Sunday, June 25, 2017

Game Catch Up -- Marvel vs. Capcom 2

The big one.

This game came out in arcades first and there wasn't a big internet movement at the time so what I was able to see of it was from magazines and when I saw it in the arcade at Ocean City and my mind still couldn't fathom what and who were all in the game.
A couple of changes were made to the gameplay for the second go around for these two powerhouses.  The first of the changes was that now it was 3 on 3 instead of the 2 on 2 from the previous game.  This made the fights a lot more hectic but you always felt like you had a chance if one of your team members died.  For this one, the assist characters were taken away so you no longer had a seperate character come out to lend a one hit hand.
The size of the roster this time around was expanded to a huge 56 characters.  With 28 characters per side, you had a great selection to pick from and a much higher chance of finding a team that worked for you.

In this installment we will tackle the Marvel side first.
The roster brings back everyone from the first game ala Wolverine, War Machine, Gambit, Captain America, Spider-Man, Venom, Hulk.  With the returning characters we gain many more from the comic universe which includes:

Shuma Gorath
A tentacled monster from the Dr.Strange universe that attacks with all of its tentacles and can shoot beams out of its big main eye.

The big huge boss of the cosmos who wields the Infinity Gauntlet on his hand and can use the power of the infinity stones to deal many different special attacks.

Leader of the X-men who can shoot beams of optic energy from his eyes and a good standard character to start with to learn the ropes.

An X-Men universe resident who can grow her bones out of her skin and use them as weapons.  She is greatly designed and animated and a very quick and nimble character.

Another from the X-Men team who is a ninja trained woman who can created a knife of pure energy from her hand.  She is recognized by her outfit and her purple hair.  A stronger and still quick on her feet fighter.

Silver Samurai
An enemy of wolverine, he is a samurai decked out in super shiny armor and his main attacks use a sword and energy blasts.  He is a bit slow but can deal good damage with his weaponry.

Lifelong enemy of wolverine, Sabretooth is a tall brute character who uses his claws and a helper side character named Birdie to help him out during the fight.  He was in the same training program as wolverine called Weapon X.

A man from the future who is the future son of Jean Grey and Cyclops.  A few parts of his body are cybernetic and his main attacks use a lot of guns.  He is able to teleport and is one of the characters that is used a lot cheaply in the game.

A younger x-man, he uses his ice powers to form ice boulders, shoot ice beams and can use an ice shield to block attacks.  He was one of the very first x-men and is a bit cocky but likes to be the joker of the team.

Enemy of Ghost Rider can control demons and other hellish creatures to help him in battle and generally uses dark magic in his moveset.  He is a very tall character that moves slow and has a low jump radius but makes up for it with special moves.

One of the largest in the game and enemy of the x-men, Juggernaut got his powers from a crystal he found in a cave that granted him superhuman strength, making him almost unstoppable.  His size is notable and is the stepbrother of Professor Xavier.  He moves very slowly but is very strong and can hit quite hard.

A 6 armed woman from another dimension who uses magic and swordplay to take down her opponents.  She comes from the Mojo world which is an entertainment based world and is usually chasing after an x-men character named Longshot.

Dr. Doom
Enemy of the fantastic four, his face and body were scarred in a lab accident and he become an evil ruler of the land of Latveria.  He uses all manner of gadgets and weaponry out of his suit of armor and is a tough character to master.

Enemy of the X-Men, he can use the power of magnetism and force fields and can fly.  His powers don't do a lot of damage but his flight ability is useful to get away from attacks.  He was a friend of charles xavier and has fought on the side of the x-men many times.

A member of the x-men who can change his skin into unbreakable steel.  He is a stronger character who moves a bit slower and doesn't have many special moves in his arsenal.  His tough skin does lessen the amount of damage he receives.

Another X-man who has the power to steal abilities from whoever touches skin to skin, she wears a full body suit and gloves to prevent accidentally touching someone.  She permenantly absorbed Ms. Marvel's powers which give her the power of flight, super strength, and is the constant love of Gambit.

Iron Man
Pretty much a copy of war machine from marvel vs capcom 1 with only a special move or two being changed.

Omega Red
A powerful enemy of the x-men who has tendrils that come out of his hands that can do a few attacks with.  He can use them as weapons or suck energy from someone adding to his life.

Another member of the X-men who can control the weather.  She can also fly and uses her many types of weather related powers as attacks.  She was considered a god in Africa because of her powers until she was recruited by Xavier to join the x-men.

The giant robots that attack the x-men.  The sentinel is very slow but can be cheaply used and is considered annoying in the marvel vs capcom games.

The Marvel team is all ready and with the next installment we will look at the Capcom Side and end with the gameplay, backgrounds, additions, and details with screens and video.  Until next post!


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