Sunday, June 11, 2017

Nerdy news update

Sunday morning and I'm up a little early so here we go!

Marvel's next movie, The Black Panther has put out its trailer and poster and i gotta say it may be the first marvel movie i don't really care to see.  Not a race thing, just not a movie i'm really interested in.

Beauty and the Beast is now out on bluray.

E3 has started with Mon, Tues being the biggest days, some stuff has already been announced or leaked.
Star Wars Battlefront 2 has shown a trailer with gameplay and the graphics are just too real to even count.

Kingdom Hearts 3 also has some more gameplay shown and was announced years ago so hopefully they move their butts on that one.  I haven't played 2 yet which i cannot believe but those games have always been good.

The Evil Within 2 has also been rumored to be announced as well.

My cube at work is getting too full of stuff and the weather has been so nice it pains me to keep having to get up and go to work.
I will try and have more later but i at least wanted to put some sort of update while I was up a little earlier.


  1. I'm not too interested in black panther either. Those graphics in battlefront 2 are unreal! Completely unbelievable! When does that come out?
    I started the first kingdom hearts twice but never finished it. I don't think I've even seen the second one so we will have to get through the those together before the third one.
    As much as evil with in scared me at times I'm actually excited another one is coming out lol. I really enjoyed watching it.
    I'm going to go to the storage unit today and go through some stuff to pack. 6 days!!! I can't wait I miss you so much ❤️ Hope your day goes fast! Post when you can my love

  2. Oh I forgot to add I went to the movies last night with Hannah and saw baywatch lol it was kinda funny but I wouldn't recommend lol. None of the previews shown at the one looked like anything I'd wanna see. But I miss going to the movies with you. Maybe we can sneak out together next weekend or something have a good day darlin!

  3. A little before work post.
    Battlefront 2 comes out later this year i think, the first one was nice but way too little to do unless you had online, which i can't afford for ps4 lol
    I haven't gotten to see the trailer for evil within 2 yet but i hope to today.
    E3 is going on now and today and tomorrow are the big conferences, it should either be available or happening after work so we can check out what was shown today and stuff, hoping some good stuff.
    Just about done reading It and I didn't think it was that great at all and really drawn out and kind of boring. I can't wait to be done because i'm going to read a bunch of graphic novels after that lol
    Baywatch is one that's on the not gonna watch ever list lol, I just don't see the appeal and why they keep remaking old tv shows as raunchy comedies. It didn't work with Chips so why try again.
    Gonna get ready and go now so i can leave early hopefully cause i have a bunch of errands to do after work, talk to you after work in twitch though! have a great day!

  4. I'm excited to get to actually talk to you today lol. I hope your weekend wasn't too bad.
    Baywatch wasn't something I would have seen but Hannah wanted to so I went lol. It wasn't worth it. I'm sorry you didn't like It I don't want to read that one lol but I would have thought it would be worth it since it's so popular. I think all of his books are not as good as I expect when going into them lol. Not that they are bad just always build them up more than I should I think.
    I am excited to see what else E3 has to offer. I'm running late so I gotta get going now. Can't wait to talk to you later ❤️

  5. finally home and onto the twitches