Friday, May 12, 2017

Entertainment Stuffs Part One

The past two years have been full of various movies and video games and events that I have not only accumulated to share with someone and experienced to also share.  It's 1 am and I am super duper tired but I want to at least make this a part one of the info dump.
Crazy how good it feels just to type as me, I feel like I haven't been me in so long.
A part of me worries that I may have lost my talent for writing and drawing because I haven't done either in over a year.
First are the movies.  Now granted being with someone who isn't really a movie person can really handicap viewings.  Not only can they not sit still, pay attention, or stay off of their phone but they don't care about the characters and have actually uttered the phrase "Why buy the movie when you've already seen it"
I mean what?
Anyways, I'll start with what I remember as my memory from all the unhealthy activity and stress has gotten pretty bad.
Theater viewings was a bit of a bust but i did manage to see a couple.
Civil War - A great adaptation of the comic event, albeit with a lot of characters not in it, but it managed to have a great story and all the characters had enough time to shine and develop. Oh, and Spider-Man!!!!!!!!
Dr.Strange - A good film but not one of my favorites.  I enjoyed it and it introduced Strange well but I felt there may have been a little too much humor.  I was never a huge fan of the character but I knew of him enough.
Rogue One - A fine addition to the Star Wars series, it was odd not seeing an opening crawl of words but I liked that it was set within the orignal trilogy timeline because I grew up with that trilogy.  The CGI recreations of Grand Moff Tarkin and Leia were amazing.  I will admit, there wasn't enough character development as I didn't find myself caring about many of the people or even remembering their names, it didn't help that I knew nobody would make it in the end anyways.
Logan - Could not have asked for a better swan song for Hugh Jackman, I grew up watching him take on the role of Wolverine and grow with each film.  This movie had so many layers you could write a report on it from a million different angles.  A story of redemption, loss, realizations, responsibilities, and knowing what your role is.  I never thought I would ever see X23 in a movie but there she was.
Sadly that's all I was able to see in theaters but I did squeeze in a few films at home as well:
X-Men Apocalypse - A worthy entry in the newer series with the younger cast but coming off the perfection that was Days of Future Past, it seemed a bit lacking and missing something.  The ending was especially amazing though.
Batman vs Superman - Not as bad as everyone is making it out to be but too much was a little ridiculous and setting up Justice League and far too much shoehorned in from Doomsday to Luthor to Wonder Woman to the big fight between the heroes ending because of a stupid name.
Deadpool - Fantastic, I loved it.
(Sorry, I'm crazy tired and don't want to take forever describing them when we will be watching them later anyways)
Monsters University, Finding Dory, Ex Machina, All the nightmare on Elm streets, all the Saw movies, The Peanuts movie, Mr.Holmes, a documentary on star wars toys and one on ghostbusters and one on cosplay and comic cons.  I'm sure there were more but I can't remember them at the moment.  I did miss in the theater - Lego Batman, Fantastic Beasts, Ghost in the Shell, Power Rangers, Suicide Squad.
Video Games were a bit of a stagnant place.  I never really had time and had to only play at night alone.  There were also a ton that I bought and am saving for you to watch and/or play with me.
All 3 Batman Arkham games, The Last of Us, Star Wars Battlefront, Uncharted series, Resident Evil series, Life is Strange, Tomb Raider, The Bioshock series, Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, Kingdom Hearts on ps4, lego harry potter is on ps4 now, Disney Infinity, pinball, goosebumps, final fantasy, I even procured some older systems and games that I am super proud and happy about.

All of it making me want to do the youtube show more than ever to share and play and review.
I was only able to go to one comic con and saw Doc Brown from back to the future and Malfoy from Harry Potter.  No pics though unfortunately.

Not the longest or most detailed post as I wanted but I am insane tired and have so much to do as it is, so part two shall be coming very soon!

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  1. I get so excited when I refresh the page and see a new comment or post for you. LOL I’m like a little kid on Christmas morning. And yes I do mean refresh the page which I do about a hundred times a day on my phone lol. Any ways I’m sorry you’re so tied and thank you for responding to me. I LOVE YOU!
    I’m so glad you’re starting to feel like you again and I know there’s no way in hell that you could lose your talents for writing, drawing, video games, and a certain shall we say zest for the sexy times hahahah (sorry it’s been a while … it’s been a while).
    I’m going to try to respond with all the movies I have seen as well. The last guy did like going to the movies. He is a Start Wars fan so we did see Rouge One together. He’s really into space so space movies and Kong was really all I got and going to see Beauty and the Beast was such a fight. I missed a lot but like you said we can catch up together. The movies you don’t have (which why wouldn’t you want to own them, I don’t understand) we can watch on the firestick.
    Civil War – bought a DVD that it seems I’ll be selling to replace with your blueray lol
    Dr.Strange – I missed, I don’t really know much about the character but I do want to see it
    Rogue One –I know everyone had to die at the end which sucked and was sad lol but couldn’t there have been someone to live happily ever after. I know everyone is complaining about Leia’s CG but I liked it and honestly got excited when they showed her. The guy I was with wasn’t so thrilled which brought the experience down a little. I do think that vader going after everyone in the hallway was a pretty bad ass scene lol.
    Logan – loved but I cried lol
    X-Men Apocalypse- I saw but I don’t remember much lol I feel like I need to see all the X-men movies again I was watching the third of the originals the other day and I remember parts but I thought I better redo this series, so add that to our list please lol
    Batman vs Superman – did not see
    Deadpool – is probably one of my favorites and I cannot wait for the next one! The trailer -I’m sure you’ve seen it but just in case I was dying
    I have not seen Monster’s University, Finding Dory, Ex Machine, Peanuts, Mr. Holmes, Ghost in the Shell, Lego Batman, Fantastic Beasts, Power Rangers, I’m sure there are more.
    The documentary sound amazing! You wouldn’t believe it but I’ve really gotten into watching documentaries hahaha me the one who would get an attitude if you wanted to watch the special features. I also have taking a liking to Ms. Stirling I listen to her all the time and think how quick to judge I was before. I’m sorry about that.
    Onto other movies I’ve seen
    Interstellar- long long long but not horrible
    Arrival – one of those movies your really have to pay attention to kinda weird
    Secret Life of Pets and Trolls – both adorable!
    John Wick 2 –(after watching the first at home which if you don’t know they kill his dog at the beginning so let me tell you how excited I was to watch this one) he shoots people not extremely entertaining but not terrible
    Fifty Shade Darker – I went with Marianne and Hannah and sat in between them being so uncomfortable lol it’s not a great movie but it gets you in the mood lol
    Game of Thrones – as much as I try I’m really struggling to get into it.
    Nocturnal Animals- terrible I would not recommend it’s just a mean sad story
    Passengers – not what I was expecting but not the worst thing either lol
    I went to comic con last summer I saw the guy from Walking Dead with the thing on is arm, Daryl’s brother, and the guy from sixteen candles the nerd kid I don’t remember his name.
    I feel like I’m missing some but I’m trying to type fast. Marianne, my parents and I are going to Universal today for mother’s day. I really want to go there with you again at least one more time. I love you so much please be ok and have a good day at Half Price. I know I’ll be thinking of you all day, like every day lol, but especially there in our place. I might even buy you a present … we will see lol.