Monday, June 12, 2017

Some E3 goodness

Well day 2 of E3 went alright with Sony showing a good conference that was all games.
They showed a new god of war that i'm not liking the direction they are going and they unveiled a couple other little things like shadow of the colossus and games i wasn't that interested in.  Then they dropped this little story yum yum:

and then right at the end of the show, they unveiled this baby as well:

Really hot and sweaty but wanted to make sure that I updated with those little nuggets.  Played a little more pinball but I think I'm actually going to get a nice little good night of sleep.
Tomorrow is the last little day of E3, who knows if anything else will be shown but i'm let down that there was no resident evil 2 remake anything shown.

Hope you have a great night and more updates and bloggieness coming soon!


  1. I'm sorry it wasn't as exciting as you thought and that there's no resident evil but yay for marvel vs capcom! Hopefully I can figure out the controls so that I can play with you sometime lol.
    That Spider-Man game looks really cool! I like the fight scenes lol! I want to watch that one!
    Sorry you're so hot but I think we have a window air conditioner that we can steal from my house. You know if I ever get to move in lol jk ... kinda.
    Gotta get to work I hope I get to talk to you later ❤️

  2. totally home finally and in the chat, good lord the traffic, i mean good lord

  3. I hope you feel better my love. Being upset and emotionally drained is no fun and I hope you know you truly are a good person. You deserve so much in this life. You haven't done anything to ruin anyone life. Please be ok. ❤️