Monday, June 26, 2017

Game Catch Up -- Marvel vs. Capcom 2: Part Two

For the second installment of this game, I'm going to cover the combatants on the Capcom side and try to give a little background on each fighter.
As with the Marvel side, there are the returning characters from the first game: Chun-Li, Ryu, Zangief, Morrigan, Captain Commando, MegaMan, Strider, and Jin.
This game also adds in a slew of other fighters from multiple games in the Capcom library.

A human/cat hybrid from the Darkstalkers fighting game of horror characters.  She is quick and nimble and uses cat based moves in her bag of tricks including scratches, cat litter, and other cat helpers.

A sort of joke character in the Street Fighter games who wants to be like Ryu and Ken but is too silly.  He throws cards and is a lot weaker than the others even as far as wearing a pink outfit.  His inclusion is very curious.

Another from Street Fighter, he is a US army man with a serious head of hair.  He can throw sonic booms and is a sort of average fighter type like captain america.

He is a giant cactus creature from Mexico who uses various mexican dances and instruments in his moves.  He was created soley for this game with no other game association.  He is a larger character and a bit hard to use but fun.

From the Street Fighter games, Ken is just about the same as Ryu.  He can throw the same fireballs and all of his moves are pretty much the same but use fire.  He wears a red outfit and has long blonde hair to differenciate him from Ryu.

BB Hood
From the Darkstalkers game, she is a little girl based on little red riding hood who packs some serious heat.  She may look innocent but she has a ton of weaponry and guns and missles at her disposal.  She can also call upon the woodsmen to add some extra added firepower.  She is quick and has a lot of moves to constantly keep you on your toes.

A monkey type creature from the old SonSon games from way back.  He or She....not sure....uses a large staff in their attacks and comes into battle on a flying cloud.

Almost a Guile clone from Street Fighter, Charlie has almost the same moves and isn't much different from Guile, there really isn't anything that makes him stand out.

An evil boss from previous Street Fighter games.  He is a bitter rival and enemy of Ryu and Ken and has the same moves as them except more powerful and quicker.

Ruby Heart
A pirate woman made soley for this game.  Her moves include treasure chests with ghosts and a large ship coming into battle for a charge attack, she can also provide moves involving water and a large anchor in her moves.

An indian character from Street Fighter who can stretch his limbs and blow fire from his mouth.  He is a good character to use long range.

A mummy character from the darkstalkers game who uses various mummy-like moves to wrap the opponent up or use sarcophagus moves to crush or harm the opponent.

A character from a game called Star Gladiator.  He uses a beam sword almost like a lightsaber and is rather quick with it.  His moves revolve around the sword and is good to use as a weapon character.

M. Bison
The boss character from Street Fighter who is always responsible for all the wrong doings in those games.  He is larger than usual in muscle mass and has powerful magic attacks, he looks like a general and has always tried to stop Ryu.

A schoolgirl who is a big fan of Ryu from the Street Fighter games.  She is a physical fighter with not many magic moves and the ones she does have are almost like the ones that Ryu has.  She's another quicker character and is a more standard average fighter to use to get used to things.

Tron Bonne
A girl who sits inside a large robot to do all of her fighting.  She does everything she can do attack with the suit and what she can't do she has little Lego men do for her.  She comes from the MegaMan series and has helped him out in the past.

My personal favorite from the Street Fighter games.  She is a leg heavy fighter using lots of kick and trip moves with little punching.  She used to work for M.Bison under mind control but has since been on her own.  The outfit in the game is different from what she usually wears but she controls just as good as in Street Fighter.

Jill Valentine
One of the main characters of the Resident Evil series, Jill arrives being able to use a lot of the weapons from the game including her gun and missile launcher.  She can also call out various enemies from the Resident Evil game for an extra added assist such as a crow, zombie dog, or a zombie itself.  Her special power move can call out the final boss of Resident Evil for help, the Tyrant.

A little robot girl from the MegaMan series who is weak and small and not capable of a lot.  Her moves are a lot like megaman even to the point of copying them but she isn't much of a character and rarely used.

The little lego guy that helps out Tron Bonne is used by his lonesome.  He is very small and fast but because he is so small, his attacks don't hurt as much.  He is hard to hit due to his size and his special moves involve calling out other lego guys and growing in size to a huge lego man.

That takes care of the Capcom side of things, in the final installment, we take a look at the gameplay, the changes, the backgrounds, and the legacy that is Marvel vs. Capcom 2.


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  4. Morning, fell asleep super crazy last night and didn't get to do anything and woke up feeling depressed and more sick than before. Gonna be a tough day to get through. Hope your night went well and work goes slow so you can read lol I shall keep my eyes peeled for your reviews :D

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  15. Still not sure how tomorrow is going to go unfortunately and annoyingly. So, so far I have headache, sinus pressure and pain, stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and my right ear is plugged up. Wheeeeeee
    In other news, watched the power rangers movie and it was not good at all. It took aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages for it to get anywhere and they aren't rangers until the end where it's a quick sloppy battle and it was too modernized and too changed and I just didn't like it. There was a quick cameo of the orignal pink and green rangers in a crowd (tommy and kimberly) but yeah, took me two days to finish it because i fell asleep the first time. Pretty late so gonna be headin to bed, I am unsure if the mall thingy while i'm at work is still on but if it is i'll try and jump on here to at least say that to let you know. Hope the comics are coming along well teehee, goodnight

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  21. I didn't mean to get all upset earlier. Just don't feel good and nothing seems to go right and it is upsetting. I know you don't have a lot of time and I am working on it and it really means a lot that you trust me. Tomorrow I have no idea what is going to happen but it prob won't be good. She has the day off and i think tuesday too but i am going to at the very least try and get maybe just a parents night on tuesday so we can watch a movie or something so you don't have to go so long. I'm so glad you are hanging in there and I feel so terrible. I had very weird not fun dreams and sleep is all messed up from being sick and stressed.
    On a lighter note I did get a few more things out of my cube including the harry potter saga scene it game and a book on 1001 movies that will change your life. Up late painting now and trying to get a trophy or two in this game called Gone Home, I was going to stream but you would've gone to sleep by now but I did want to put this message. Not well but hanging in there.

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    I will do my best to figure something out for tomorrow, it won't be something I'll just let go, don't worry. Even if it's just for a little bit. No huge updates, just her talking about apartments.
    I read a Batman graphic novel that was very good and poetic that involved scarecrow, mad hatter, and a night before xmas type story. Gonna start Hush next. Hope the comic reading got a little further for you today.
    My mom is going to really ruin a lot of my life for me if she doesn't settle down and quit pushing and getting angry and needing a text and talk and info and news and updates every single god damn half hour. It's ridiculous. If she doesn't hear her answer quickly she gets pissed that i ignore and hide and shun and they won't be around forever and then has my dad text saying that I promised I would be better. I can't deal with it, it's going to give me long lasting mental damage and they just don't care.
    I finally watched the trailer for Jumanji and Pitch Perfect 3. Not sure how I like jumanji but pitch looks interesting. I started watching the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 series on netflix and it's good, I didn't think it could come close to the orignal but i like it. Gonna try and get some sleep, haven't kept up with much gaming or movie news lately but i'll jump back in soon. Have a good night and keep cool, sweating myself. Really hope everyone can understand the patience as it will really pay off in the end.

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    anyway, how about that rain last night?
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  40. Update for you first, she does want to try and find a place in the next 2 weeks, so she says so i will keep an eye on it.
    But, now on to other things
    Stan Lee's wife died :(
    so sad and I don't want Stan to be all sad and i just know he's going to be heartbroken and die soon. They were married in like 1947 :o
    I started reading more Batman comics and started watching It, so far the acting is so cheesy, it's hard to be frightened by a clown that is played by Tim Curry, all I see is rocky horror lol. Pretty late again so I may just lay down and continue watching It. Hope your last day of work went well and the comics were good and i cant wait to read the reviews and and and and and

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