Friday, June 23, 2017

Game Catch Up -- Marvel vs. Capcom : Part One

So I thought I would do this as a half half sort of thing.  Inform everything I can about a certain game to catch you up and also as a way to test what the youtube show would be if....when...i do it.
So, each game catch up will be a game that I feel is worthy or classic or needing to be played/known and explain all of it to the last detail.
Hopefully this is fun and informative.
So, what shall I choose to start with...hmmmm
For some reason I wanted to go with Marvel vs Capcom series, i think because it has two companies with lots of characters that I can touch on a lot of different things.
So without further ado, let's game catch up with...

Marvel vs. Capcom is a 2 on 2 fighting game between two companies.  Capcom had been in the gaming scene for a while before this with many games under their belts including big series names like Mega Man, Resident Evil, and Street Fighter.  Once they had a few street fighter games out they tried their hand at a different fighting game without their characters and with a licensed roster.  Their first crack at it was a game called X-Men Children of the Atom which was basically street fighter but all x-men characters.  After that they found the winning formula of the crossover and put out x-men vs. street fighter.  Then they took it a step further and broader with Marvel vs Street Fighter.
Once those proved to be a hit they took the series out broader again and that put us at marvel vs capcom.
There are 15 characters to choose from in the game:

Starting with the Capcom side, out of the 8 characters on their team...3 are from Street Fighter.

A woman who uses her legs and powerful kicks as her main weapon.  She is almost always in each and every street fighter game so far.

A fighter who is training for the best opponent and is the main character and poster child of Street Fighter.  He can throw fireballs and yells the famous phrase "Hadu-ken!"

A large brawler who looks like a wrestler and uses a lot of wrestling type moves.

Next up is Morrigan who is from the game Darkstalkers, a game that uses horror icons and monsters to fight one another such as vampires, mummies, werewolves, etc.  Morrigan is a succubus herself and uses her body and sexual vampirish nature along with magic to ensnare her opponents.

Next is Captain Commando, I didn't know too much about him until later when saw he came from an arcade game where you just beat up people on various levels like the ninja turtle arcade game and others from that era.  He seems half robot and uses a lot of his friends when doing his various super moves.  His name is an expanded play on the company's name.  Captain Commando.  Cap Com.

Next is Mega Man.  He is a blue robot with extremely well developed human traits and has a list of games over 15 strong where he does battle against other evil robots to save the world.  He has a robot dog with him as well and uses powers that he takes from defeated robots in his moveset.

Next is Strider.  He is a futuristic ninja type who is quick and has a sword to help him out.  He can also call upon robot animals to step in to add an extra attack.  He is from the Strider game series which is set in the future.

Lastly on that side is Jin.  I am not super familiar with him but his moves include a very large robot to help him out and when his life is low he gets in a more powerful state to try and turn the tide.

Moving on to the Marvel side, we have a little diverse group of characters to choose from including some notable more popular choices.

First up we have Spider-man, the college student bit by a radioactive spider that granted him super strength, spider sense, agility, and is a fast and fun to use character.  His web shooters provide many unique moves and he is always ready to spout off one of his many lines like "Do your job" or "One for JJ"

Next we have Captain America, the WW2 super soldier who is the average fighter using primarily fists and the ability to throw his shield.  He is good to use for someone normal and doesn't have any flashy or magical moves.

Next is Venom.  Venom is really Eddie Brock, an enemy of spider-man who was covered in the black goo from space that was orignally on spider-man himself.  The symbiote as it is called, was a force of evil and made spider-man become pretty nasty.  He rid himself of it and it made its way onto Brock.  His hatred for spider-man was all the fuel it needed and since it was on spidey before, the symbiote learned from him and carried with it the knowledge of Peter Parker.  His identity, skills, and more.

Next up is the Hulk, a man who was in a gamma bomb accident transforming him into a jekyll and hyde type personality and the big brawler type on the Marvel side.  Hulk's moves are slower but hit harder and his special moves involve a lot of rock throwing or ground destroying.  Good to use for damage but not as quick as the others.

Next is Gambit.  Part of the X-men and a real southern charmer.  His power is that he can add kinetic energy to any object turning it into an explosive.  He chooses to carry playing cards with him and charge those up to throw at enemies.  He is skilled with a staff and has a great outfit.  He is in love with Rogue on the x-men team.

Next we have War Machine.  Why they didn't go with Iron Man i dont know but war machine is his best friend Rhodey.  He is basically iron man and not much else is different with his moves.  Lots of laser blasts and missiles and even has the ability to fly.

Lastly is Wolverine, the adamantium covered healing x-man.  He is short and quick and has a lot of moves with his claws.  His healing power doesn't come into play for this game but his size and speed make him a great compliment with Spider-Man.

These are the fighters who will duke it out to the final boss named Onslaught.  More on that and the mechanics on the game in part two!


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  2. My favorite is Gambit. The animation on his sprite is just awesome.
    I always tend to use the women in fighting games because they are faster and more nimble.
    Weekend is going, watched the tobey maguire spiderman 1 and 2 on bluray and they hold up great and look great. Gonna try and finish the second half of the Marvel vs Capcom 1 overview because i'm excited to do marvel vs capcom 2 lol

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  4. It's actually much better done than the garfield spidermans and the way they handle the story and thematic elements and emotional beats are way better. Tobey...well, nobody, in those movies can act but they are still really good.
    I did not see the fireworks, so so tired so it is bedtime, gotta be up in 6 hours for work blahhh

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  6. Not all the unblocked games are fights and killing. As mentioned, the kids learn a lot about hand-eye coordination