Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


The breeze rolled through the night like a desolate planet with no sign of life for miles.  It was warm but not enough to keep one up half the night covered in a humid dew.  The day had gone simple enough and at a speed that allowed all tasks to be completed and a little side tracks to be handled.  The car continued to be trouble not only with the missing side mirror and wheel scraping but now with a front headlight burned out to add to the ever growing total of fix ups.  A quick cleaning of the house allowed for a better feel of the surroundings and time to relax and finish up the current book of the week. A feast of hot dogs and vegetables were hobbled together as a random Netflix film played quietly until the body grew wary.  It was a quiet night with a large hole inside still feeling the need to be filled with a happiness that was lacking.  Sure the night wasn't lonely but it was inhabited by the constant request of apartment finding.  A time limit of two weeks needing to be fulfilled and an area with a monthly cost limit laid out.  The request was serious and brought about the entire night before succumbing to the needs of the sleep of a restless traveler.  Could it be done?  It needed to be done.  The search would start immediately to try and hit the time limit as a lot more depended on that time limit than known to both parties.  The next day would bring about an almost time loop feeling as most every day played out exactly the same.  The exhausted writer would drag himself out of bed to his place of work to be on his feet all day taking small breaks to do some file work while listening to youtube videos of video game music or reviews of video games and series.  Silent Hill being the current selection.  His lunch would be a small unfulfilling bag consisting of a sandwich and some sort of random snack drowned down by water while he read whatever book was the current pick whether a graphic novel or chapter book.  Once work ended he would follow the traffic home listening to the ricky gervais show on youtube laughing at the many crazy stories the trio would come up with.  Once home he would gather up his laptop and take a place on the floor in the cooler living room and lose himself in a short time period of pornographic material, his hard erection throbbing in his hand as he traveled his way through videos of others being undressed revealing their naked bodies and others losing their voice volume as orgasms ripped through their shaking thighs.  After the afternoon release, a choice of video game was decided either being an older current playthrough to beat a game or a trophy quest to complete an adventure to the extent of its offerings.  The internet would be searched high and low for news and bills checked to ensure that they would be able to be paid in a manner that was satisfactory.  He would check his usual sites and a few special ones of someone who means the world to him and is still creating smiles for him during every day.  Once the time was over he would pick up the other from work to bring home so that dinner could be served, tv watched, and apartment hunting discussed yet again.  The plan needed to go faster so that this could all be resolved and all the pieces put back into place, for this puzzle was long overdue to be finished and the picture revealed.  In the meantime, a new game was to be chosen and streamed when time became available and a new book picked out to add to the growing list of completed titles.  Supernatural being the book perhaps because what other motivational material could be better than a duo of brothers who took on the biggest of challenges and overcame the odds no matter how dangerous and large it was.  An inspirational kick in the butt perhaps?  While the air conditioner filled the room with white noise and cars drove by, the internal sounds of rain filled the mind putting the body at a sleepy state that could not go ignored.  The light was indeed at the end of the tunnel, but how fast could I get the train to go.  Life is a tricky mistress but every once in a while she reveals herself to you and shows you the path that you had been looking for and begins to help you in ways you didn't think you could do yourself.  In that you thank her and with much better eyes it is tomorrow that he looks upon as the happy life that he always dreamed of seemed just a little bit closer.

Monday, July 10, 2017

When the real Star Wars just isn't enough

I always wanted to watch these with you and if they do a call for Return of the Jedi, i'm going to pick a scene and animate it and submit it.  Basically they let fans recreate the entire movie scene by scene however they wanted.
Hope you enjoy and get a real kick out of them

A New Hope

Empire Strikes Back