Saturday, May 13, 2017

Entertainment Stuffs Part Two

What a long period of time of just accumulating things.  There's so much piled up that it gives me anxiety that I'll never get to anything.
Books have grown a lot, mostly due in part to my one job but there are a few stacks laying around now.  I got all the hardcover Harry Potter books and even the first two that have been released that are all illustrated.  Those are nice.  A few notable ones have been a star wars character encyclopedia, a few movie books, a Friends book that goes through the series and cast members and everything, a casual vacancy, ready player one, doctor sleep, some Marvel and video game books, and I have been subscribed to a monthly box (like we were before) but it's just comic books.  Graphic Novels specifically.  So, every month I get four of them and depending on what the book is, I'll read it and like it or not and put it in a pile to trade in at work.  Some notable stuff has been delivered that I have really liked, like Old Man Logan, Days of Future Past, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, X-Men.  I got really really nice and detailed and well done making of/behind the scenes/collection of all info books on Ghostbusters series and Back to the Future series and they are really well done.
I was going to try and save a lot of the things I've gotten as surprises but I'll let a few slip lol
One was one I was going to leave for you on your porch or something while you were here and if you've seen those adult coloring books around, well, I found a Supernatural one lol
Grabbed a Marvel one myself and it's crazy what they have, I've seen a Home Alone one haha
The best and worst part of working half price on the weekends is that I get a discount.  Half off the books and movies and i think like 20 percent off games.  So half off half off.  Let me tell you how much time I spend in clearance and stuff getting things for one to three dollars lol.
I really need to be getting more sleep but I want to make sure I get enough out while my head is clear enough.
I picked up a few other movies while at Half Price, one such came in one day and I grabbed them right away.  A few years ago they put out a limited edition set of 3 dvds of the orignal star wars trilogy and each had a second disc with the orignal orignal unaltered theatrical release of the film as a bonus feature.  So naturally I grabbed those.  I started picking up a few other things just because they were so cheap or to replace my dvds to save space and upgrade the disc I had.  Upgraded a bunch of disney dvds, Batman the killing joke which is a great graphic novel and the animated movie was just as good but they added a little bit to the beginning before the main story where batgirl has a crush on batman and they kinda sort have sex on a rooftop i dunno it's weird, I got the Mummy trilogy on bluray and it always makes me think of you because you are a big fan of those movies, I got Showgirls for some reason too lol it's not a good movie but, and I hope this doesn't sound creepo, but I like porn and naked stuff and like watching it a lot.  I dunno, something about seeing people naked and how they do things and all that.  I dunno, moving on haha
I've been watching a lot of video game retrospectives, mostly Resident Evil.  Been looking for older games and due to money can't get much of anything but I did find Sonic Spinball with the case for a dollar, some playstation 1 games like Resident Evil 2, Hulk, Theme Park.
Jumping around a lot but back to dvds lol
I know you were super jealous of me getting Doug but I also got Rocko's modern life lol
Old Marvel cartoons, I feel like a hoarder at this point because I'm not doing anything but collecting and not having time to watch or play them.
Hearing that you were going to Universal made me so sad.  I miss going there almost every weekend, that is probably my most favorite place in the world.  I really miss going all the time.  Anytime I hear the harry potter theme or jurassic park theme I go right back to that place and feel so sad.
Crazy how much has gone by.
New Nintendo console came out.  new zelda.
Movie announcements like It, Avengers 3, Deadpool 2, young han solo movie, pitch perfect 3, another xmen movie.
Penny Dreadful got canceled noooooooooooooooooooooo
Tired is calling again, so I must go.  I love you and hope you have a good weekend.  I shall type more posts very soon, have a good night and good morning!


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  3. I am so sorry, I feel like my mom is trying to mess this up or has some really great anger towards me that she wants to somehow show that she is tough and can rule with power over me. I was late going over to their house yesterday because I have been ending things with Mary. It isn't super easy and does hurt a bit when you have to tell someone that you don't see a future with them. Having it done to me just about every year since high school and now being on the other end of it still feels just as bad. But, it's been said and decided and we know now that I don't see a future and the relationship has to end.
    I hadn't meant to be late yesterday but I am not fond of hurting people so I spent a little more time at home. My mom keeps setting up things and not either telling me or just taking it into her own hands and moving things along how she sees fit. She had ripped into me through text just the day before and did it once again today on how terrible of a person I am and don't care about family and treat everyone so horribly. I don't know if I am just weak or what but I just cannot handle the feeling of someone having zero confidence in me or belief and just getting so tough and angry that they threaten to never help or speak to me again.
    I was not annoyed about the phone call at all and didn't dismiss the idea, it was just after hearing how much she was angry with me it put me in a real depressive place. She even said that she doesn't think I should be with you because I'll just ruin your life.
    I honestly am just handling it all at my own pace the way I want and promise that I am still on course. It's nobody's fault but mine. I'm not in the best of places being depressed, upset, tired, worried, but I very much understand what is going on and the opportunity that we have here.
    I didn't mean to disappoint you, honest. I completely understand where you are coming from and your concerns and fears. I don't want to add to those and only want to lessen them.
    I will admit I feel a bit rushed and like all I'm doing is upsetting people. I want to cry so much and don't want to mess anything up for anyone. It was very hard to express the end of the relationship and not fun hurting someone but I took a step that was necessary. Another step down the path. Just feeling a bit sad and upset after doing something like that to someone.
    I also don't want you to hate me for not trying to speed up this process. I really am trying and don't mean to frustrate or scare you at all. I don't have an exact date no, but I did take the big step that was needing to be done next. So I know the big part is over.
    Please please don't be mad or upset with me, I really am trying and it isn't super easy, especially emotionally.
    I promise I'm not wasting anyone's time either especially yours. Having anxiety and a lot of saddness isn't helping either.
    I liked talking and catching up as it was making me feel better, I'm really not feeling well lately.
    I meant to inquire more about the books you were writing and what the second one was about more.
    Please don't hate me megels, I'm just struggling with depression and feeling overwhelmed with all the work and stuff lately. I feel like I messed my life up so badly and dug myself into such a deep hole and just hurt those around me on a constant basis when all they do is care. I never thought I would have gotten myself into a situation like this. I know you yourself have gone through some situations close to this and you pulled through, anything you did or found out doing that really helped you out?
    I really hope your week has started off nice and my upsetting weekend didn't mess yours up.
    I'll try and check here again before I go to bed soon, but if not, please have a good night and have the sweetest dreams you can.

  4. It is 12:35 am and I am going to be on my twitch site in the chat room for a little before bed :)


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  7. Just updating that I will write more later today, not doing so great but I will type more later today I promise, didn't want to leave you in the dark and hope you have a great day!

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