Saturday, May 27, 2017

Update from Mr. Slow and Terrible

I'm sorry for the feelings of how things went down last year.  I still get haunted by that all the time.  I never wanted to let things get that bad or upset or hurt you.  I get almost  deep in a depression a lot because I feel like all I do is hurt and upset people and ruin life.  It is not going to happen again, I am glad I got to explain that rushing too fast isn't healthy for anyone.  I agree about not meeting and all of that with my parents around, I don't think that's good.  I want it just me and you too.  I want to and do try to ease everything and the fears and feel like I'm going to somehow upset and anger you more and that idea is so upsetting to me.
I didn't mean to take so long to respond back today but time and situations are still difficult and I don't want to fall apart emotionally.
No more sad scared talk, it's not good or fun.
How about some random stuff?
The Limited is gone and no longer in Ross Park Mall, i mean whaaaa
I know I don't know what dvds/blurays you know I have so this may be a moot thing but there are a few movies i've bought of note and I am maybe missing a lot because I dunno what time period of buying you weren't involved in.
I replaced some Disney dvds with blurays such as Alice in Wonderland, Hercules, Hunchback, Tarzan, Finding Dory, Inside Out, Monsters University, Ratatouile, and Up.
Got a french movie called Amelie that i've always wanted to see, Antman, Avengers 2 in a steelbook case, Batman the Killing Joke animated movie, Civil War, charlie brown christmas, deadpool, dirty dancing, the reader which was a good book too, big trouble in little china, abraham lincoln vampire hunter because it was a dollar at half price, Doomed a documentary on the unreleased fantastic four movie, frankenweenie, frost/nixon, hansel and gretel hunters, jim carrey's grinch, Jurassic world, the lorax, pixels, peanuts movie, shutter island, side by side which is a great documentary that keanu reeves did showing how movies are made and the differences between film and digital, batman vs superman, xmen apocalypse, days of future past, logan.
I've also replaced a lot of dvds with the bluray versions for either pic quality, features, or to save space with the smaller cases.  Some are aeon flux, clerks 1 and 2, bruce almighty, constantine, dumb and dumber, mask, evil dead, ex machina, godfather trilogy, insidious 1 and 2, waynes world 1 and 2, wanted, vacation, 300, terminator 2, and of course the big sets that i think you know already like the 31 disc harry potter saga, james bond 50th set.
I started reading Stephen King's It a little while ago and am a little halfway through the book.  It's not super great but I wanted to have read it and watched the tv movie before the remake comes out this september.
I did a little test a few months ago to see what Maniac Mansion might look like all done, just a quick picture:

To echo your job information that you told me..
I was working at JLL as a call center rep when we last were talking talking and was let go from that job because of the time I was taking between calls.  I was unemployed for almost two months and got a job at the Dollar Energy Fund after that working as a call center rep again and it was awful.  I was late every day and just read off a script and barely knew what I was doing and was making a low wage too.  I was let go from that job and started trying to go to all sorts of employment agencies and using all the money I had to pay bills and hope tables sold on etsy and ran up my credit cards until I found another job working for a company that handled closings of houses that were being purchased and I would transfer the sellers information and home information into the computer.  My trainer was so impatient and hated training me and it made me really upset.  It wasn't a bad job and around that time I had to work at half price on the weekends to help pay the rest of the bills.  My time was really going away and my health and sleep and everything was suffering.  I was let go from that job right before christmas so I had to spend all my money on bills then too.  I signed up for a third credit card through walmart so I could stay afloat a lot longer until I found another job.  After almost three months I finally found the job I have now and I am trying hard to keep the bills paid and bring myself back to a level where once my cards are paid down I can quit half price.
Jumping to games for a second, I remember you said you wanted to play more Lego games with me and it's crazy how many I have now that I look at them.
I have lego harry potter 1 and 2
indiana jones 1 and 2
batman 1,2,3
marvel super heroes
pirates of the caribbean
star wars saga
star wars clone wars
I don't have but have played lego avengers, lego jurassic park, and lego force awakens.
There was one more thing about games that I didn't tell you about regarding games.
You knew I got Disney Infinity I think.  Well, to be more specific, i got disney infinity 2 and 3.  Two is Marvel based and Three is Star Wars based.
I haven't played 3 yet and have collected up all the playset story modes that there are, which consist of:
Guardians of the galaxy, spiderman, avengers, finding dory, star wars clone wars, star wars trilogy, force awakens, karting, battle mode, story mode and I got just about all the figures of characters to play as.  All the star wars and marvel and a lot of disney characters.  It's really neat seeing them all on the shelves.
I also downloaded a lot of pinball tables on ps4 and am addicted to those a lot.  They are Marvel and family guy, american dad, bobs burgers, aliens, star wars, they're fun.
I wanted to have a lot to type to make up for the quiet time and you had something to read and respond up with with opinions and suches.
Again, I really want to apologize for how much damage I've caused and the process and pace I have to work with right now so that I can make it through this healthily and emotionally the right way.  I'm incredibly damaged and I am well aware it's all my doing.
I'm nowhere near the best person and I want to be. I can't feel any worse and want to make everyone happy.
Still can't believe you haven't gamed.  pfft.  Prob never even finished super paper mario.
Lol kiddin kiddin
There goes super sleep deprived me staying up until 230 am again.  I have to stop my sleep schedule and diet or I'm going to be in a bad place.  Have a very wonderful night and sleep and morning!

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  1. Please don't be so uoset that you are physically sick. Why don't we plan to meet before dinner? You normally walk over there right? So why don't you leave your house at 6 and walk to the ally behind my house and I'll meet you out there we can get in my car or you can come in the house it doesn't matter but we can have some time together and then drive over to your parents. Does that work? At least if I have a plan in my head my fears can subside a little which is why I wanted to have something a little mapped out before I came down but I'm really trying to keep calm and positive I promise I am.
    Ok fun talk. I did hear the limited was going out of business I wanted where that bitchg ended up I can't remember her name you know the one with the brown hair and glasses? Lol You have sooooooo many games and movies!!!! Lol our list is going to take us a lifetime to get through! I'm so excited!!! I'm sorry your work these past few years has been so bad. I really want you to be able to truly focus on your art. I think that your etsy store could be your way out. You are waaaaaay too talented to be stuck in a miserable job. I think we can figure it out. Life is too short to be in a job you hate. As far as debt goes we will come up with a game plan to pay off the credit cards I have two of my own but think it's all going to work out just fine. I have a good feeling about this but when I don't get to see you my doubts start creeping their way in.
    I do enjoy the Lego games and would like to play more and of course play lego Harry Potter again hahahahaha I could play that over and over and over again!
    I am loving the way Sandy looks! I think it's going to be amazing! I'd like to start working on voices I tried on the drive a little lol I want playing with different sounds and stuff im glad no one saw or heard me but if you let me do a voice or two I want it to sound good not like someone reading from a script.
    I haven't played pinball in so long! It's funny that you're into those with all the games you have. I'd do miss watching you play. And yes I have beat super paper Mario for your information lol!
    Don't worry about the past anymore darling it's not going to change. Let's focus on the future. Seeing you will make everything better for me and I know we will make it through this. When you start to get anxious remember I'm here for you and I'm not leaving. When I say I want this to work and this is it I mean it with my whole being. You are my Edward and the past and bad times and things that have been said or done will not change the fact that I want you for the rest of my life. I love you and I want everything to be better and it will be just as soon as we are together. I will do what it takes and I'm trying to be strong. I hope you have a good day at work. Please let me know if my idea of meeting tomorrow works or not and if it doesn't let me know what will. I hope you have a good day today no more worrying!