Saturday, June 24, 2017

Game Catch Up -- Marvel vs Capcom: Part Two

Now on to the mechanics and overall how it plays and works side of the game.
The game like said before is a 2 on 2 fighting game where you choose 2 characters to fight with and can switch back and forth between them during a fight.  Whichever one is not out fighting can regain some of the life they lost during the fight that they were out for.  The characters all have special moves that are either references from their games or parts of their own movesets.
You could also choose to have a partner come out to assist with a one move attack to help in battle.
These characters were all from other games or from other Marvel comics.  They were never playable but it was neat to see a lot of them at the time.

A few examples were Jubilee, Psylocke, Rogue, Storm, Juggernaut, Iceman, and Colossus, Magneto, and Cyclops from x-men and Thor.

The main game had you fight through a few teams of 2 until you reached the final boss of Onslaught who in the comics was the combination of Professor Xavier and Magneto bonded together in the most evil way possible by the son of Mr and Mrs Fantastic of the Fantastic Four.  He had two forms, the first being his full self on screen fighting like normal and once defeated, an entire screen filling giant form.

Once defeated, an ending screen with a little end story for each character was shown that told what happened to that character after the battles.

The game was a big hit for Capcom in the arcades and eventually was ported to home consoles including the Dreamcast and Playstation 1.  The playstation didn't have the amount of horsepower to handle all the features of the arcade game so the Playstation port was downgraded to a 1 on 1 fighter and lost the team switching 2 on 2 battle mechanic.
The game used drawn sprites as the character art and animations.  A sprite is what's normally used for anything 2D for games.  The animations were amazing and had tons of little touches.  When Venom would get hurt you would see Eddie Brock underneath, Gambit's coat would blow in the wind, and little bats would hover around Morrigan.  The game also used voice actors for each character, most notably on the marvel side they used a lot of the actors that were voicing the character at the time on the x-men animated series such as wolverine.  The acting was great and every line was quotable and used for so long with my friends.  The characters would verbally announce the move they were doing and taunted before and in the middle of matches as well.
The game was most recently remastered in HD and released on current consoles and I have it downloaded onto my xbox 360 and it still holds up.
The backgrounds were all made from lands that were either from or inspired by the characters in the game with all sorts of animated touches in them from other characters to people cheering you on.

The game has lasted in popularity and was such a big hit at the time, a sequel was inevitable.  Our minds could barely fathom who would be chosen and added to the roster of the next installment.  We had our dream teams and wish lists but we were in no way ready to hear just how many characters would be in the next one.
Marvel vs Capcom 2 was announced and with it came the number of playable characters.


Next time on Game Catch Up, we tackle the monster hit that was and still is king of the series, Marvel vs Capcom 2.

We end this chapter with some screens and video of the first in the series and hope this inspired to do some research or at least catch you up.

This video perfectly shows the game, select screen, and battles.

Happy fighting and good night!


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