Sunday, May 28, 2017

update from mr. slow and awful

Yes, I have to see exactly when my parents want to have dinner ready.  I am still not totally in agreement of us all being there for a dinner when I'm not over and done with things here but I do understand.  I'm just really worried something is going to get messed up, esp if my sister is there.  I've been such a worried mess.
So hard to get to the laptop on weekends but even though it's almost 2 am again, I managed to get to it.
I feel like there is so much that I am forgetting to catch up with or talk about and can never think of it.
yeah the games and movies have piled up and I can't even get to them myself because of time or tables or just not being with someone who has interest in them.  It gives me a small depression seeing them all stack up and how it used to be such a happy part of my life and I just see them growing and my pleasure in them dwindling because of my emotions.
E3 is coming up next month where the big companies (microsoft, sony, nintendo) show off all the upcoming games and stuff and I"m really excited.  I am hoping to see some resident evil 2 remake footage, spiderman game, and anything else that makes me so glad to be a gamer.
oh and marvel vs capcom infinte because ahhhhh
I would love for my store or some kind of thing like that was my job, even a youtube show or whatever but I was very happy doing tables and being home all day.  I catch up on podcasts and shows and don't have to get up early or be anywhere and ah I loved it.  But the coffee tables have slowed to the point where I think I need to switch out products completely after a time to keep it fresh and offer new things.
The credit card debt being paid off would really help aleviate so much and also take out the need for a second job which would free up more free time.
I haven't drawn anything in so long that I'm worried I won't still have it and it gives me such doubts about maniac mansion too.  But I still have a lot of faith and hope in that movie that it'll at least get noticed on websites because of what it's based on.
I am glad to hear that no matter how bad or scary or unsure or worried or anything things aren't going anywhere.
There was a bit of a falling out between me and Jeff that I have been thinking about because when I was having relationship troubles here, she spoke with him and he said I wasn't ever really stable and have a lot of problems and that he talked to you a lot and you said that I was a constant downer and brought you down so much that it became a problem.  I'm not sure if any of that is true and don't remember a time when he spoke with you but it took me a little by surprise I guess.
fun stuff to end on
Did you know they are making a pitch perfect 3?
I hope you still held on to Luigi's mansion and banjo kazooie lol, those are rare expensive ones to find and replace lol
Remember when I got that weird rash on my thigh and had to lay on the floor watching tv with no pants on to help it lol
or that bug bite on my back shoulder that you had to pop.  "It's nothing, quit being a baby.....okay wow that's infected"
The thing I miss most that is going to be hard for me is going to Universal so much.  That was a way of life for us and anytime I think about any part of it, I have to hold back tears.
Since being here I've been to a comic con and saw Christopher Lloyd who played doc in back to the future, Malfoy, rob schneider, took a 3 day trip to NY and saw all the site and was on the top of rockafeller center, the NY nintendo store, saw Castiel......and the one thing that overtops it all is Universal.  Anytime a movie has that Universal opening I can't take it.
I know i've got more in me and a lot of it is books which are a bit hard to describe.
Getting a little tired and will def in any way I can get the info to you tomorrow about what's up, I promise.
Here are some teases for some Disney Infinty levels that I have, but haven't played yet cause i'm saving  :D

Star Wars Trilogy

Inside Out

Force Awakens

More to come?  lol
Have a great night and I will do everything in my power to get more info for you as soon as i can tomorrow!


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  2. Have a quick second to type but I am going to try and shoot for a 630 leaving of my house, it's not concrete but at least I know it'll be around there. I'm so nervous and i don't know why. Stomach pains all day lol
    Hope your day goes well though!

  3. THere is a chance it could be 7 or slightly after, just wanting to make sure the bases are covered and nobody is angry or upset, i can go behind your house to the alley. I won't keep anyone waiting forever i promise.

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  7. finally made it home. I have until 8:15 and a call to answer for her break at 7 but other than that, i'm home. I'd like to show you the disney infinity figures real quick, i don't want you uncomfortable though. We could even just hang out on the porch too. I have to wrap up a finished nintendo table to ship out tomorrow but that's about it.
    and i want to thank you for putting that pin in it. If I didn't have anxiety issues or certain ways I wanted to do things I wouldn't but I promise I see the future the same as you.

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  10. Well that worked out perfectly didn't it? As you can prob tell, I fell asleep first only to be woken up to eat pasta and watch a dogs purpose. Pretty sad but ultimately happy movie and now I have to be up in like four hours. Woohoo
    Not much left before I fall asleep again but just wanted to have some kind of post. A much better one will be tomorrow. Hope you liked seeing all my stuff and the disney infinity too, really be careful driving back and update to let me know you're okay and safe. have a great night!

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  14. I just wanted to check in real quick and let you know that I am reading and I really hope you make it back okay. I may stream later, I hope to. It may be that late lol

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  16. Passed out once again, can't even remember what I even had on the tv before I went bye byes. BUT. I will be home around 6 today and can def stream then for like two hoursish. I started a little campaign in batman arkham knight where you play batgirl and work with robin and I'll be playing that. Hopefully you got in all safe and going to work isn't too tiring, I know it is for me lol
    Talk to you after work!

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  18. I don't know how I manage to stay awake at all for anything. Well, once again passed out asleep. Everyone was up late yet again. I'm glad I at least got to stream in the afternoon. This weekend is going to be annoying because we get off at the same time today and she is off all weekend and i'm not. So the posts and streams are difficult but I will honestly try my very best! I want to write a few more blog posts this weekend too and finish up batgirl so there is a lot to read and such. I'm running late for work so i'm sorry this is a little short but I always want to make sure i put something here for you! TTYL ahhhh

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  20. Dunno if you'll be up but i'm going to shave and take a super duper quick shower and then try streaming. It's late but I"m gonna try. Shouldn't be more than 15 mins.

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  22. Another morning and I have some time here to type before the work day. I'm sorry late night streaming will be bad now, I don't want you to be angry with me. I will keep trying to stream anyways any chance I have, even if you are only able to just watch somehow. It's such a nice day and I have to close at work today, I'm starting to not want that job at all. It's in the way and takes my time and I'm losing so much interest in it. But I need the money. I really hope today goes well for you and doesn't contribute to more anger or anything. I will get back here the best I can tonight after work to hopefully share some cool nerdy stuff or whatevers. Have a fantastic day!!! ahhhhh

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  24. I'm so glad you aren't angry :D
    It's great that you have that twitch app at least so you can watch when I actually do stream. I have to work in a half hour and doing this real quick, I close so it'll be late again and last night was very late and i passed dead out.
    She was looking for places this morning and yesterday was saying how she needed her own place and wanted to start fresh alone so all seems to still be going good.
    It does suck to work at a place you used to love but working there kind of sucks it all away once you see it from a retail behind the curtain kind of angle.
    I need to do some sort of Nerd News with Edward update segment on here to keep you updated with it all lol
    Sorry i'm typing fast before i go.
    Dr. strange is on netflix lol
    Really hope tonight goes a lot better time wise but tomorrow will be back on the during the week schedule where i'm home here myself from 6-8:20.
    I shall do everything I can to do a real blog post tonight! Have a very great day and I hope the job hunting provides good results, ttyl!!!

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