Monday, May 22, 2017

Limits....Writing part one, example

A woman sits at a bar at night.  She is trying to keep to herself and is obviously not feeling one hundred percent.  A television is running a news report on missing persons as it hangs precariously from the ceiling above the wall of crystal spirits.  A larger man with a beard gets up the courage to make his way closer to the woman.
"ahem."  He clears his throat and leans on the bar, the smell of a smokestack mixed with sewage permeates the air.
"You look awfully lonely over here by yourself darlin', mind some company?"
She barely moves to glance at the man, tensing up more and making no effort to look at the beast.
"No, thank you."
"You having a rough night?  I can take care o anyone who's messin' with ya."
"No, please.  I just want to be left alone."
Her hands are visibly shaking and are stained with something the brute can't make out.
"Hey now honey, let me buy you a drink, calm those hands down.  Then maybe we go lay somewhere."
Her head jerks a little to reveal more of her face. Cuts and physical wounds line every inch of her skin.
"I said no."
The man notices the wounds even if just for a fleeing moment.
"Darlin, someone hurtin' you?"
No response.
"Darlin' if someone is..."  He touches her arm.
"Don'"  Something drips from her and onto the counter, she begins breathing harder.
The man takes a moment.  "What the hell.....look, darlin', let me get you out of here."
She throws one arm back  and cuts the man with her fingers. He yells and stumbles back clutching his wrist as blood pours out around his fingers.  She quickly gets off the stool, knocking it to the floor so loudly it grabs the attention of everyone in the room.
"I said don't touch me!!"
Her face is now in full view and reveals that she is in worse shape than previously seen.  Her eyes are black and parts of her skin appear to be splitting.
"Jesus Christ lady, what the hell is wrong with you?!"
She grabs her stomach in pain, almost doubling over.
"I don't know, make it stop...please!"
The man staggers backwards and other patrons are horrified.  He tries to reach the bartender.  "Hey, call an ambulance or the cops or somethin'"
The TV continues to broadcast the news of the abductions and various bodies found in the area.  The woman looks up at the monitor, eyes pained.
"Mazie....oh Mazie.."Then she stares back at the others, eyes starting to bleed.  "They took her...they took her!!"
She screams, clawing at her eyes and runs out of the front door into the rain and down the alley next door.  Knocking over trash cans and stumbling down the alley blindly and in increasing pain.
A shadowy figure leans over the rooftop looking downward, a pair of goggles over their eyes as information is taken.
The woman falls to the ground on her knees, scratching and bleeding, making angry noises mixed with crying.
There is a splash behind her as another younger girl lands from higher up above, she walks cautiously towards her.
"You okay?"
"She's gone....they took her and used me to.....aghhh."
She bends over in pain, gripping her stomach.
"Make it stop...the pain.....I can't!"
"I can help you, just tell me everything, is it your stomach?  Were you beaten up?"
The woman turns to face her, eyes completely blacked out, bleeding and clothes torn to show her stomach covered in stitches.
The younger girl clasps her hands over her mouth in horror.
"Oh my god...Let's get you to the hospital"
"'s too late...I ...oh!!"
She bends completely backward and her stomach starts to tear open, blood sprays and she slumps over dead.
"holy shit!"
The younger girl carefully steps closer to examine the woman.
"Oh man, that's a new one.  What the hell happened to her."
She examines the eyes and the now exposed stomach.
"Ew...well I'm no surgeon but this doesn't look right at all."
The organs look like they were  pieced together from other mammals with some looking half hazardly fused together.  She pulls her goggles over her eyes and scans the inside.  Various information pops up for each organ along with residue analysis.
Sirens begin to make their way closer.
"I don't know who did this to you but they are one messed up individual."  She takes a sample of the liquid from the body and with the police lights now highlighting up the alley closer, she takes off into the shadows above.


  1. So many questions! I'm so intrigued! Is this story finished? I'd like to read more you left me so lost lol. You're such a great writer you make it easy to picture what's going on.

  2. Gonna go sit in the twitch chat room for a little before I gotta go, just wanted to let ya know

  3. OK so first up is Sega Dreamcast – Gamin Historian. First of all can I just say the sounds of nostalgia immediately lol and I didn’t even play it! Lol but I feel like all the games back then had similar sounds. Side note … if this guy can do youtube shows then you can mr! I do not remember all these add ons for Sega, I do remember the hand held and honestly I think we might still have it somewhere. If I find it I’ll swipe it lol. This does seem like a pretty sweet system! And the memory card is adorable cause you know that’s what’s important hahaha. That was a good overview though poor sega.
    Next up is the Spider-Man Homecoming trailer. Now again you know I love me so Andrew Garfield but let’s see what this is all about lol. I don’t know if I love or hate that his suit seems to be interactive lol. The chubby friend makes me happy, and I kinda like that Iron Man seems to be his mentor. Who is Michael Keaton? I don’t think I know that villain.
    And last on the list of YouTube suggestions for a certain Mr. lol The Laughing Man. First – great shoes already in lol. OOOOO creepy beginning, I jumped a little there lol. I thought it was really cool they used claymation for the first flashback. This film was a lot darker than I thought it was going to be, and probably not the best idea to watch it right before bed lol but wow that was really good! I can’t believe that was just a fan film that’s crazy! I like that they included little things here and there to make it Harley and the Joker but not actually them. You know? I want to see more. I got lost down the rabbit hole for a minute watching the evolution of Harley and deleted scenes from Suicide Squad lol

  4. Just saw that thinkgeek has their own monthly box coming out! It's $25 a month. I think that needs to be added to the list as well!


    more responses later lol

  6. No twitch? 😢 Yes I'm very excited for That show! Add it to the list lol

  7. Somehow managed to wake up for a little lol
    Michael Keaton plays the Vulture, a meh villain who they have updated to look really awesome, plus it's cool to see Keaton play a villain instead of batman or beetlejuice lol
    I'm gonna try to get you down some rabbit holes lol
    Sorry about no twitch, came home and took a walk but tomorrow should be better.

    Sort of a Marvel Studios catch up. This guy does it well. Marvel has split itself into phases, this is phase one:

    Phase two:

    He hasn't done phase 3 yet but it consists of Civil War, Dr.Strange, Guardians 2, Spiderman, Thor 3, Black Panther, Antman 2, and Avengers 3.

    More tomorrow! :D

  8. I'll watch those later tonight. I've been waking up early to walk every morning I do about 2 miles with the dog. It helps me clear my head a lot. So I get needing time to get out and wonder.
    It is cool to see someone who is usually the good guy play the opposite role. What's the batman quote? “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" lol just made me think of that
    I really hope we can talk tonight. im leaving tomorrow after work and I'd like to discuss times I can see you. Your mother texted me and still wants me to come over one day so whichever day works best for you. Also I was wondering if maybe you could take one of those walks after work to stop by my place. I don't want to push you I just really want to see you. This move is super scary for me right now and I do need some reassurance. Please don't be mad or annoyed with me. I'd love to speed this process up but I truly am trying to be patient and understanding I just ask for the same in return. It's a lot that I am doing and i need to be sure that you're sure. I don't have the money, time, or heart to be disappointed again. Anyways I just really would like to talk to you later. I'll keep checking this just let me know what your plan is. I hope you have a good day at work. I love you mr.

  9. Chapter 2
    Usually on the drive home I like to turn on Pandora and jam out to 80s or 90s music, but not today. Today I must plot how I will find out for sure what he is up to, and what I am going to do if my gut is right about all this. Our work schedules are pretty much the same so the only times he is alone is when one of us is working late, which let’s face it is usually me. This school year I started working as a 9th grade math teacher so I’m trying to find time for grading papers, developing class plans, while still attempting to keep it interesting. Let’s face it no one likes learning math, and some need a little help so staying late can sometimes be a requirement. Well that was easier than I thought. I’ll just tell him I’m going to tutor a student and then come home early and BAM he’s caught! I felt a sense of pride of figuring this out so quickly. Then it started to actually sink in … bam he’s caught? Now what?
    I haven’t been at this job very long so I am not making enough to afford the three bedroom 2 bath townhouse that we leased last month so I can’t stay there. My credit is still hurting from my divorce with Danny so I can’t afford to break the lease. Maybe Joe will keep the townhouse, but why would he need three bedrooms to himself? Why did the two of us need three bedrooms? I quiet the nagging thought in the deepest part of my mind that was whispering “for your children”. No I wasn’t even sure I wanted kids and now that maternal part of me is going to creep out to defend Joe’s character. No I wouldn’t allow it. Back to the problem at hand, where am I going to go? I don’t want to start to go through with this without a definite place to live. My mind snapped out of my cloud of plotting just in time to realize that I had missed my exit. Fabulous.
    We had just moved to this city so I’m not really sure how to navigate around anywhere that isn’t the main roads in and out. I guess I’ll just pull off at the next exit and figure out how to turn around. The next town up is called Petersburg which was too ironic even for me right now. With the anxiety of driving somewhere unfamiliar creeping up I completely missed the sign that said “NO RE ENTRY EASTBOUND” which apparently was the way I need to go. At least there’s a Shell gas station up ahead and the sun hasn’t quite disappeared yet. My little Civic needs some gas anyway I thought to myself in hopes to quiet down my anxiety. Pulling into the gas station I began to relax, there were a lot of people out and I wasn’t that far off from where I need to be someone will be able to help me. Howard lets out a loud sigh to let me know he’s still there. I reach over and scratch behind he’s ears the way he likes and he thanked me with a big sloppy kiss on the hand. We are going to be alright I thought.

  10. Getting out of the car I reach down to pop the gas lid and figured I fill up first, that way when I make a fool of myself I won’t have to stand here any longer than needed to, I’ll be able to just jump back in the car. I put Joe’s card into the gas pump and select the cheapest grade gas, because to me it’s all the same. I’m sure there is a very specific difference in each but to me I can’t justify spending more than needed on something that is going to be gone in a week. I pull off the handle and stick her in and now we wait. I love the feeling of looking around when pumping gas. It beats the “oh my goodness don’t let it go a penny over a certain amount because that’s all I have for a week” feeling. There’s an arrogance to it that says “that’s right I can fill my tank up and not have to worry about it because I’m that rich”. Ugh I hate myself. I notice a couple of biker dudes who seem to have stopped from a long journey, all laughing and giving each other a hard time as they loaded back on to their heavily packed bikes. Then there was the stressed out mom with four screaming children that all had to be under the age of 7 or 8. She was trying desperately to get them calmed enough to be loaded into her beat up minivan. Then there was … wait a minute … that’s Joe’s truck.
    I’d know that truck anywhere it was ridiculous. It was a 2016 GMC Sierra that cost more than my Civic times four and that’s not including the lift kit or custom paint job. I hung up the pump and headed for the truck, at least I wouldn’t have to make a fool of myself in front of strangers, because Joe could get me home. It didn’t look like he was in it although it was hard to see at my height. As I got to Shell’s door I saw him inside smiling. He was looking as if he didn’t have a care in the world and neither did the blonde chick next to him. She was hanging on him as if she was drunk and needed someone to hold her up. My body went completely cold and hot has the same time. I lost all thought process. My mouth unknowingly hung open and my eyes forgot how to blink. She was perfect as could be, blonde curly hair that swung carelessly around her perfect body. Her tight pink tank top left little to the imagination and her butt cheeks peaked out the bottom of her barley there jean shorts. He looked smug, small, pathetic … happy.
    I lost all control over myself, the worry of embarrassment left my body completely and before I knew it I was inside blocking their path to the register. “You piece of shit rat bastard!” I yelled, “I knew it I just knew it you cock sucker how could you do this?” At this point my body began to completely betray me. My eyes were filling up I knew any moment they would be pouring out. My hands trembled violently and I couldn’t catch my breath. I took every ounce of strength I could muster up and looked him right in the eye as he said to his whore “I’m so sorry about this, she just can’t handle that we broke up three months ago. I thought she was finally going to leave me alone but why don’t you go wait in the car and I’ll handle this.” Wait what?! Oh no. This bitch was going to see everything so I blocked her path a little more. Still fighting back tears I said “You’re going pretend like we aren’t living together? Like I’m a crazy stocker ex girlfriend?” I looked at her “Honey you can come see our house for yourself and you will find both of our stuff there and only one bed in which we both share”.

  11. I could tell by her uncomfortable glances and shifty movements that she didn’t know any better and I lost it. All the tears came flooding out and I moved so she could get away from this uncomfortable situation. The bell rings on the door signaling she left and that’s when I notice all of the people staring at us. Oh God I cannot believe I’m this girl … again. Finally I look back at Joe, “as I’m sure you can figure out we are over” I spit out as I wipe snot and tears from my face, along with the last of my dignity. I turn to walk away when I feel Joe’s hand grab mine to stop me. “Baby please this is all a big misunderstanding we can figure this out, she means nothing to me you know that you’re the one I want to be with”. Seriously? I think to myself because there is no way he thought that would actually work. “Good bye Joe” I said softly. Walking back to the car seems to be taking way too long. I did not park this far away.
    I jump behind the wheel and reach over to rub Howard’s exposed belly. Shit I forgot to get directions. I pull away from the gas station happy I had already filled up. I can just drive around for awhile. All anxiety of driving in unfamiliar places completely gone, I just needed to drive. After about 45 minutes of aimless cruising and thoughts running circles in my mind I finally ended up at a familiar place. Not sure how I pulled that one off but here I was. Now what? Do I just go home and wait for him? What if he was already there do I want to face him? Or worse what if he was there with her? Should I drive back to mom’s house? No I can’t handle that right now. I have Howard and he’s the only thing I would truly need from that place so for now I’ll go somewhere else. I sat parked in the McDonald’s parking lot that was only a few blocks from my home and tried to sort all these thoughts out.
    Taking a deep breath it dawned on me, I knew where to go, of course I knew were to go. I pick up my phone and call Marie. She answer’s after two rings “Liz! What the fuck?” Rolling my eyes I answer “Hi Marie I know we haven’t talked in awhile but I need you.” Her response took a little too long for my liking but she gave me the answer I was hoping for, “get your ass over here girl.” “Ok I’m leaving my house now so it’s going to be about an hour and I’m bringing Howard”. “Damn ok stop and grab a bottle then sounds like we are going to need a drink” with that Marie hung up. One more deep breath and I was heading back home, and a thought popped into mind that I will deny from this point forward, “I still have his card”.
    “This third trip around calls for some music”, I think to myself and put on my Pandora and pick Halestorm. Nothing like angry chick music at a time like this, as “I Miss the Misery” begins I can feel my inner rocker chick come out to try to hit every note, even though I know they will all come out off key. Howard grunts because he doesn’t like my singing voice although I got to give him this one. But still I sing out in attempts to feel something other than the pain of being cheated on … again. The nagging thought crawls back into my mind that I had forced out so long ago, “is it me?” I truly don’t know and a big part of me doesn’t want to find out. If it is me what does that mean? So many question in such a short day ugh!

  12. Next song starts to play The Pretty Reckless “I’m Going to Hell” and with this I’m able to push those thoughts aside for now and focus on the lyrics because I can never remember which line comes next. I guess the music was just a little too loud because I saw the lights long before I heard the siren of the cop who was pulling me over. Great. I mean come on! Like my night hasn’t been bad enough! I have never been pulled over in my life but now on this night when all I needed was my best friend and some alcohol, now I’m going to get pulled over. What’s worse, I thought, “I’ve been crying so I look like a crazy person”. I pull over to the shoulder of the highway and try my very best to clean up my face without turning on the light. I didn’t need the cop to think that I was hiding anything.
    “Ma’am do you have any idea how fast you were going?” the officer said as she came up to my window. I truly didn’t I had been so consumed by my own thoughts and the music blasting that I wasn’t even paying attention. “No ma’am”, I said as I hung my head in shame. After all I am a good law abiding citizen there’s a reason I’ve never been pulled over before. “License and vehicle registration” she said in a demanding tone. I tried to dig quickly through my purse for my license but seemed to take a lot longer that the police women thought was necessary. She gave me a very serious look as she took the license from my hand and said very slowly “registration”. Damn I forgot to grab that. Now I’m fumbling around in the glove box and all of my emotions are coming to a head. I grab the registration and turn to hand it to her and lost it. I just could no longer control it I just balled right there in front of her and her look of exasperation only made it worse.
    I think she thought I was trying to get out of the ticket. I would like to get out of the ticket but honestly I just had been through so much in such a short amount of time that I couldn’t hold it back at that moment. “I’m sorry I just caught my boyfriend with another woman and now I have to drive an hour to have somewhere to stay because I can’t stay with him but I don’t have enough money to get a hotel room and my poor little dog is here with me so I need to be sure he’s ok and has somewhere to sleep and I’m so sorry I’m crying so much I just have had to deal with so much in such a short time and I really didn’t mean to be speeding but I understand if you have to give me a ticket I just want you to know I’m sorry” I rambled off all in one breath. I did my best to catch my breath and stop the tears but kept doing that weird hiccup cry thing and I could feel the mix of tears, boogers, and make up making me look oh so pretty.
    She seemed to take a little pity on me and said “You were going 80 in a 70 so slow it down or you could hurt someone”. I nodded because I was afraid if I tried to talk it would all start again. She handed me back my license and registration and I thought I was home free. I put my stuff away and turned to start the car again thinking she had already walked back to her car when she reached her and in the car to hand me a ticket. Of course! “Thank you” I sniffled, and off she went. I threw the ticket in my center console and waited for her to drive off. Wonderful, just wonderful could this night get any worse? I said a quiet prayer that it wouldn’t and a quick side note that my last thought wasn’t a challenge. Back on the road again I could only think that I just needed to get there but I was much more careful of my speed. I switched Pandora over to 90s pop thinking it would be upbeat enough without egging me on to speed faster.

  13. An hour later and I pulled into the closes liquor store to Marie’s house. I left the windows cracked a little feeling so bad for Howard, after all this wasn’t his normal schedule either. Animals always seem to know more about what’s going on around them then we give them credit for. I quietly promised him I’d be fast and I was. In and out and $45 later I got back in the car and made my way over to Marie’s. She was sitting outside of her apartment building smoking a cigarette. She had on her obnoxious fluffy leopard print robe and matching slippers. Not that you could really tell in this light or with that outfit but Marie was a beautiful girl with her long blonde hair pixie like features and stunning green eyes. She had an air around her that made men melt in her arms and made women hate her the moment they met her. We however, had been friends for most of my life and I may have been jealous at times but to quote “Grey’s Anatomy”, she was my person.

  14. I like the story and it's really neat how I get to see a glimpse of what was going on before my time with you. I feel like I read it too fast and then don't have any more to read lol
    The part with "marie" made me curious and I typed her name into google and the second link, no joke, was this:

    Really? I don't even know if I want to know lol

    Wasn't sure if I asked before but wasn't sure if you watched those Marvel videos that I sent to you, they are basically just recaps but they are still neat.
    I was going to write more of my story as a blog post but laptop needed to be updated and took way too long and now it's super late and I need to be getting to bed. But I shall write more tomorrow and hope your drive goes very very safe!

  15. I'm glad you are liking it! I still want you to go through it with a fine tooth comb and tell me everything I need to fix. I'm just about done with the third chapter so I'll let you know when it's ready just a few mor tweeting. Of course she would need to be in my story I can't deny that she had a big part to play and yes she was arrested the night after I went out with her she wanted me there that night too you don't know how happy I was that I wasn't there I have lots of stories for you and we will get caught up on her later.
    I have not had a second to watch those marvel videos after we finished talking I packed up my car took a shower and then off to bed. I tried to get extra sleep for the drive tonight. I'm leaving between 5:30 and 6 I'll still check the blog I have the twitch app downloaded just in case. I should be able to talk on there still if you wanted. Well off to work now. Hope you have a good day darling <3

  16. Having a hard time concentrating at work today lol I just can't wait! I want to be in your arms more than anything else in this world. I just got a new temp whose last name is darling lol so of course I think of you, not that it's much different than every their second of the day lol. I don't think I've told you what I do for work right now. I'm working with Advanced medical we staff temporary employees across the country. I was working with the nurses as a recruiter which I hated but got a promotion to allied (speech therapist, occupational therapist, and PTs) I do the credentialing now. It's a lot of calling people and getting personal documents. But I like it. The people are nice and there is a lot of cool techie stuff in the office lol
    I'm going to ramble a bit on this post, I'm too jazzed up to work today hahaha jazzed up lol.
    Facebook reminded me that a year ago I watched clockwork orange. I remember you talking about that movie and I'm still not sure how I felt about it. Not what I was expecting but not terrible.
    I was also thinking about that book you made with the top movies over the decades I think we should go trough those too. Add it to the list lol this list of ours is going to be so long lol but we shall never be bored that's for sure.
    I started watching greys anatomy with my sister when I was in Pittsburgh it's a much better show than I thought it was going to be I don't think I told you that earlier. And I really want to watch this is us and stranger things both look amazing.
    Also, I can't remember if I already told you but I've been finding things on Pinterest that I think I could make or ideas for you for your etsy store. If you really like doing that sort of stuff I think you could make it a career move and just work on art stuff all day. I could continue to work my way up in the business world and you could not have to go to a job that you're not happy at. Lol these are the places my mind wonders to. I want to make sure we are happy my love in every area of our lives.
    So my plan for tonight is to leave after work and try to drive straight through I think I'm going to have to stop at some point for a few hours. I have an interview tomorrow at 1:30 in south hills, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday I also have 2 temp agencies that I'm going to meet with at some point. I have a really good feeling about all of this. A part of me wishes I would have stayed at Arcadia but my boss in Pittsburgh was the worst. She was this blonde in her 50s who wore mini shirts and big heels she looked ridiculous and was a complete airhead. But it paid really welll but everything happens for a resin.
    Ok I've successfully waisted most of my morning lol I gotta get back to work and wrap some things up before I leave. Have a wonderful day my darlin ❤️ Post lots for me lol

  17. Hoo boy lol
    Just to start with clockwork orange. I have and read the book and it is a very difficult read because it's written in his accent but the story and movie are good. It's sort of a strange story to feel about. On one hand they are terrible people but in the end he really does change his ways but people don't forget and he is still punished.
    I have looked on pinterest a little and do like some of the ideas that you have found and could see me branching out a bit and trying new things on there. I would love to just do art all day and grow with my talents and not have to get up and go to work and spend all day there and be tired etc
    I'm excited but my anxiety is starting to get to me and i'm really trying to handle it.
    I think i'm going to write more of my story as a post and then later tonight see about updating more about books and experiences and the sucheses. Please drive safe, I know the drive...kind of miss taking that drive lol

  18. Quick post still driving lol in Georgia please no anxieties just happy thoughts. I'd like to make the drive with you again someday and have a universal weekend lol post more soon