Sunday, June 4, 2017

Nerdy 2 am News

Right before bed I just wanted to at least get something out there.
It may have no rhythm but here we go with any and all news updates and wheeeee:

Power Rangers comes out on bluray on June 13th, i missed it in theaters but I could see it at least being a good movie even if it's just a one off.  I enjoyed the orignal and yes super cheesy now but hey it's power rangers.  What other show can pull off repurposing a Japanese tv show and redubbing it all to a new American show and keeping it going for almost 20 years.

The Dark Tower comes out August 4th and I haven't read any of the books so I'm not sure what to even think, I know it's a stephen king book but that's about it.  The trailer wasn't anything special to me but again, probably because I didn't read it.  Jury still out on this one.

Wonder Woman is doing crazy good in the box office and getting great reviews as well but I am just not interested in the character, I'm more of a Marvel fan than a DC fan, always have been.  Nothing wrong with the character, I just am not a big fan.  It's awful to see how long it took a female superhero to get her own movie though.

A new seperate cinematic universe ala the avengers and all the movies up to it, it being sought after by Sony, the first being called Silver and Black starring Silver Sable and Black Cat of the spider-man universe.  It is supposedly the first in an all female run superhero film series with more of the female spider-man cast which will include Spider-Woman and others.  Not sure I like where this one is going but I LOVE spider-woman so we will see, I just don't think any have the amount of flack to hold a stand alone movie without the majority of audiences knowing who they are.

John Wick Chapter 3 is going to be made.  Haven't seen the others yet.

Avengers Infinity War is still being shot and talks on set are that there are dozens of Marvel characters in it as well as more CGI characters than ever.  I've read the comic book that this is being taken from and just the sheer scope and who is going to be in it is just insanity.  ALL characters from all the marvel movies so far are almost expected to be in it with more being introduced.  It's a shame Marvel doesn't have film rights to x-men and fantastic four because that would just make it the best movie ever crafted by human hands in the history of all worlds.

Avatar sequels are being filmed.......yay?  oh wait...i mean...nay

Uncharted is being made into a movie with Mr. spidey himself Tom Holland playing young Nathan Drake, those games are masterpieces so i'm looking forward to it but very skeptical and worried at the same time.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is going to be made but has to wait for Avengers 3 parts 1 and 2 to be done and out so as to keep the timeline going the way Marvel wants story-wise.

Video game side, E3 the giant show what you have in development and coming out this year and next and surprises conferences is coming up next week.  Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo along with all other publishers will be showing off all the new stuff and games coming out and I cannot be more excited.  You know i'll prob either have you watch it with me or send you stuff or ahhhh
I'm hoping for Resident Evil 2 remake stuff and more characters revealed for Marvel vs Capcom infinite.

I can't believe I didn't show you the Dreamcast when you were here but you'll see it later.
I also have a book on Wicked the musical and all the behind the scenes stuff and got the Empire strikes back shakespeare book today.  Kept thinking about going through the harry potter and spiderman rides at universal all day.
I did beat the Batgirl portion of batman arkham knight but have some more to do in that game so more streaming and gaming shall be done.

It is now 230 so it's way past bedtime, feel free to discuss all and more and even give me some fuel for later writings if you want any info or knowledge on any games, movies, etc.
Another work week starts up tomorrow and I am already exhausted.  Hoping it isn't too bad, have a wonderful sleep and a great day and I shall be home around 6 again tomorrow.  :D


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  3. i'm in the channel and will be broadcasting in a few mins

  4. Was feeling and still feeling pretty sick so I passed out very early last night. I just have trouble staying up late anymore. I'm going in to work early so I can leave early today so hopefully that helps and I can be home early than yesterday for more stream time. Head is still hurting and I don't have much news or convo topics at the moment unfortunately. Just not feeling well.
    Almost done reading It and not impressed. Been watching a lot of Chopped.
    Hope your day goes well and I have more to post later tonight, sorry :(

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  6. I am reallly not good with this night stuff.....and morning stuff, i'm already running late for work but try to make sure I make some point of contact in the morning. Sorry I don't have anything this morning but I do hope you have a good day and I'll be home after work for more streaming again!

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  8. streeeeeeamin real quick

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  10. Guess what!
    passed out again.....
    I'm trying to leave early today by a half hour so i'm home at 5 today, gotta paint a table and i want more time alone at home. We'll see how that goes, but yep, like usual, not enough time to post this morning and passed out again last night so maybe i should write a post when i get home lol
    hope you have a good day and i'm so glad you wrote a big post for me to read, i love the nerdy clubhouse thing!
    have a great day, ttyl!

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  12. i most certainly can log in while i paint

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  15. i will have to watch that at some point when i can, did too much painting and fell asleep last night adn now off to work again. Hopefully i get some time tonight to myself and can catch it all up. Have a great friday and talk to you super soon!

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  18. huh?
    Getting ready for work and so tired and wish i just had today off. fell asleep super early last night and have no idea how today afer work is going to go with it being my sisters bday. Hope your weekend is going good so far. Sorry the weekend time is so crap, off to work i go again sigh

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