Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Small nerdy update post E3

E3 is now over and while there were some surprises to be had, I was overall a little disappointed.
Marvel vs Capcom 4 was shown and a demo released but it doesn't feel like a vs game like the others did.  I'm not super happy with the characters or that Capcom is going to be releasing a large number of the characters as downloadable content later.
The new God of War was shown and I don't like the direction they are taking the series.  Almost like a sort of Last of Us style where you are taking care of your son.  It's not the mythic/god realm like all the others and doesn't fit in at all.
The last of us 2 wasn't shown at all and neither was kingdom hearts 3, final fantasy 7 remake, resident evil 2 remake.  It just felt a little lacking.
On the Nintendo side, just a small few little titles were shown that included mario odyssey, yoshi, mario and luigi superstar saga remake.

Here is mario:


Looks alright but I don't have a switch and just don't see myself having one for a very long time if ever.

Here is yoshi, which i admit looks very creative and fun and cute:


Sonic was also shown as a trailer for his new game but not as a cross platform one when we know it will be appearing on all consoles.


Nothing else really of note was shown but I can't say it was a complete disappointment, I just had my expectations set way too high.

There isn't much on the movie side of things other than a few tidbits.
Chris Evans said that Avengers 3/4 infinity war is as far as his contract as captain america goes and it will wrap everything up for him.  Which means no more cap for chris.  Which could mean cap either quits or dies in the upcoming avengers 2 part infinity war movies.

Frozen is getting a small christmas short before the release of the full fledged sequel that's coming in 2019.  The trailer for that was released today:


So, other than it being way too hot in here, so much so that I can barely sleep, I think it is time for me to try and sleep and hope tomorrow goes alright.  I'm going to be seeing Some Like It Hot at the theater with my parents after work and then home after that so there will be no streaming time or chat time so this blog will be the main source of all tomorrow.  I'm feeling better and don't worry, those emotional walls just hit sometimes but I do manage to get through.  Until next post, have a wonderful night.


  1. I'm sorry E3 wasn't all you wanted it to be! Maybe it's a good thing so we can get trough some of your movies and games lol. I'm glad you're feeling at least a little better. It ducks no stream chat tonight but I think it's a really good thing that you're going out with your parents tonight. Try to be patient with your mother and reassure them as much as you can I think t might help. Enjoy your day I'll miss you lots. 3 more days!

  2. Watched all three you tube videos I think yoshi looks a lot like the n64 game I love lol Mario looks ok but I wouldn't be heart broken to not play it. I still prefer the original sonics I don't know why I'm not a fan of the new ones. I really gotta step up my gaming lol. Hopefully we can start soon ❤️

  3. Sorry for multiple post lol just a few things. I just got the approval to work from home for two weeks while I look for another job! Yay! Maybe I can pull this off and have no gap in employment. Fingers crossed!
    Also, funco pop is coming out with Bob Ross! Ah! We need that one! Lol
    And finally your mom sent me a message again and is super excited about tonight. She seems like she's in a good place and we were talking about how everything is falling together now. I really hope you have fun tonight!

  4. got a good post coming soon about gaming, just wanted to update for one sec so i wasn't a shadow!

  5. Sounds good! I'm in desperate need for a long one hahahhaahahaha. I read today that they didn't show last of us part 2 because they wanted to focus on unchartered. I don't know how true that is but they are going to start showing more in December. I really enjoyed watchung the first one although I don't remember how it ended

  6. Running late again and passed out asleep last night, it's the weekend so it'll be tough but i will try my hardest to get what i can on here as often as i can. Please be safe and feel free to fill up the blog :D

  7. It's ok darling I'm going out with my family tonight and tomorrow I'll be in the car all day! I'm hoping I get to see you soon though! I should be there by Sunday morning ❤️

  8. Checking in super quick and hoping you make the trip real safe. It's going to be a long exhausting day where i'm sure to be tired and prob end up upset but hey that's every weekend. But, hopefully I won't fall asleep so much later and get more of my big blog post added to. talk to you later and be super safe!
    and while you drive, if you remember, how we used to listen to hollywood babble on with kevin smith and ralph. If you needed anything to listen to on the way :D

  9. What a weekend already lol. I am finally all packed and ready to go. I'm dying and so tired but I am hoping to leave in the next hour or two then only 15 hours ugh lol. Can't wait to see you ❤️Hope your weeekdnd isn't too bad

  10. So far so alright. Got my comic box and am happy and interested with what came with it. Picked up a new remastered extras filled different versions filled set of the orignal spiderman trilogy on bluray. Mary started boxing up a lot of her stuff and I am sweating like insanity and can barely sleep. Really hope the drive is going alright and you are safe. Will try and blog again tomorrow!

  11. Yay!!!! That's wonderful news! I pulled over last night for an hour or two of sleep and woke up 6 hours later lol so I should be home around 1 now ugh! But it's going well I hope to get to see you soon ❤️

  12. Well I did it lol I am officially moved back to Pittsburgh again. Lol. I can't fit any of my stuff here though cause they have their stuff in every flipping room this house is a mess! Hopefully things will start to go a little better now and not to push lol but it the faster I can start moving stuff in the better ... for me anyways. I'm going to have to live out of a suitcase and boxes till you're ready so I'm hoping it's not too much longer lol. Anyways I hope your work day goes fast and your time at home isn't too bad. I miss talking to you. Is there a day this week we could get together? I would really like to see you mostly cause I miss you but also as reassurance. I still need it lol. Anyways the big part for me is done. Talk to you soon my darlin ❤️

  13. Yeah, just trying not to be overwhelmed and anxiety. Really wish I just had a day off, I may work over my time a few days this week so i can either go home early or take a day off this week because i am just exhausted. Not feeling well in the stomach region today but we will see how it goes. Got a bunch more disney infinity at work yesterday. Running late again so I have to run but wanted to check in and am glad you made it all safe and sound! Will def get some blog post up later today for sure and hoping today goes alright, esp wellness wise. ttyl

  14. I'm sorry you are still feeling overwhelmed and anxiety. Posts like this though make me nervous. I know this is all happening quickly, but it's what you want right? I'm being as patient as I can I'm sorry I want this to be done already but I've made arrangements to be in this house for over a month to give you the space you need. I hope I didn't make a mistake by doing this. If you have some time to get together face to face I'd love to talk to you. I have an interview today at 11 and one tomorrow at 2. I have already got my desktop computer set up for my current job to be able to work from home. Other than that I'm free for whatever. Please feel better and have a good day.

  15. gonna hang around the ol' twitchy for a little

  16. I am so so so so sorry, I spilled water on my touchpad and it wouldn't work right and just kept zooming in and opening windows so i let it dry out and it seems to be okay now, i feel really bad and don't want you to think i just up and left, i honestly couldn't get anywhere near able to respond. I will update a better post either tonight or tomorrow morning, have a very good night!!

  17. I'd really like to say that I didn't immediately jump to any conclusions but my fears have been getting the better of me lately. I'm sorry you spilled water on your touchpad but I'm glad you didn't simply forget about me and leave. I really hope I get to see you tomorrow I have to work until 5 but other than that I'm free to see you if you'll have me. I hope you have a good night darling

  18. Home and ready to see you, whether it be on the porch or a small walk or anything yummy i'm pretty much ready

  19. So I am sitting here thinking about all the things that I want to do with you and I decided hey wait Ed's right I can blog about it lol. So here we go.
    First 4th of July. I want to be able to go to the fireworks with you I really hope we can. Remember the first time we went and laid on the ground and just watched everything hand in hand? I want that again.
    Then Spider-Man on the 7th I'd like to go to the new theatre I've never been there. Or we could go to the waterfront either way. If we go to the water front we could go to dave and busters too.
    I want to walk the river walk again we could take the dog or just you and me and walk all the way down and back.
    We can drive into the city park somewhere and try to get lost.
    Museums of course all of the museums lol
    I want to road trip places like this hiking place I found (of course we don't actually have to hike hike) but there's a waterfall we could sit by and just hang out.
    I want to listen to a thunderstorm in your arms and watch you draw again. And before you even think it again I know you still have it so stop thinking that way.
    I want to get the apartment together and make it ours and then when we are all settled have a big family dinner invite your parents and sisters and anyone else you want.
    I can't wait for all of these and more.
    I can't wait to get through Spider-Man and Scott pilgrim so I can see the look on your face and we can share it like the nerds we are. I want to beat video games and make so many more memories.
    I know I keep pushing and I don't want to make you mad or anxiety I know I keep saying it but it's true. It's just still so hard and I'm ready for the next chapter our chapter. I will never stop fighting for you and for us. I'm just ready for all of this and sooooo much more.

  20. woke up already late for work, yay me
    makes me mad because i have a good lot to respond to on here too. But i never want to leave you hanging on here so i had to make sure i at least posted something. Really really late today so gotta run but i;m putting a bookmark here to respond to all of that, please have a good day and see you later today! ahhhhh

  21. home and peeing and changing but good otherwise

  22. I forgot to ask about tomorrow :-( do I get to see you again????

  23. There is a good chance, having the butt issues that you did the other day so today is a sicky day. I also have a few errands to run after work in robinson including shipping my table at the post office. But, i'm sure i can get home with some time so I can see you, i will for sure update you here with the newsy. Hope you had a good night and a great day!

  24. I hope we can still get together even if it's only a few mins I'm still not happy with this situation but I miss you and want to see you as often as we can I know as of tomorrow I won't see you for 3 days :,-( I hope you feel better! ❤️

  25. Finally freakin home and feeling so god awful. I'm here at least and i know you're waiting and i'm sorry. Just hasn't been the best day.

  26. On my way meet me outside ❤️