but downright beautiful to behold.  The absence of revenge or self righteous bones in your body is immediately noticable just by seeing your face.  There is a safe feeling that you emit that the closer you get the better you feel.  You invite sharing and openness in ways that make any outsider feel like we are speaking with someone who is going to make it all better.  Life events are never missed and celebrated in fun and interesting ways and some of that is attributed to the personality you have combined with the never grow up nature in yourself.  You know how to be real and fun.  A knockout combination of someone you can trust, be open with, depend on, talk to, and open yourself up to in the safest and most relieving ways coupled with someone who will sing until you laugh, dance while they clean, walk down a theater aisle like they owned the place, game until they fell asleep, and dressed up like Princess Leia to walk proudly up and down a comic con.  One of the best qualities and rarest personalities making you the most real person I've ever seen.  Being real will always rise above any form of fake that can be conjured up at any time.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #3

You are knowledgeable about an immense amount of subjects to make yourself a brilliant conversationalist.  I could, and have, talk to you for hours on end and still have more to discuss, talk, and share.  You are smart and well versed enough to have either an opinion or stance on a variety of subjects.  We could talk film and tv, growing up around the same time period and seeing the same things.  We could talk music, even though you annihilate me in that subject and like the same music, bands.  The fact that we grew up in the same time period opens doors to conversations that we can share and remember all the same things.  It is insanely interesting to see what you remember and your opinion on it and there is an electricity to a convo with us when one or the other bring up something we remember and you can see the light bulb above the others head in excitement.  Plus you have a beautiful voice.

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #4

You are very cute and unpredictable with surprises.  There is a quality in you that pays attention to what people like or are into and you do a good amount of research into what is out there and what that person likes to surprise them with something that they personally will get the most out of.  Speaking personally, I have been surprised with games such as Lego Batman 3, passes to Universal Studios, 2 little kittens, and a day full of adventure on the first bday I celebrated with you.  It shows not only an interest and attention but a care that is rarely seen in a lot of people.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #5

I love that even though horror movies scare you, you are still willing to watch every single one with me anyways and jump right along with me.  There were a lot watched, even devoting every day in October to it but I shall never forget the experience that was Sinister and your reactions to the jump scares.  The way the title popped up on the screen for every Insidious movie in the loudest music cue in history.  I was very grateful and excited and proud when you were up for and interested in the older films all the way back to black and white and musicals.  The openness and genuine wanting to share meant worlds and continues to be a thought in my head when any movie enters my field of vision.
Where's Dalton!?!?

Monday, October 2, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #6

I love the way that when I think about you, it's always a good feeling or daydream.  There aren't many people that you meet throughout your life that can have that effect on you.  Just a mere thought transports you to a memory full of smiles and a future vision that will bring with it another smile.  Any argument or upsetting situation is always overruled by a thousand other good memories and thoughts.  You leave a fantastic impression that is intoxicating like the best drug there could ever be.  Making you feel so very good and wanting more and more.  Not a day goes by that something becomes a reminder that puts a little pep in my step or something is procured that invites fantasies of future events and plans that energize the body and mind.  If ever there were inspiration, excitement, and drive transformed into life, it would be you.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #7

You brought me with you on adventures.  The biggest adventure was to a new state to start from scratch and you wanted that to be with me, you chose that with me.  Such a huge step and decision and I was someone that was wanted to be a part of it.  It is very touching and still feels so good that I was that important and cared for to be a part of something big and unsure.  The bond with something like that is immense.  The little adventures too.  Going to stores and other little touristy spots and wanting to join me.  There was a certain feel of being on tv or the spotlight of everyone, a proud feeling that you knew you were doing something right.

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #8

I love the ways you act like the kid who never grew up but at the same time showing the grown up where it counts aspects as well.  You are someone who can wear footie pajamas and dance and run around like a kid being more hilarious than ever and then the next moment unzip down the front revealing your naked body in the sexiest way with a tantalizing cleavage reveal to the slipping off of the outfit.  You can sing along to Ducktales and give voices to Funko pops while also showing how to run a company, take care of all the bills, and get very risque on a balcony.  The combination of adult where it has to be with the sexiness of the naked woman and fun having kid is a combo that is the most attractive and perfectly balanced.  Nowhere else can you meet someone who can yell at clients, dance to Cher, and quiver with orgasms, all in one perfectly balanced package.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #9

You have the ability to calm and reassure and have a demeanor of such that makes, me at least, feel very safe and trustworthy.  You have a warmth about you that calms any nerves and makes the heart beat with a sense of security and completeness.  Could be the way your eyes look at someone or your body language that says I'm fun yet firm.  Being around you there's an unspoken air of feeling like you are capable of more than you thought possible and any dream you could conjure up was always achievable.  An almost unexplainable angelic quality to you that makes those around you want to be better people.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #10

The way you hold hands.  There is a very real amazing feeling of holding another's hand especially when there is a strong connection of love involved.  You feel each other's energy through that touch and form a almost a literal link between one another.  You are joined and you use your thumb to caress my hand when you hold, it's a small thing but it shows just that little extra meaningful gesture that there is something really special here and I want you to know it.  No words needed and no attention needing drawn to it, just a moment so special that it almost goes unnoticed but speaks volumes.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #11

You dance when you clean.  Never had I experienced a Sunday afternoon clean the house dance party before and now I can't think of any way to clean the house that doesn't involve either music or a podcast playing.  You made cleaning fun and something that would've taken time and annoyance and turned it into something we shared as a fun time that felt so much better once it was all done.  Even if there were breaks to put on specific songs.  You even elevated it to a new level by singing along to the various tracks in your own high lovely voice.

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #12

The way I can make you laugh.  You have a very cute laugh and knowing that I can cause it is such a great feeling.  Whether it's a cheesy joke that is so lame it's laughable or I make a little fool out of myself to get a smile, it's always worth it.  Seeing your eyes scrunch up and hearing your laugh feels like such an accomplishment esp if it brings with it tears of joy.  A weird Italian accent, a slow motion head bang, or playing a clip from star wars of Vader yelling noooo, anytime I can elicit a genuine laugh feels like I've accomplished something wonderful and it is music to the ears.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #13

You love to watch and listen to me.  The way you could just watch me draw for hours or play a game but cutest of all, you enjoy hearing me read.  There were and still are a few books/etc that you liked to hear me read to you or want to or suggested.  There is something about reading to you, not like a child before bed, but something that takes the situation to a different setting where you aren't where you are and are invested in a story with someone else like it's being retold from personal experience.  The sharing of a moment or act that only the two of us are partaking in and nobody knows about holds a certain special quality that is immensely enjoyable.

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #14

The way you take care of your looks.  You barely have to do a thing to look beautiful and the way you've taken care of yourself only makes it better.  Your hair is silky smooth and your skin soft to the touch, you always smell so very good and you are one of the rare girls who need not any makeup and are naturally adorable, cute, and pretty.  Couple that with how you dress and you get a complete look that is impossible to resist and just look at to take in all the beauty.

Friday, September 22, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #15

You have a bucket list.  I know most people probably do but you keep track of yours and actually try and mark them off as you go.  I think it is very amazing and promotes you to do so many things in life so that it is lived to its fullest.  I've checked off things off of mine, of which I haven't written down, that I did't even know I would've put on my list.  You are the kind of person who make people want to do more and accomplish more because of the kind of person you are, you are a intoxicatingly fun person.

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #16

Your height is a combination of super adorable and also full of toughness and fun.  It is extremely attractive and makes you look as cute as a button while also being just the right size for who you are.  You never let it get in the way and always remain tough when need be to show that height matters not.  There's  a lot of attractiveness in that little package inside and out and the most visually appealing package with the prettiest of bows.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #17

You are a fabulous cook.  You know how to make a lot of different meals and even when struck with very little to work with, you find ways to make it work and invent new dishes that taste just as good as anything with a ton of ingredients.  You are a wizard with ramen and make the best chili I have ever had, the stereotype of a woman always being in the kitchen I may not agree with but if you happen to wander in there, you craft some amazing tasty meals.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #18

You have the confidence to make things happen and to have dreams fully realized.  Dreaming of going to Harry Potter world one day seemed like something that would never happen and then it did, a lot.  You set your sights out to graduate with a masters and work hard to catch up on your bills with a spreadsheet and you did just that.  It's admirable and strengthened the motto of what you want you get, which sounds pompous but has proven to work.  Now if only Jensen Ackles would show up to hang out one day...

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #19

You were so amazingly the perfect example of lightning in a bottle.  You have a quality about you that is immediately intoxicating.  The way your eyes look at me and the way your body moves in an almost wiggle when you are close.  You show love in the best ways possible.  It isn't over the top or super noticeable but the subtlety of how you show it is so sexy and more attractive that it elevates it to new levels.  Almost like we are sharing a very dirty secret that the world would kill to find out.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #20

You are a crazy hard worker with a great work ethic.  You will do your very best no matter what position you hold and prove that it isn't the title that makes the person, it's the person themselves that make the title.  You've proven yourself at taking on long hours, odd days, constant middle of night calls, low wages, unprofessional practices, uncooperative coworkers and customers, and so much more that you never deserved to even have to face but you did and you did it with such determination and strength.  True there was some breaks in the process that ran emotions high but in the end you always conquer and inspire others including me to work as hard as they can in the job they have so that no matter what the position is, you're the best at it.

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #21

You are cultured and a reader.  It is so attractive to see you interested in books and reading, your love of Jane Austin and putting on your glasses and sitting reading a book.  There is a very attractive intellectual nature about that image that shows a smart and creative feel that is very appealing.  It helps develop into being better at writing too and reading some of your work is very fascinating and inspiring as well.  A good book with a good girl are a perfect match.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #22

You are a family person who cares and will always be there for family.  You always support them and celebrate them and make sure that they are important and mean something.  With that, they believe in you and trust you and the bond is made stronger.  You are very good at making sure you always call or visit and have great memories and stories that you share among one another all the time.  It is a very great family bond that more people should have.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #23

The way you play video games is so endearing to me.  You have a very crystal clear recollection of past games from when you were younger and it is fascinating to see you remember chunks of a game and memorize various parts of them.  "Ouch my balls hurt"   from Banjo Kazooie always pops into my head.  You also let out a little gamer rage every so often to show that a game can get under your skin like it does me.  Diddy Kong Racing had a few such moments and any game that needed the camera to be controlled with the right stick on the controller or....the final boss of banjo, my goodness was there rage.  But, you are invested and show great interest in gaming, even if it is just watching me and being my guide throughout.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #24

You were always truthful and honest and let me into your ideas and thoughts.  You are a very passionate person and someone who you can confide in with all of your thoughts and dreams and secrets.  You tell it like it is but in a way that is easy to swallow and motivational.  You make those around you, esp me, want to be a better person.  You are a role model, someone who just by adopting some of your ideas and ways of life, I have become a better, more organized, and more conventional person.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #25

The way you enjoy pop culture of many varieties and time periods and it makes you so much more fascinating.  I love that you can regail me in all kinds of Supernatural lore and then bust out a dvd set of I Dream of Jeannie and enjoy those episodes just as much.  To really love Star Wars and Spider-Man and then enjoy White Christmas and Sound of Music just as much.  You get such joy out of playing new gen games like Lego Harry Potter and Portal and have the same if not more amount of fun holding an NES controller playing Ducktales or Mario 2.   You are very well rounded and open minded and it always fascinates me and leaves me wanting to share and experience more.

Monday, September 11, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #26

You have a very great eye for for fashion sense and can be the most attractive girl in the room with silky smooth hair, sexy makeup, high heels (one pair of 48 around the closet), and clothes that show a sense of beauty and you can also be super adorable nerd with cool kicks (I esp like the Marvel ones), a t-shirt for every occasion from Stark Enterprises to a cute Chewbacca, and leggins going down to leave your shins bare....the newly shaved ones where you feel the smoothness and go wooooooooo.
You've always looked gorgeous and can put an outfit together while allowing me to stand next to you looking like a bum....with glasses.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #27

The way your eyes look at me from across a room or when visiting me while i'm at work.  Sometimes it is a quick glance and your eyes do a small change in shape that is exciting and sexy at the same time, other times it's a longing to be closer or looking forward to getting me alone.  It's always a look that made me feel so lucky, almost like there was nobody else around who could see what was going on like you were some mirage in a desert of people that only I was seeing and making that dry hot never ending sandy landscape feel like the edge of the ocean.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #28

You are the only person who when I look into your eyes and speak with you I believe 100% in the future and accomplishing anything our minds are set to.  I feel like I am capable of succeeding and really leaving a mark.  The impossible seems possible and every dream is always reachable.  Not only that but you have a unique ability to make all of it fun and leave me smiling in so many ways that even if the journey ends in a failure, it was worth it all the way because of you.

Friday, September 8, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #29

You are a music encylopedia.  If there is any song that comes on or was produced in the last 40 years, you know it.  You know the title, the artist and can...and will...sing a few bars of it as well.  It is astounding the knowledge packed in that adorable head and just hearing 4 seconds of a song you immediately know it and can pick up where the song left off.  It's fascinating, fun, and makes me realize I only really know 2 songs.

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #30

You're funny.
Not just the regular kind of funny but someone who is clever and remembers little things that you are able to insert or mold into a joke or comment that really hits hard on the funny bone.  From repeated inside jokes with hand gestures like Turkey Leg or just a change in voice to create a character to certain way of saying things that only you or I may find funny or understand like Ultimate Manilow and Sisters.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #31

The way you look up nerdy things to share with me and give me ideas for projects.  Informing of cool things you saw or came across in the nerd-o-sphere and wouldn't you know it the last comic con I went to had a person who was selling light switch covers with comic art on them.  You always know the best ideas way ahead of the curve and I should always have been listening.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #32

How inventive you are whether it be with food, making new meals and ideas from what we had even if it was just noodles and leftovers, all the way to decorations and furniture.  Painting a dresser white, covering stools with materials and saving toilet paper rolls for a piece that i'm sure would've looked amazing.  A very inventive beautiful mind.

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #33

The way you never gave up on your own accomplishments no matter how difficult, loss of time, or what struggles were going on during that time.  You achieved online school, jobs financials and a masters degree and never lost sight of the ball no matter how much got in the way.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #34

You are kind and caring like nobody else I have ever known.  You've given food to a dog and man who were homeless on the boardwalk at the beach and always let those in need stay in your home.  You paid attention to things I liked for gifts and always had a huge heart for animals.  You wear your heart on your sleeve and it shows and is contagious and makes those around you feel extra special.
Just being around you if I was down or upset or angry, I felt better and your ability to make me smile during the emotions can only be classified as a super power.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #35

The way you would greet me with a 'hey darlin' whenever I would visit you at your job whether it was the bridal store or Limited or Arcadia.  I'd bring you lunch or leave flowers on your car to be discovered when you left, I love how when I saw you, you seemed to perk up and I would always see you wearing the heart necklace I got you.

45 Things i love about you while I make what's meant to be #36

I love that your love was always something you would defend.  Either by hitting someone at a bar over it or letting it be known by alphabet letters on the fridge or little notes on the counter.  You and I knew that what we have is something unique and right and the feeling of a true partnership and duo was felt even when nothing was said, you can give an in love look to me like nobody else.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #37

I love that just hearing this you will instantly have the same exact memories as me and smile.
Specifically a slow head bang while holding hands

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #38

I know I can count on you to be my partner in cosplay if you choose to be x23, cammy (cause your butt is mmm), spidergwen, or princess leia and have you around my arm walking the con floors with the best trophy in the room and having the most fun with the biggest smiles because nerds are the best no matter what anyone says, esp when they look like you.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #39

The way you hold on to me when you sleep as if to ensure that no matter when you woke up you were safe and sound and happy holding what made you happiest.

Monday, August 28, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #40

The journey is just as fun if not more so than the destination and you always make sure to fill that journey with adventures like Universal, cons, and interesting beautiful spots and new things so that we create memories and share in new experiences.

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be #41

You are a nerd at heart and the common interest in that subject make you not only attractive but super fun.  From watching the Force Awakens trailer over and over to an interest in knowing more and reliving the classics games from the past.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be.....#42

You were always up to try anything or watch anything.  Whether it was a random game, a cartoon, a always were up to try it or see it because you never knew, what if you liked it.  Which leads to you discovering more that you may want to look into as well.

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be....#43

No matter how bad things got or what situation we ended up in, we never argued or fought in the traditional sense.  No yelling, no hitting, no going to sleep super angry.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be...#44

44.  The ways you were always willing to go out of your own way to help/suggest/support/encourage me to pursue whatever dreams that my heart desired and want to achieve in my life, knowing we would have so much fun on the ride to those dreams.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

45 Things I love about you while I make what's meant to be

The way you crinkle your nose when you smile a certain way showing love, happiness and at the same time a small little sign of playful ribbing.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


The breeze rolled through the night like a desolate planet with no sign of life for miles.  It was warm but not enough to keep one up half the night covered in a humid dew.  The day had gone simple enough and at a speed that allowed all tasks to be completed and a little side tracks to be handled.  The car continued to be trouble not only with the missing side mirror and wheel scraping but now with a front headlight burned out to add to the ever growing total of fix ups.  A quick cleaning of the house allowed for a better feel of the surroundings and time to relax and finish up the current book of the week. A feast of hot dogs and vegetables were hobbled together as a random Netflix film played quietly until the body grew wary.  It was a quiet night with a large hole inside still feeling the need to be filled with a happiness that was lacking.  Sure the night wasn't lonely but it was inhabited by the constant request of apartment finding.  A time limit of two weeks needing to be fulfilled and an area with a monthly cost limit laid out.  The request was serious and brought about the entire night before succumbing to the needs of the sleep of a restless traveler.  Could it be done?  It needed to be done.  The search would start immediately to try and hit the time limit as a lot more depended on that time limit than known to both parties.  The next day would bring about an almost time loop feeling as most every day played out exactly the same.  The exhausted writer would drag himself out of bed to his place of work to be on his feet all day taking small breaks to do some file work while listening to youtube videos of video game music or reviews of video games and series.  Silent Hill being the current selection.  His lunch would be a small unfulfilling bag consisting of a sandwich and some sort of random snack drowned down by water while he read whatever book was the current pick whether a graphic novel or chapter book.  Once work ended he would follow the traffic home listening to the ricky gervais show on youtube laughing at the many crazy stories the trio would come up with.  Once home he would gather up his laptop and take a place on the floor in the cooler living room and lose himself in a short time period of pornographic material, his hard erection throbbing in his hand as he traveled his way through videos of others being undressed revealing their naked bodies and others losing their voice volume as orgasms ripped through their shaking thighs.  After the afternoon release, a choice of video game was decided either being an older current playthrough to beat a game or a trophy quest to complete an adventure to the extent of its offerings.  The internet would be searched high and low for news and bills checked to ensure that they would be able to be paid in a manner that was satisfactory.  He would check his usual sites and a few special ones of someone who means the world to him and is still creating smiles for him during every day.  Once the time was over he would pick up the other from work to bring home so that dinner could be served, tv watched, and apartment hunting discussed yet again.  The plan needed to go faster so that this could all be resolved and all the pieces put back into place, for this puzzle was long overdue to be finished and the picture revealed.  In the meantime, a new game was to be chosen and streamed when time became available and a new book picked out to add to the growing list of completed titles.  Supernatural being the book perhaps because what other motivational material could be better than a duo of brothers who took on the biggest of challenges and overcame the odds no matter how dangerous and large it was.  An inspirational kick in the butt perhaps?  While the air conditioner filled the room with white noise and cars drove by, the internal sounds of rain filled the mind putting the body at a sleepy state that could not go ignored.  The light was indeed at the end of the tunnel, but how fast could I get the train to go.  Life is a tricky mistress but every once in a while she reveals herself to you and shows you the path that you had been looking for and begins to help you in ways you didn't think you could do yourself.  In that you thank her and with much better eyes it is tomorrow that he looks upon as the happy life that he always dreamed of seemed just a little bit closer.

Monday, July 10, 2017

When the real Star Wars just isn't enough

I always wanted to watch these with you and if they do a call for Return of the Jedi, i'm going to pick a scene and animate it and submit it.  Basically they let fans recreate the entire movie scene by scene however they wanted.
Hope you enjoy and get a real kick out of them

A New Hope

Empire Strikes Back

Monday, June 26, 2017

Game Catch Up -- Marvel vs. Capcom 2: Part Two

For the second installment of this game, I'm going to cover the combatants on the Capcom side and try to give a little background on each fighter.
As with the Marvel side, there are the returning characters from the first game: Chun-Li, Ryu, Zangief, Morrigan, Captain Commando, MegaMan, Strider, and Jin.
This game also adds in a slew of other fighters from multiple games in the Capcom library.

A human/cat hybrid from the Darkstalkers fighting game of horror characters.  She is quick and nimble and uses cat based moves in her bag of tricks including scratches, cat litter, and other cat helpers.

A sort of joke character in the Street Fighter games who wants to be like Ryu and Ken but is too silly.  He throws cards and is a lot weaker than the others even as far as wearing a pink outfit.  His inclusion is very curious.

Another from Street Fighter, he is a US army man with a serious head of hair.  He can throw sonic booms and is a sort of average fighter type like captain america.

He is a giant cactus creature from Mexico who uses various mexican dances and instruments in his moves.  He was created soley for this game with no other game association.  He is a larger character and a bit hard to use but fun.

From the Street Fighter games, Ken is just about the same as Ryu.  He can throw the same fireballs and all of his moves are pretty much the same but use fire.  He wears a red outfit and has long blonde hair to differenciate him from Ryu.

BB Hood
From the Darkstalkers game, she is a little girl based on little red riding hood who packs some serious heat.  She may look innocent but she has a ton of weaponry and guns and missles at her disposal.  She can also call upon the woodsmen to add some extra added firepower.  She is quick and has a lot of moves to constantly keep you on your toes.

A monkey type creature from the old SonSon games from way back.  He or She....not sure....uses a large staff in their attacks and comes into battle on a flying cloud.

Almost a Guile clone from Street Fighter, Charlie has almost the same moves and isn't much different from Guile, there really isn't anything that makes him stand out.

An evil boss from previous Street Fighter games.  He is a bitter rival and enemy of Ryu and Ken and has the same moves as them except more powerful and quicker.

Ruby Heart
A pirate woman made soley for this game.  Her moves include treasure chests with ghosts and a large ship coming into battle for a charge attack, she can also provide moves involving water and a large anchor in her moves.

An indian character from Street Fighter who can stretch his limbs and blow fire from his mouth.  He is a good character to use long range.

A mummy character from the darkstalkers game who uses various mummy-like moves to wrap the opponent up or use sarcophagus moves to crush or harm the opponent.

A character from a game called Star Gladiator.  He uses a beam sword almost like a lightsaber and is rather quick with it.  His moves revolve around the sword and is good to use as a weapon character.

M. Bison
The boss character from Street Fighter who is always responsible for all the wrong doings in those games.  He is larger than usual in muscle mass and has powerful magic attacks, he looks like a general and has always tried to stop Ryu.

A schoolgirl who is a big fan of Ryu from the Street Fighter games.  She is a physical fighter with not many magic moves and the ones she does have are almost like the ones that Ryu has.  She's another quicker character and is a more standard average fighter to use to get used to things.

Tron Bonne
A girl who sits inside a large robot to do all of her fighting.  She does everything she can do attack with the suit and what she can't do she has little Lego men do for her.  She comes from the MegaMan series and has helped him out in the past.

My personal favorite from the Street Fighter games.  She is a leg heavy fighter using lots of kick and trip moves with little punching.  She used to work for M.Bison under mind control but has since been on her own.  The outfit in the game is different from what she usually wears but she controls just as good as in Street Fighter.

Jill Valentine
One of the main characters of the Resident Evil series, Jill arrives being able to use a lot of the weapons from the game including her gun and missile launcher.  She can also call out various enemies from the Resident Evil game for an extra added assist such as a crow, zombie dog, or a zombie itself.  Her special power move can call out the final boss of Resident Evil for help, the Tyrant.

A little robot girl from the MegaMan series who is weak and small and not capable of a lot.  Her moves are a lot like megaman even to the point of copying them but she isn't much of a character and rarely used.

The little lego guy that helps out Tron Bonne is used by his lonesome.  He is very small and fast but because he is so small, his attacks don't hurt as much.  He is hard to hit due to his size and his special moves involve calling out other lego guys and growing in size to a huge lego man.

That takes care of the Capcom side of things, in the final installment, we take a look at the gameplay, the changes, the backgrounds, and the legacy that is Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Game Catch Up -- Marvel vs. Capcom 2

The big one.

This game came out in arcades first and there wasn't a big internet movement at the time so what I was able to see of it was from magazines and when I saw it in the arcade at Ocean City and my mind still couldn't fathom what and who were all in the game.
A couple of changes were made to the gameplay for the second go around for these two powerhouses.  The first of the changes was that now it was 3 on 3 instead of the 2 on 2 from the previous game.  This made the fights a lot more hectic but you always felt like you had a chance if one of your team members died.  For this one, the assist characters were taken away so you no longer had a seperate character come out to lend a one hit hand.
The size of the roster this time around was expanded to a huge 56 characters.  With 28 characters per side, you had a great selection to pick from and a much higher chance of finding a team that worked for you.

In this installment we will tackle the Marvel side first.
The roster brings back everyone from the first game ala Wolverine, War Machine, Gambit, Captain America, Spider-Man, Venom, Hulk.  With the returning characters we gain many more from the comic universe which includes:

Shuma Gorath
A tentacled monster from the Dr.Strange universe that attacks with all of its tentacles and can shoot beams out of its big main eye.

The big huge boss of the cosmos who wields the Infinity Gauntlet on his hand and can use the power of the infinity stones to deal many different special attacks.

Leader of the X-men who can shoot beams of optic energy from his eyes and a good standard character to start with to learn the ropes.

An X-Men universe resident who can grow her bones out of her skin and use them as weapons.  She is greatly designed and animated and a very quick and nimble character.

Another from the X-Men team who is a ninja trained woman who can created a knife of pure energy from her hand.  She is recognized by her outfit and her purple hair.  A stronger and still quick on her feet fighter.

Silver Samurai
An enemy of wolverine, he is a samurai decked out in super shiny armor and his main attacks use a sword and energy blasts.  He is a bit slow but can deal good damage with his weaponry.

Lifelong enemy of wolverine, Sabretooth is a tall brute character who uses his claws and a helper side character named Birdie to help him out during the fight.  He was in the same training program as wolverine called Weapon X.

A man from the future who is the future son of Jean Grey and Cyclops.  A few parts of his body are cybernetic and his main attacks use a lot of guns.  He is able to teleport and is one of the characters that is used a lot cheaply in the game.

A younger x-man, he uses his ice powers to form ice boulders, shoot ice beams and can use an ice shield to block attacks.  He was one of the very first x-men and is a bit cocky but likes to be the joker of the team.

Enemy of Ghost Rider can control demons and other hellish creatures to help him in battle and generally uses dark magic in his moveset.  He is a very tall character that moves slow and has a low jump radius but makes up for it with special moves.

One of the largest in the game and enemy of the x-men, Juggernaut got his powers from a crystal he found in a cave that granted him superhuman strength, making him almost unstoppable.  His size is notable and is the stepbrother of Professor Xavier.  He moves very slowly but is very strong and can hit quite hard.

A 6 armed woman from another dimension who uses magic and swordplay to take down her opponents.  She comes from the Mojo world which is an entertainment based world and is usually chasing after an x-men character named Longshot.

Dr. Doom
Enemy of the fantastic four, his face and body were scarred in a lab accident and he become an evil ruler of the land of Latveria.  He uses all manner of gadgets and weaponry out of his suit of armor and is a tough character to master.

Enemy of the X-Men, he can use the power of magnetism and force fields and can fly.  His powers don't do a lot of damage but his flight ability is useful to get away from attacks.  He was a friend of charles xavier and has fought on the side of the x-men many times.

A member of the x-men who can change his skin into unbreakable steel.  He is a stronger character who moves a bit slower and doesn't have many special moves in his arsenal.  His tough skin does lessen the amount of damage he receives.

Another X-man who has the power to steal abilities from whoever touches skin to skin, she wears a full body suit and gloves to prevent accidentally touching someone.  She permenantly absorbed Ms. Marvel's powers which give her the power of flight, super strength, and is the constant love of Gambit.

Iron Man
Pretty much a copy of war machine from marvel vs capcom 1 with only a special move or two being changed.

Omega Red
A powerful enemy of the x-men who has tendrils that come out of his hands that can do a few attacks with.  He can use them as weapons or suck energy from someone adding to his life.

Another member of the X-men who can control the weather.  She can also fly and uses her many types of weather related powers as attacks.  She was considered a god in Africa because of her powers until she was recruited by Xavier to join the x-men.

The giant robots that attack the x-men.  The sentinel is very slow but can be cheaply used and is considered annoying in the marvel vs capcom games.

The Marvel team is all ready and with the next installment we will look at the Capcom Side and end with the gameplay, backgrounds, additions, and details with screens and video.  Until next post!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Game Catch Up -- Marvel vs Capcom: Part Two

Now on to the mechanics and overall how it plays and works side of the game.
The game like said before is a 2 on 2 fighting game where you choose 2 characters to fight with and can switch back and forth between them during a fight.  Whichever one is not out fighting can regain some of the life they lost during the fight that they were out for.  The characters all have special moves that are either references from their games or parts of their own movesets.
You could also choose to have a partner come out to assist with a one move attack to help in battle.
These characters were all from other games or from other Marvel comics.  They were never playable but it was neat to see a lot of them at the time.

A few examples were Jubilee, Psylocke, Rogue, Storm, Juggernaut, Iceman, and Colossus, Magneto, and Cyclops from x-men and Thor.

The main game had you fight through a few teams of 2 until you reached the final boss of Onslaught who in the comics was the combination of Professor Xavier and Magneto bonded together in the most evil way possible by the son of Mr and Mrs Fantastic of the Fantastic Four.  He had two forms, the first being his full self on screen fighting like normal and once defeated, an entire screen filling giant form.

Once defeated, an ending screen with a little end story for each character was shown that told what happened to that character after the battles.

The game was a big hit for Capcom in the arcades and eventually was ported to home consoles including the Dreamcast and Playstation 1.  The playstation didn't have the amount of horsepower to handle all the features of the arcade game so the Playstation port was downgraded to a 1 on 1 fighter and lost the team switching 2 on 2 battle mechanic.
The game used drawn sprites as the character art and animations.  A sprite is what's normally used for anything 2D for games.  The animations were amazing and had tons of little touches.  When Venom would get hurt you would see Eddie Brock underneath, Gambit's coat would blow in the wind, and little bats would hover around Morrigan.  The game also used voice actors for each character, most notably on the marvel side they used a lot of the actors that were voicing the character at the time on the x-men animated series such as wolverine.  The acting was great and every line was quotable and used for so long with my friends.  The characters would verbally announce the move they were doing and taunted before and in the middle of matches as well.
The game was most recently remastered in HD and released on current consoles and I have it downloaded onto my xbox 360 and it still holds up.
The backgrounds were all made from lands that were either from or inspired by the characters in the game with all sorts of animated touches in them from other characters to people cheering you on.

The game has lasted in popularity and was such a big hit at the time, a sequel was inevitable.  Our minds could barely fathom who would be chosen and added to the roster of the next installment.  We had our dream teams and wish lists but we were in no way ready to hear just how many characters would be in the next one.
Marvel vs Capcom 2 was announced and with it came the number of playable characters.


Next time on Game Catch Up, we tackle the monster hit that was and still is king of the series, Marvel vs Capcom 2.

We end this chapter with some screens and video of the first in the series and hope this inspired to do some research or at least catch you up.

This video perfectly shows the game, select screen, and battles.

Happy fighting and good night!