Thursday, May 25, 2017

Limits example part two

A news report flashes onto the screen.
An experienced woman holds a microphone with the number 5 emblazened on it standing near the scene across from the bar.
"A scene of horror tonight as police arrive on the scene to the mutilated body of missing person Victoria Lane, her body was discovered in a back alley next to the fifth avenue bar where witnesses tell of a disturbing encounter with the woman before she ran off."
The broadcast cuts over to two men, one with a bandaged forearm and long beard, the man from earlier.
"She was just sitting there keeping to herself and shakin.  I tried to help her and that's when she cut me!"
The other man chimes in abruptly.
"Yeah her eyes were all messed up and her skin all cut up.  Damn near took his arm off!"
The reporter takes a moment before speaking again.
"Investigators on the scene are still unable to identify any clear motive but have increased the number of officers assigned to the man hunt for this deranged murderer."

An apartment above the streets glows from the news broadcast as a young woman sits on a couch, feet up, a pair of goggles on the table in front of her.  A man in a button down shirt, tie, and rolled up sleeves watches from behind her.
She bites her lip in thought.  "I'm telling you, it was almost like she was being eaten from the inside out.  You guys didn't find anything more?"
"Just basically what you did, except her identity form the prints  The chief has guys checking her apartment for any clues.  The bastard keeps evading us and the body count is starting to rise."
"I'll check there too.  I examined the sample I took of her blood, if you can call it that."
"What do you mean?"
"Well most of it was blood but there were traces of an acidic substance and an almost bleach-like liquid diluted with a strange chemical i've never seen before."
"That would explain her skin."
"Yeah, and her internal organs.  From what I could see, I don't think were all hers.  Almost like she was patched together from other people."
"Christ.  I'm willing to bet this Victoria won't be the only poor soul to pay for this Frankenstein wannabe, they've got people working day and night on this thing trying to find some solid lead.  ID'ing Victoria as one of the recent kidnappings was the best evidence we've got so far."
"But no clues on where this guy is hiding?"
"Not yet, but i'm sure we'll have a good idea once we cross reference all the kidnapped victims and their residences."
"How many were there?"
"Six that we know of."
"Let me want their addresses."
"It would realllly save me some time."
"You sure about this one?"
"Hasn't stopped me before."
"But this is really dangerous.  Actual serial killer type dangerous."
"You didn't see that woman's face.  Nobody should experience pain like that.  She begged me for help....she...."
"I'll get what I can on the addresses.  I better not be finding your body parts in an alley next."
"I take this sicko down, you can handle all my body parts wherever you want."
"You make it hard to say no."
"Don't I know it."
Storm clouds gather outside the windows as rain falls harder.


  1. This story is really peaking my interest! Keep going! Lol. I finally made it to Pittsburgh and unloaded all of my stuff things are much harder here than I thought they were going to be with my fam but no time worry about that now I gotta shower and get ready for my interview! Wish me luck! Let me know when I can see you please lol do you have a break in work on the weekends maybe I could hang out in the parking lot like a creeper lol if not yes fine I'm not trying to annoy you I just miss you. Ok gotta eat ready! Have a good day!

  2. Is it sad that I've been sitting on my porch for a half hour now? lol I know I know no anxiety talk but I will always hope to see your face lol. Your mom said 6 on Sunday for dinner? I'd like for our reunion to not be in front of them but let me know what you want me to do, where I am to go, and when I am to go there. Hope you had a good day darlin ❤️

  3. really quickly just to update and check in, sorry, been busy and so tired and fell asleep last night early. I don't want us to get together with my parents either and i can't do sunday anyways because i close at work. I'm so exhausted and really anxiety filled that my family is going to rush and push and mess it all up. Monday looks best and if not Tuesday for super duper sure. Have been feeling kind of sick and i apoligize for that. Hope your interviews go well and I know people hate the rain but i love it and hope you enjoy listening to it too. I will check in again later tonight i promise, please have a good day pleeease

  4. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Monday works well for me for dinner. I'd like it very much if there was anyway to see you before that but I understand. At least I'm trying to. Yesterday brought back a lot of feelings from last year, but I'm trying to be strong.

  5. Oh and I still want to go to your parents your mom has been asking for about a week and a half now I don't think we should not go I just meant I'd like to see you before then I want our reunion to be just us. Please please please just think of a reason to leav and come here we can talk all of this out and ease my mind and fears